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Wendy Snyder

When I think about all the reasons why a positive parenting class will change a family's life...this is the biggest one!

I have literally seen hearts and minds transformed through this coursework and also witnessed so many relationships being strengthened with both children and spouses (and grandparents and caretakers!). Every time I teach this course I am moved by the families who take the class and commit themselves to growing. It is so joyful to see families try new things and succeed! It honestly takes a lot of courage. In a world where it is easier to be "too busy" or "avoid the unknown" is an honor to get to encourage families to "make time" and "not be fearful of learning new tools". This coursework will absolutely expand your heart and strengthen your family and it will NEVER be something you regret! Over and over again, I see parents completely change their paradigm to see their children in a different light and move towards working together as a family to solve any type of challenge that comes their way.

Over the years, I've seen countless mom's open their hearts to love more in the way of persistently looking inward to work on self-control or self-confidence, resulting in changed delivery, tone and behavior in children. I've seen so many dad's embrace the idea of teaching their sons love, respect and strength in a gentle way that works. I've watched parents put in hard work to learn and try new ways of teaching and disciplining that doesn't include overpowering and physical force. I've seen grandmothers gain so many new tools to work with their grandkids to avoid rough spots, making more time for giggling, laughing, and memory making.

One of my favorite stories is from a Dad who shared how how after years of embracing the work of RCB, his middle school daughter now tells him absolutely everything because they've built a relationship based on trust and respect. She shares with him (stuff most kids are hiding from their parents about middle school life) because she doesn't hide anything from him. He listens, just listens...then mentors later, resulting in honesty and a team approach to life that welcomes his guidance instead of forcing it. I also love a story from a Mom who after teaching RCB concepts to her now six year old for the last two years, she can turn to her in tough times dealing with her two year old and ask for advice...and right away, the six year old mentors her on how to calmy teach the two year old. In my own family, I am moved over and over again by how we've learned to honor every single mistake and argument we have with-in our family and acknowledge all the things we've learned from the hardship, confident that together we can avoid trudging down the same path again because as a team, we are stronger and more confident than we are alone.

I often flash forward to the day I see my daughter get married. I day-dream about what she'll look like as she walks down the aisle and who she'll be and what career she'll have. And I think about how on that day, I will look back to this time of incredible growth, when she was little, and I was challenged, and instead of sticking my feet in the sand and forcing her to change, I decided to invest in education, and growing, and looking inward to see how I could help her blossom into the wonderful, amazing, strong woman she'd grow up to be one day. On that day, and every day till then, I will be thankful for this incredible course, the way it's expanded my heart, strengthened my family and all that my daughter has taught me. And how I got to share it all with YOU as I went!

I hope you'll join me tonight at Aspirations School of Learning in Carlsbad as we start our 3 Week Positive Parenting/Redirecting Children's Behavior class. Click here to register now!

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