Your life-changing, powerful positive parenting community & support program

Feel successful & confident … and grow leaps & bounds in your abilities to parent with firm kindness & integrity while significantly strengthening the bond with your kids.

A supportive membership program for busy parents looking for consistent guidance & inspiration on how to redirect their kids’ misbehavior with integrity, teach important life lessons with connection & discipline with effectiveness — perfect for families who want to make positive parenting their new normal (and be supported by a certified educator every step of the way).


Tell me mama… does any of this sound familiar?


Are there way too many moments in your day when you revert back to old parenting patterns even though you’ve started to learn new ways?


Do you run out of steam to keep pressing on with learning a new way, so you just end up giving up or giving in?




Are there way too many moments in your days where you STILL have no idea what to do in the moment when you get triggered by your kids?


Do you feel like you should know what to do (because you’ve listened to SO many podcasts & scanned a gazillion parenting blogs), but you still have questions?


Have you read ALLLLL the books, but are still totally confused about how to actually change your ways so your kids listen better & cooperate more?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I am so alone, no one gets me, this is too hard … why even bother, it’s easier to just yell & threaten”?

I feel you momma, but hear me out … there IS a way to get radical positive momentum … so you continue to expand your heart, learn new parenting tools & strengthen your family … consistently – to truly build the family legacy of your dreams.

It is possible to get support in your parenting walk & to not feel alone … and THAT is what makes ALL the difference.

You can get massive results with positive parenting while staying connected to your kids AND being a firm / kind leader in your home.

Parenthood was never meant to be done on an island … you were meant to have support with a community, so you feel supported by people who truly get you & are on the same page … and who are chasing the same dream (which is a freaking awesome one!)

You can continue to feel empowered as a parent, even on the days that kick your butt a bit.

Having coaches & accountability will give you that critical inch. It allows you to take the concepts & strategies and put them into action so you ACTUALLY get results.

And when you struggle (because trust me, if you’re a human, raising human souls … you will struggle) … you’ll be stoked out of your mind to have a solid expert support system. Certified positive parenting educators ready & willing to help you navigate and succeed!

It’s attainable to have that boost you need each week to keep going as the incredible empowered parent that you are.

Just imagine how much more joyful life will be when you feel FULLY supported as a parent.

When even on the roughest days, you know hope, support & encouragement is at your fingertips.

Picture the strong bonds, healthy relationships & respectful daily interactions you’ll have with your kids once you expand your parenting toolkit and become fluent in applying these strategies with your family!

Think of the day when even amongst full chaos, tantrums, misbehavior or challenging situations, you’ll feel complete calm, confidence, self-control & even joy!

Gaining true power to see even the biggest parenting challenges as an opportunity to learn & grow WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This means letting go of frustrations (that you don’t know how to handle situations), anxiety (that your kids are out of control) and guilt (that you’re a bad parent).

Before long, your friends, neighbors & family will start noticing the way you handle situations with your kids & how you teach your children in respectful, EFFECTIVE ways.

They’ll ask “What’s changed and how did you know to handle that situation so gracefully like that?”

So to help you get where you want to go … we’ve created the ultimate-life-changing, powerful positive parenting community & support program …

Introducing your supportive
Powerful Parenting Community …

A supportive membership program for busy parents looking for consistent guidance & inspiration on how to redirect their kids’ misbehavior with integrity, teach important life lessons with connection & discipline with effectiveness.

