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Family Highlight Series - McCormick Family

Wendy Snyder

Next Monday night, May 16th, I'll be teaching a positive parenting seminar in Carlsbad entitled "Creating Cooperative Families & Setting Limits Successfully". Won't you join me? Click here for more details.

As a fun way to count down, over the next week, I'll be featuring some of my favorite families that I've had the privilege of teaching RCB to. These families have been so supportive and answered some questions about how completing a positive parenting class has helped their families learn and grow. If you've ever wondered how Positive Parenting support or instruction can help your family, I hope you enjoy this series. Real families, facing real parenting challenges (and joys) in day to day life, learning together and growing together. Thank you for your support Fresh Start families, you are all AMAZING!


Meet the McCormick Family....

Jodi and Ryan McCormick are rad. Rad for so many reasons....but my favorite is because they both went out of their way to finagle their schedules and make it to my class. Our class together last spring was during the morning, so as full-time working parents, both Jodi and Ryan had to make special arrangements with their employers to take three mornings off to expand their parenting toolkit. I could see the dedication to their family right away and our class was so much fun because of their humor and willingness to be open and honest. The McCormicks rock and this is what they had to say about Positive Parenting:

-How has learning RCB changed the way you view parenting or your kid(s)?

"The paradigm shift, such a great lesson! I’ve learned that my kiddos…are kiddos! They are constantly observing the world around them, highly curious and always testing limits. I try my best to allow them to make simple choices on the daily that may, or may not work out for them but to me, how else are we supposed to learn? My kids thrive on decision making, and giving them that sense of empowerment I feel has helped our family SO much where we are beginning to gain such strong trust and respect for one other."

-What tool from RCB would you say you use often with your kids? How does it help?

"I would say GEMS! I never realized how important these truly are, especially being a full–time working mom. This sounds probably crazy to most, but I used to fear picking my kids up from daycare/pre-school just knowing what was ahead minutes walking in the front door. I used to (franticly) get everyone and everything inside and begin making dinner thinking my kids wouldn’t live to see another day if they didn’t eat almost immediately. I’d have one screaming child on my hip, and the other screaming in the next room. What I then came to realized was the food wasn’t the immediate need, but rather a simple GEM was the need."

-What is your biggest challenge as a parent today?

"Staying calm in heated moments!"

-Has RCB helped you change your perspective of your kids misbehavior? If yes, how?

"Tremendously! It’s taught me misbehavior is simply a language being used that I was never taught. Just the recognition that the behavior is trying to tell me something has helped me stay more patient with my kids than ever before."

-Was taking time out of your busy schedule to learn RCB beneficial for you & would you recommend it to other families?

"Absolutely, I can’t speak highly enough about this course. It not only saved our family, but strengthened the relationship with my husband which was an added bonus!"

-How would you describe a positive parenting or RCB class to someone who’s not familiar with the coursework?

"It’s not only a rad, new age parenting class but also a self-awareness class. You’ll have lots of laughs and tears, and walk out feeling more empowered than ever to go make your family the ‘coolest’ family on the block!"