Family Meetings – A Powerful Tool to Increase Cooperation & Solidify a Teamwork Mentality

by | March 17, 2020 | 0 comments

Family Meetings – A Powerful Tool to Increase Cooperation & Solidify a Teamwork Mentality

by | March 17, 2020 | 0 comments

A special live I hosted in light of all the pandemic stress about how to implement family meetings & agreements

Family meetings are one of my favorite activities to put into practice on a consistent basis, especially when you need to work as a solid strong team (vacations, summer breaks, pandemic outbreaks … feels so weird to even write that!).

It’s important to set the stage for success out the gate.

They should be short, fun and super inviting, meaning 10 minutes is plenty long, or even 5 minutes if you’ve got teeny toddlers in the mix.

During this crazy pandemic, I recommend a quick family meeting to start out each day.

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In the beginning, it’s great to start out with an agreement about sequencing (i.e. first we’ll have a meeting, then we’ll have smoothies & a dance party … or first we’ll have a family meeting, then we’ll ride scooters around the block or watch a family movie).

Kids do a lot better when they know there’s a fun celebration after they’ve done some hard work. Yes, to kids, family meetings will be hard work!

Start the meeting by covering a few important topics about the day or upcoming week. Discuss important rules everyone needs to remember.

In the case of this weird Corona pandemic …

  • What are the daily rules / boundaries / agreements your family needs to discuss?
  • What kind of schedule can the kids expect?
  • How can you empower them to have jobs during the family meeting & throughout the day?
  • Who will take notes, pick the music for the dance party afterwards, set the timer for the homeschool blocks?

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When kids are empowered, they do a lot better then just being told what to do, so remember to empower them as much as possible in this process!

Try your best to keep the gatherings light and point out to your kids what you WANT to see from them, or the rules that important for them to follow (vs. what you don’t want).

Print out a calendar for the day, week (or month), write the top 3 rules of the house and how following them is important in order to have peace, joy & connection in your home, then ask your kids if they have anything they’d like to discuss or request (this last step is so important).

One of our original family meeting printouts we used when the kids were little. Stella was thankful for food!

Terrin was thankful for tasty waves & monster trucks : )

It’s important to give everyone a voice in the meeting, even the really little ones, they will feel value & power from this experience and remember, when kids feel powerful & valuable, they misbehave less!

Once your family meeting has wrapped up, finish off with some frozen yogurt & fresh fruit and/or a dance party. Most importantly, have fun & relish in the fact that your family crew is awesome and stronger when you do life (& social distancing) together as a team!

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