Disciplining with compassion, connection & firm kindness

Discover in this Online Positive Parenting Workshop the 3 Steps to building a strong compassionate, kind & FIRM discipline toolkit that works with kids of ALL ages!

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6 Reasons Your Current Discipline Strategy isn’t Working for You

L Empty Threats: When stressed & irritated by misbehavior, you threaten things like spankings & taking things away, but never follow through because you don’t really want to hurt your child or get rid of expensive toys that keep your kids entertained.

L Behavior Keeps Repeating: You’ve tried all the classic fear & force methods (time outs, taking things away, spankings, yelling, etc.) but your kid still hits, talks disrespectfully, throws fits, pushes back on boundaries, etc.

L You Feel Majorly Disconnected: When you are forced to discipline, your child acts like he hates you & you’re the meanest Mom on the planet, leaving you feel like there is no common ground or mutual respect between you.

L Confusion / Lack of Confidence: You’ve heard about compassionate discipline strategies but don’t quite understand what that means, so you stick with the classic fear & force, but always have the thought of, “maybe this isn’t the right way to influence my child” or “is there a better way?”

L Anger / Resentment: Of course you love them, but many days you really don’t like your kid & blame them for MAKING you BE the kind of mom you’ve become.

L Regret: After “throwing the hammer” doing what you think you HAVE to do, you often feel guilty about the things you said, ways you treated your child, words you said about their character & how hard you were on them (causing you to feel like a horrible mom that is failing at life).

In this 1 hour FREE online class, you’ll learn:


Methods to build intrinsic self-control muscles

So your kids do what’s right when you’re not looking.

Strategies that unite you

You’ll learn ways to teach important life lessons that will bring you closer together through mutual respect.

The importance of self-calming

I’ll teach you why self-regulation is the #1 place to start with discipline.

Natural Consequences

We’ll discuss how letting kids make mistakes & not reaming them for them is often the BEST way for them to learn to do it differently tomorrow.

Logical Consequences

So your discipline is related, respectful, reasonable & teaches responsibility,

Creative Problem Solving Methods

Ways to engage your child’s critical thinking skills to empower them & put you on the same team.


What: FREE Compassionate Discipline Workshop with Certified Positive Parenting Educator Wendy Snyder

When: June 21st Noon PT

Where: Online (I’ll provide link)

Why: Because you deserve to be supported with a full parenting toolkit that helps you feel confident, joyful & successful in your parenting walk … even when your kids push back & say NO (which trust me, if you’re raising human souls, they’re gonna push back sometimes!).

Not sure if positive parenting or this class is for you? I get it! Here’s a bit more about me …

>>> My training & credentials: I’m a certified parent educator registered with the International Network for Children and Families, as well as a certified family life coach, registered with Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching.

I’ve used the same positive parenting & personal development / self-growth tools I now teach – in my own life to overcome anxiety, strained relationships with my kids, stressed days and intense misbehaviors. (when I first found this work I was a hot mess as a mom 🤪 )

>>> Relatable, Open, Honest, Real: As a busy mom of two, I’ve used this exact curriculum to transform my life as a mom during the last decade of my life. The concepts I teach now are ONLY ones that I’ve personally tried in my own home with my own children so I KNOW they are insanely effective.

When I teach, I tell real life stories of my where I’ve messed up & gotten off track … and also share authentic examples of what it looks like to apply Firm & Kind Parenting strategies in real life with 2 very strong willed kids & a nutso busy lifestyle.

So … what do ya say … are you in?