  • Gain emotional intelligence skills to help you feel more grounded so you can stop feeling like you’re out of control.
  • Understand, once and for all how to see your strong willed child as a blessing instead of a curse, causing you to be able to work WITH them to redirect them effectively towards cooperation when they say “No I won’t & you can’t make me!”
  • Be supported consistently by certified positive parenting educators with weekly live coaching sessions & daily support for individual questions. (because believe me, you WILL have questions!)
  • End your knee jerk instinct to threaten, yell, punish, shame and nagg – so your kids listen & cooperate because they WANT to & feel deeply connected to you (I personally know how great it feels to let go of those soul crushing strategies and man is it freeing).
  • Become part of a wildly supportive community of like minded parents from around the world who get you & are on the same mission.
  • Add effective, positive tools to your parenting toolkit to increase cooperation, respect & peace in your family.
  • Reduce the amount of arguing, bickering & fighting in your home so you can feel like your days were actually joyful.
  • Build self-control skills to model the behavior you want to see in your kids so you aren’t riddled with guilt when you lay your head on your pillow at night that you’re not “practicing what you preach”. (trust me, I know what that feels like, been there, done that for a season.)
  • Improve communication with your family so your kids will listen better to you and everyone in your life (including your spouse & extended family) understands your requests & boundaries with clarity.
  • Handle disobedience & disrespect with a high level of integrity & dignity – if this feels impossible, don’t worry, I’ll show you the way – it’s easier than you think when you have a solid plan of action.
  • Build a solid understanding of compassionate, effective discipline strategies that are firm AND kind so you can always know what to do & how to follow through.
  • Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels because it all starts with us & our light radiates out to our family when it is bright & warm.
  • Gain a deep understanding of what the root causes of your children’s misbehavior are, so you can redirect them towards the light effectively, quickly & WITH connection.
  • Add a plethora of effective, positive tools to your parenting toolkit to increase cooperation, respect & peace in your family, allowing you to FULLY be at choice with how YOU choose to raise your kids.
  • End the reliance on hand me down parenting tactics that you inherited … now YOU get to decide what feels in line with your heart & your values! (ahhhhh, heck YES!)
  • Get answers quick with instant, on-demand parenting lessons so you never have to wait for guidance on a challenge with your kids.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm because you deserve to live a life full of joy, peace & confidence (even if you’re raising kids who seem to have been born with a high degree of difficulty).



It’s time to feel successful & confident as a parent … without spending a gazillion hours doing in-person classes or blowing your whole paycheck on private sessions with therapists or behavioral specialists.

What Bonfire Members Enjoy




A fresh new 30-60 + minutes of Positive Parenting video instruction … fully downloadable and yours to keep forever.

Focusing on learning just one new thing each month keeps you consistent in your growth as a parent, but avoids the overwhelm trap of “I need to fix it all overnight!”  

Push play easily on the go or on your laptop, whichever suits you better
Watch, or just listen as you’re folding laundry or driving the kids to soccer practice
Hear my voice explaining concepts in details & giving real life examples of what application looks like


Joining other parents from around the world to focus on one intention for the month, brings a sense of belonging and purpose … helping you remember every day WHY it matters the way you choose to parent.
Everyone needs a little inspiration & explanation sometimes on the WHY.  
Settle in & commit to having a strong intention each month to stay focused

Keeping your eye on the prize & knowing why it matters to you leads to massive success changing your ways.

Support as you implementing new strategies into your home.


We’ve seen it all, so we’ve created a searchable library to find Positive Parenting lessons that fit your current challenge or area of need … easy, quick, powerful parenting guidance at your fingertips.

Kind of like a netflix for busy parents who are actively & consistently strengthening their family through positive parenting.  

Push play on a lesson whenever you need support on a specialized topic that matter to you in THAT MOMENT
Enjoy a super wide selection of videos on:
  • sibling rivalry & conflict
  • compassionate discipline
  • how to handle “NO’s” with integrity
  • revenge misbehavior (when kids hit or act hurtful)
  • teaching self-control & practicing self-control
  • inadequacy behaviors (when kids say “I can’t”) 
  • … the list of powerful subjects goes on and on.
You’ll never be scratching your head again saying “I don’t know what to do!”.


Join like minded families who care deeply about their families and forming strong bonds with their kids … you’ll feel right at home sharing ALL of the success stories you’ll experience, as well as total comfort asking questions when you need some help getting creative or remembering what positive parenting strategy to use.
Having a circle that truly gets you & supports you through thick and thin (even though your mom or sister in law does NOT) will change your life.  

