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Family Highlight Series - Meet the Wall Family

Wendy Snyder

Next Monday night, May 16th, I'll be teaching a positive parenting seminar in Carlsbad entitled "Creating Cooperative Families & Setting Limits Successfully". Won't you join me? Click here for more details.

To count down, over the next week, I'll be featuring some of my favorite families that I've had the privilege of teaching RCB to. These families have been so supportive and answered some questions about how completing a positive parenting class has helped their families learn and grow. If you've ever wondered how Positive Parenting support or instruction can help your family, I hope you enjoy this series. Real families, facing real parenting challenges (and joys) in day to day life, learning together and growing together. Thank you for your support Fresh Start families, you are all AMAZING!


Meet the Wall Family....

Melissa Wall, my sweet neighbor is simply adorable....just like her family. Melissa was a student in my very first class years ago and still lives across the street from me now. Good thing...because her calm and laid back demeanor is a delightful addition to our block. Her two young beautiful daughters are the cutest things you've ever seen and I'm sure provide her with lots of chances to practice RCB! Lately, Melissa's been out the door every night after dinner to make it to a local barre class. Love seeing her take care of herself, she deserves it!

-How has learning RCB changed the way you view parenting or your kid(s)?

"RCB has made me see my kids more as my equals. They have the same needs, wants and as many opinions (sometimes more) that I do."

-What is your biggest challenge as a parent today?

"I would say my biggest challenge as a parent is managing peace within my household. With four personalities it's not always easy, but necessary. I think my biggest fault as a parent would be saying "no" too often."

-What tool from RCB would you say you use often with your kids? How does it help?

"Thanks to RCB I use logical consequences when my child is misbehaving. I have found this to be much more effective than having your child sit in time out, or taking something away from them unrelated to the incident. My daughter instead of being angry with me for punishing her, seems to reflect more on what she can do better next time."

-Has RCB helped you change your perspective of your kids misbehavior? If yes, how?

"Of all the great lessons, my favorite was the 4 Goals of Misbehavior. It was enlightening for me to be able to tell where my child's head was at in relation to my reaction. Definitely an "a-ha" moment for me."

*-Was taking time out of your busy schedule to learn RCB beneficial for you & would you recommend it to other families?*

"I wholeheartedly recommend these courses to anyone who have or care for children. The resources given are unparalleled. It was a pleasure to be around other parents who were in the same boat, trying to navigate the crazy world of parenting. It is so reassuring when you hear other people that have the exact same issues. Also, to gain insight on things I haven't yet encountered in my parenting career."

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