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I am so thankful for all of the amazing families I have worked with! 

Here are a few testimonies on how Redirecting Children's Behavior have helped them. 

"Wendy’s RCB class was a truly wonderful experience. I learned many tools and techniques that have proven to be quite beneficial to our family. We are still very much a work in progress but the goal is to have a more peaceful home. I have the benefit of not only taking Wendy’s class but seeing her and her husband in action parenting their two beautiful children. I can see the RCB techniques being used and they really do work in a way that honors and respects the entire family. Wendy is down to earth, incredibly kind and helpful, and her class is without judgment. It was refreshing to hear other parents open up about their struggles and to realize we are all doing our best and it’s so important to learn new skills to raise  these wonderful (and sometimes complicated) little people! I look forward to taking RCB again in the future and continuing on this path of becoming a better parent and overall person."

-Kate Burchfield


As a childcare provider and mother of two, Wendy's RCB class provided me with wonderful tools that I am able to use daily at home and work.  RCB has given me a new outlook on so many of our daily struggles. As my family has learned, with practice, to implement the communication strategies, we find ourselves living with much more peace and respect. Wendy is a wonderful teacher, she is caring, supportive and very knowledgable.

~Leslie Thompson


Wendy's class & RCB has helped so much to understand my son as a power child. This has helped me to appreciate his qualities as a leader. I learned strategies to give him a greater role in decision making for our family and power struggles are becoming fewer and further between. 

~Kristen Watts


My RCB training with Wendy was full of "AH-HA" moments. One of my favorites was learning to say, "Mama's walking away to take care of myself. I'm not mad," in those times that I started feeling that fireball rising inside of me. Of course my kids will sometimes follow me, but I'm setting a healthy example on what to do instead of yell or say things that I might be sorry for later. Another powerful moment for me was when I identified my two kid's goals by their actions: one being attention and the other being attention/power. RCB helped give me tools to respond to them differently in a way that helps change their behavior instead of fueling it. Thank you Wendy for helping bring peace to my home!

~Nicole Draper