A group that you can post in anytime you feel low & need encouragement from someone you can relate to

A place to share success stories, documenting how well your hard work is paying off
Other parents to support so you can strengthen your own knowledge of how positive parenting tools work (trust me, this is a HUGE part of your success journey).


A new interactive family activity that helps you incorporate what you learn into actual action.
Learning & reading about new tools is awesome, but we all know that the proof is in the pudding. Having a family activity to actually DO the new thing will cement your learning so your brain remembers the concepts & your family is excited about implementing new concepts too.  
Easy to print out & do with your kids
Fun, engaging and simple so you don’t lose your family with “this is boring or too hard”


To help you remember the actual steps to using your newly learned powerful positive parenting tools.
When you learn something new, sometimes you need to take some time to brainstorm how it’ll look in your unique home with your wild & wonderful kiddos  
Fill in the blank style pdf’s that cause you to critically think in a calm time when your brain is operating well (not when it’s in flight, fight or freeze mode).
Questions that engage your creativity and help you to plan proactively for the next time a challenge comes your way with your kids.


The best way to keep motivated & stay in the positive parenting game long term? HANG OUT WITH ME EVERY WEEK!
Weekly live coaching sessions with a certified positive parenting expert & family life coach fill you with encouragement & give you a massive dose of inspiration, so you can head into your week feeling strong & deeply supported with real life challenges & questions.   Learning alone is cool and all, but ain’t NOTHING like being together with other awesome humans who are also learning new things & tripping sometimes along the way.  
Group sessions are fun, engaging & upbeat
Coaching for questions asked that week in the group is powerful, to the point & deeply insightful
Parents who are Bonfire members are relatable, humble & courageous AF, learning along the way that showing up imperfectly makes them awesome, not weak.

Plus, join today to get these AWESOME Bonuses!


How to get your kids to listen Bonus Pack

($59 VALUE)
Get Your Kids to Listen More, So You Can Yell, Threaten, Bribe & Nag LESS!
PART – ONE: Listening Mini-Training
>> In this video, Wendy teaches you 5 positive parenting strategies that will build respect in your home so your kids actually WANT to listen to you and are truly inspired to follow your rules.
PART – TWO: “Communication Tweaks that Work Like Magic” & Teaching Emotional Intelligence PDF Guide
>> In this pdf power pack,, you’ll learn 20 Phrases to Use When Their Kids Aren’t Listening as well as 15 Phrases to Use to Help Get Their Families Out The Door In the Morning … PLUS a printable pack to teach kids emotional literacy skills (how to feel your feelings without freaking out 🤪).


($59 VALUE)
Your answer to “Will positive parenting really work if my husband is not supportive?”
  1. What to do
  2. What to say
  3. How to lead with integrity (& be confident in your vision for your family)

JUST FOR KIDS video lesson pack. Designed for kids, made by kids, for kids only!

( $75 VALUE)
My 10 year old daughter Stella will teach your kids all about:
  • Self Calming – how to slow down & calm down when you feel like you’re going to freak out & do something you regret with your sister or mom.
  • Make-Ups – ways to repair relationships & make amends with your friends, siblings or parents
  • Peaceful Conflict Negotiation – how to work things out with your friends or family with RESPECT & connection
These lessons will allow your kids to learn from older kids (instead of adults), and trust me, kids LOVE learning from other kids!

Stories of Transformation

What my


have to say:

When your entire family is supported with new tools, your rate of success with increased peace, joy & respect will skyrocket!



So excited for all the small victories that are happening day in, day out in our home. They really do add up and I feel so proud. This group has been a life changer. It took the words /theories /strategies of positive parenting and helped me bring them to fruition in our day to day life as a family. Forever grateful!
Misty C.

