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15 Reasons Why a Positive Parenting Class Will Change Your Life - Reason 6

Wendy Snyder

Children can be convincing, REALLY convincing. Especially if you have a daughter who was born to be a salesman, or an entrepreneur, or a leader of some sort and is highly skilled in winning opinions! No joke that our little girl (now not so little at almost 8), seemed to be born with the natural skill of negotiation. From a very early age, she really WAS passionate about what she believed in or what she wanted and always made a strong case for it!

Over the years, Redirecting Children's Behavior has taught me to view her strong personality and desire to negotiate as a gift! Is it frustrating to deal with? Sometimes, YES, but can I see how it will serve her incredibly well as an adult? Absolutely. My job is to teach her how to take that natural gift (and desire to always win her case) and use it for good in the world....or simply how to just be ok with sometimes not coming out on top.

So what's a parent to do when we're constantly being "challenged" on our stance, begged for items at the grocery store checkout aisle, or pushed pushed pushed to say yes (to whatever they're asking for)?

Stick to our limits. With kindness, compassion, calmness, and an intention to teach, we stick to our limits. Trust me I know....this can be incredibly hard. Both "sticking to the limit" AND doing it with out an attitude, but both are equally important. Sticking to limits teaches our kids that honoring a family's values are important and that no matter how much someone else wants something, staying true to your belief system is incredibly important to be successful in life. Doing this with compassion and empathy helps our kids feel understood that they are not wrong for wanting it, they just can't always have what they want in the moment.

In the classroom, we learn lots of different ways you can stand firm in your rules, while at the same time compassionately treating your kids so they feel understood and honored. This combination equals incredible results based on respect, not force...and helps kids learn lessons that truly last a lifetime.

Join me for my next Redirecting Children's Behavior Class starting either Oct. 8th (Aspirations School of Learning) or Jan. 15th (Playwerx). Hope to see you there!


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