The Fresh Start Family Bonfire is a community membership program designed to help busy parents create strong, connected, respectful & cooperative families, from the comfort of their own home via Positive Parenting lessons & coaching, while connecting with like-minded families around the world.




I can relate. As a Mom of two vibrant young kiddos, parenthood took me by wild surprise when it turned out to be a whole lot tougher than I had expected. That’s exactly why I created The Fresh Start Family Bonfire.

The Bonfire provides monthly lessons & support through online Positive Parenting video lessons to help you get relief & guidance…so you can feel connected, effective and joyful again as a parent.

You’ll gain confidence and clarity that you’re yearning for & truly deserve.

Come sit by the fire, be warmed by hope & support & talk story with others. It’ll feel good…I promise.

With a Bonfire membership, you can expect to:

  • Reduce the amount of arguing & bickering in your home
  • Build self-control skills to model the behavior you want to see in your kids
  • Improve communication with your family
  • Gain emotional intelligence skills to help you feel more grounded and confident
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm
  • Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels
  • Deepen your understanding of your child’s behavior
  • Add effective, positive tools to your parenting toolkit to increase cooperation, respect & peace in your family

As a Bonfire member, each month you’ll receive

Monthly Positive Parenting Mission

focusing on one thing for the entire month with a  community brings a sense of belonging and purpose

New Positive Parenting Lesson

30 minutes of Positive Parenting video instruction…fully downloadable and yours to keep

Lesson Library

A searchable library to find Positive Parenting lessons that fit your current challenge or area of need

Interactive Community

join like minded families who care deeply about their families and forming strong bonds with their kids

Family Recipe & Activity

A new family activity & cooking recipe, to enjoy as a family

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

30 minute LIVE group coaching sessions to get support on real life

Mobile Friendly

For on the go, busy lives!

Member Only Discounts

on other Fresh Start Family Programs / Seminars and products you’ll love

What people are saying!

“Wendy and Fresh Start Family has been literally a life saver with our family. Despite best efforts, attempts, habits, etc. we just weren’t working well as a family unit. Wendy helped break down the key areas where we had good intentions, but were not developing the long term results that we so desperately desired. We all wanted and needed a total change of heart and perspective, and while it doesn’t happen overnight, the building blocks and growth tools of Fresh Start Family were key in getting all of us in an even better place as a family. Huge thanks to Wendy and most recommended to any family.”

“The empathy exercises and strategies Wendy taught us helped me get better at putting myself in my little girls position more and understand her developmental capabilities which helps me stay calm. I also have seen such great result from showering her with love and empathy, where I felt was rewarding her bad behavior before, now I see that she really just needed some extra love and that is what helped her calm down. Being in community was key also as it was nice to hear the other families stories and have some discussions about what we are going through.”

“Wendy was super helpful and what I took most from the class was not just a band aid for the moment but rather, something to apply for the long term. … I am a better parent for having learned these tools & I would definitely recommend Wendy’s coaching and Positive Parenting coursework to all families.”

“If you’re a stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed PARENT who is struggling to connect with and manage your children, definitely check out Wendy Snyder of Fresh Start Family Online. Don’t wait! You can only win!!”

No more confusion & overwhelm

Take a break from searching the internet for advice, figuring out which books to buy, what “expert” to trust, or getting bogged down reading those “tips and tricks” articles. All of that searching can be exhausting!

The Bonfire is designed to support you during all stages of your parenting journey & provides the consistency you need to stay on track in learning & applying positive parenting methods in your home.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!  The first month’s lesson bundle (delivered on 12/1) all about “The Importance of Relationships” (and how pouring into them can radically transform behavior) will be a breath of fresh air as you head into the busy holiday season.

Just imagine…

Just imagine how much more joyful life will be when you feel fully supported as a parent. When even on the roughest days, you know hope, support & encouragement is at your fingertips.

Picture the strong bonds, healthy relationships & respectful daily interactions you’ll have with your kids once you expand your parenting toolkit and become fluent in applying these strategies with your family!

Think of the day when even amongst full chaos, tantrums, misbehavior or challenging situations, you’ll feel complete calm, confidence, self-control & even joy! Gaining true power to see even the biggest parenting challenges as an opportunity to learn & grow WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This means letting go of frustrations (that you don’t know how to handle situations), anxiety (that your kids are out of control) and guilt (that you’re a bad parent).

Before long, your friends, neighbors & family will start noticing the way you handle situations with your kids & how you teach your children in respectful, EFFECTIVE ways. They’ll ask “What’s changed and how did you know to handle that situation so gracefully like that?”

Committed to YOUR results

Wendy Snyder is a professional, full time Parenting Educator & Positive Parenting coach who’s been teaching this work to busy families for the last 5 years. Her list of happy clients who have received support or graduated from her Positive Parenting courses are significant. These families have radically improved relationships with their kids, communication styles, discipline methods and self-talk to improve the overall peace in their home & joy in their daily parenting walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the time commitment?
  • 1 30 minute lesson a month, watched in (entirely), preferably with your spouse!
  • 1 Intention Post – 5-10 minutes of reading time
  • 1 Printable – 5 minutes (download and print)
  • 1 Family Exercise Recipe – 10-15 minutes
  • 1 Cooking Recipe – 15-30 minutes (depending on the recipe!)
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions – 30 min / week (optional)
What happens after I register?
Once you register, you will get an email confirmation and instructions on how you’ll receive your membership bundle each month. You’ll immediately be able to join the private Bonfire Facebook group, and start meeting other families who are part of this wonderful community we’re building together.

Beginning 12/1, you’ll receive your first membership bundle via email & when you login, you’ll see all of your “monthly bundle resources” waiting in your member dashboard area.

I have another question that's not answered here.
No problem – I’d love to get your question answered! Email me at and I will get back to you with an answer right away.


When you invest in your family through The Fresh Start Family Bonfire, you’re also investing in helping families all around the world. Because with every Bonfire membership, you support children and families in need through two of my favorite non-profit organizations.

Education for families on ways to tolerate excessive crying without harming children to prevent SBS

Providing Clean Drinking Water, Essential Medicine, Food & Prayer for Children & Families in Poverty Stricken Phillipine Villages.

Just a reminder of what you’re getting today when you sign up for the Bonfire Monthly Membership Program

Peace of Mind knowing you’re fully supported in your parenting journey by a Positive Parenting expert who’s trained & certified to teach you strategies & coach you through “real life” application.

Confidence that you’re not alone, but instead part of a community who is also working hard to create the family of their dreams and raise their kids with integrity

Hope that with the right tools, practice & courage to try new things, your home can be filled with peace, calm, firmness AND kindness, and respect, even during the most chaotic & stressful stages of parenting.

A safe community to laugh, cry, celebrate wins and work through challenges

Access to the private facebook group where you can post questions and receive coaching on a weekly basis

Something to look forward to every month…a lesson & intention bundle to guide your family to what matters the most; strengthening your family…the team you would do anything for!

30 day money back guarantee