It has actually been MIRACULOUS the difference in my kids’ behaviors since I joined the Bonfire. It’s ASTONISHING. My sons communicate so much better. My oldest child’s emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills have grown leaps and bounds in just a few months. I’m so grateful for Fresh Start Family!
Vania B.

The education & support Wendy provides in The Bonfire is meaningful and is making a difference in our home. She is so relatable because of her real world experience that she shares so openly & honestly through her teaching & coaching. The Bonfire weekly coaching sessions and monthly lessons & print outs are a continuous part of our learning and help me stay committed to growing into the husband and dad I need to be.
Brian H.

My 3 kids have such a strong, incredible relationship with one another and SO much better interpersonal skills because of this work & the skills I’ve learned on how to work with them from The Bonfire! 💜
Melody S.

The tools you’ve given GREATLY helped me with my 3 year old! I was just telling my husband tonight that I feel like I’ve just had a different perspective with her lately and just have more options to use with her now. Finding your work & the Bonfire community has been HUGE!
Jennifer H.

We’ve had our first huge breakthrough and I know for certain one year ago my day would not have ended like that. I would have gone to bed feeling guilty, knowing I had lost it once again. Thank you Wendy Snyder for being faithful to God and this work and bringing change to our family!
Bryony W.

Being a part of the Bonfire has helped me completely shift my mindset as a parent. Once I shifted my mind, I was able to get on my child’s level to be creative & problem solve (redirect) misbehavior effectively!
Sarah H.

I have been trying out lots of strategies & seeing great results. In the past few days alone our family has had an encouragement feast, done several make-ups in different forms, have been using the firm and kind process regularly & been trying out the power struggle dissolving strategies. Thanks for everything!!!
Leanne C.

As I’m beginning to realize what an incredible resource this Bonfire community & and coaching is, wow! I just finished up the foundations course too!I have had some really REALLY empowering moments since I first started implementing this work earlier this year. The moment I took MY first calming break was SO empowering!
Maddie R.

A year ago I would have said being home 24/7 with the kids and wife during a world pandemic would have been a death sentence (or divorce material). It has actually been really pleasant, and it’s because my son has improved so much from the Fresh Start approach my wife took the lead on to implement in our home. The fun moments are more often and the blowouts are fewer and shorter lived. Thanks Wendy!
Brian M.

I’m so grateful for having found this Bonfire community. I can’t imagine how strained my relationship would be with my son by now had we not learned about positive parenting. Instead of shaming him for his poor behavior all the time, we are speaking life into him. We are telling him who he is in Christ and affirming the things he does well. We are looking for the good instead of only correcting the bad. And we are showing him a better way as we learn a better way.
Kayla R.

Thank you Fresh Start Family for this past 6 months! I know I am doing something right when Aubrie my 2 year old can tell I get frustrated or start raising my voice with my husband. She immediately tells me to take a deep breath! I have still so much to learn but so thankful for this group!
Elsa U.


I’ve worked with thousands of parents just like you & I’ve seen what a difference it makes in their parenting legacies & I know it with these kinds of tools & this level of support – it won’t take many shifts to get you the results you’re looking for.


You have everything inside of you right now that you need to be your best parenting self, you just need a guide to help you take next steps (that’s me)!


The Bonfire is a simple program that gives you the ability to learn & implement at your own rate, day by day … in just a few minutes each day. You can do this!

This monthly rate offering at $49 (or annual at $490) will be going up in price in the near future.
You don’t want to miss this opportunity

I know you want to spend your money wisely … I believe so deeply in this curriculum that I wanted to create something that’s insanely affordable for a program of this size. Students & members of mine pay hundreds of dollars each year to work with me … but you can get my support and encouragement TODAY for only $49.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be extremely happy with their purchase.

That’s why families who join my Bonfire Membership Community can cancel at any time. While I can’t guarantee this will be a magic pill for every strife in your parenting walk, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the program and the time and stress it will save you as a parent.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the program, cancel your monthly membership & you’ll never be charged again. For annual members, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

When your entire family is supported with new tools, your rate of success with increased peace, joy & respect will skyrocket!


What's the time commitment?
  • 1 45-60 minute lesson a month
  • 1 Intention Post – 5-10 minutes of reading time
  • 1 Printable – 5 minutes (download and print)
  • 1 Family “Recipe for Success” – 10-15 minutes
  • 1 Family Activity (to help you teach) – 10-20 minutes
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions – 60 min / week
*nothing is required, all resources are built to meet you where you’re at. Go at your own pace, choose lessons & coaching sessions based on your schedule & needs.
What happens after I register?
Once you register, you will get an email confirmation and instructions on how you’ll receive your membership bundle each month. You’ll immediately be able to join the private Bonfire Facebook group, and start meeting other families who are part of this wonderful community we’re building together. When you login, you’ll see all of your “monthly bundle resources” waiting in your member dashboard area.
I have another question that's not answered here.

No problem – I’d love to get your question answered!

We’ve put together a comprehensive Help area that answers the most common questions we recieve about the Bonfire community and our site.

Can’t find an answer to your question in the Help area? Email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you with an answer right away.


More joy More peace More confidence More connection More calm

your desire for things to be different in your home …

your dream for behavior to be better …

and your wish for your confidence as a parent to be higher …

… are achievable & are yours for the taking … IF you step forward with getting the support you need to build the family foundation of your dreams.

Stop & picture yourself & your family 4 weeks from now.

  • Do you see yourself thriving or surviving?
  • Do you see yourself connected, close & having fun with your kids?
  • Or are you still nagging, argueing, threatening & counting down the moments till the kids are asleep?

Let me help you visualize your brand new day that awaits you …

  • You have Peace of Mind knowing you’re fully supported by a team of Positive Parenting educators & life coaches who are trained & certified to teach you strategies & coach you through “real life” application.
  • You have massive confidence that you’re not alone, but instead part of a community who is also working hard to create the family of their dreams and raise their kids with integrity … a community where you can post q’s & receive coaching on a weekly basis. 
  • You have hope that with the right tools, practice & courage to try new things, your home can be filled with peace, calm, firmness AND kindness, and respect, even during the most chaotic & stressful stages of parenting.

So where do we go from here?

Well … Here’s the total truth …

It takes courage to say YES & start the process of creating positive change in your home. It requires bravery to take the first steps towards being a more joyful, peaceful, confident parent. BUTTTT, Nothing changes … if nothing changes! I honestly don’t want to get an instagram DM from you years from now saying “I’m drowning in parenting drama” only to scroll back in my DM’s to see you’ve been asking similar q’s for years but never said yes to actually getting fully supported. It happens ALLLLLL the timeI Parents who think “Someday, I’ll invest in a formal parenting support program” … but unfortunately, SOMEday, often never comes & in the blink of an eye … kids leave for college disconnected, dis-regulated & destined to repeat the same painful generational cycles with their own kids (your grandkids).  

You see, nothing changes … if you never step forward to get the help you need & do something different.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Let’s be honest …

There’s a difference between investments & expenses & A Bonfire Membership is an investment in your family legacy.

I hope you’re excited as I am to prioritize your family, your health & your relationships so you can live each day to the fullest … experiencing joy, confidence & contentment … even through the messy moments & challenging stages.

Are you ready to experience radical shifts in your home where connection over correction becomes your norm?

Are you ready to finally feel confident that you know what to do, even when you’re wildly triggered by your kids’ misbehavior?

Are you ready to know how to show compassion AND be firm at the same time when it comes to ALL walks of your parenting life, even discipline?

Are you ready to be fully supported by a community who gets you & coaches who are eager to help you succeed?


Yes you are … and I’m here waiting with open arms to welcome you into The Bonfire.

When your entire family is supported with new tools, your rate of success with increased peace, joy & respect will skyrocket!