Your powerful positive parenting solution …

Want to feel successful & confident as a parent … and gain powerful skills that’ll have your kids listening better & cooperating more in a matter of days?

A proven program for busy parents looking for answers on how to redirect their kids’ misbehavior with integrity, connection & effectiveness — it’s perfect for families who want to create a family legacy & memories that bring them pride & joy.

You care deeply about your kids & want to enjoy their childhood so badly … but let’s be freaking real for a sec … you’re struggling to get those little people to behave … WITHOUT relying on threats, yelling or bribery day in, day out.

The reality is, you’re struggling to find confidence in your parenting journey … often feeling out of control & confused about how to effectively redirect your kids’ misbehavior with firmness, kindness AND effectiveness.

It feels like you’ve tried just about everything to get to higher ground…


Punishing behavior by taking things away like favorite toys, tv, dessert & playdates, but you feel bitter at night that you “HAD TO” be the mean mom and your kids STILL don’t seem to listen the next day.


Laying the law down HARD telling your kids they HAVE to cooperate “or else” and even though it sometimes works for a day or two … the misbehavior keeps coming back (whyyyyyy – so frustrating!)


Begging & pleading, but when you catch yourself you feel embarrassed and like you’re getting walked all over (later leading to an explosive rant about being disrespected & how you’re not going to raise entitled brats, ha, been there!)


Threats have become a solid go-to for you and “if, then statements” flow out of your mouth lightning fast all day long … but you lack follow through so your kids laugh at you behind your back & know you’re not REALLY going to hold up your boundaries. (yikes, but c’mon, you know it’s true!)


You’re not proud of it, but forcing your kids to comply by grabbing wrists tighter than you’d like to admit, or dragging them kicking and screaming to time outs has you crying tears of shame & regret when you lay your head on your pillow at night.


You’ve tried just letting them have their way, maybe you’re being too gnarly? And then you realize that your kids are walking all over you & you literally have no control of your “mini-me’s”.


Bribes and rewards have become a norm for you (I mean how else would you potty train or get your kids to do what they’re supposed to? 😝) … but later realize that they still need you to nag them, or hold a carrot over their head, or they just straight disrespect your rules.


You’ve become a professional yeller & struggle with the nagging thoughts of “why do I have to raise my voice in order for my kids to listen” and then watch your kids the next day as they repeat the behavior of not listening till you scream at them – that feeling of groundhogs day is so draining!

You’ve tried taking everything they love away, from desert to devices, to favorite toys & even hugs … but these punishments feel like CRAP when you implement them & they aren’t working long-term (because your kids keep doing the same stuff!)
You feel worried that it’s too late for you & your kids and that the damage is irreversible – if you don’t find the help you need soon, your family is facing disaster.


By this point, you’ve reached a family crisis kinda situation (and heck no, this isn’t because you’re a bad parent)!

Take a deep breath for a second & put your hand on your heart … No wonder things have gotten a little out of control in your home. You only have your parents’ parenting examples to go on & you’re doing your best.

There is absolutely no judgement here.

I see you, I admire you & I get you.

There are a gazillion parenting books out there but really, who has time for them when your kid is having a temper tantrum on the floor and you’re juggling a million things.

No one handed you a firm & kind parenting manual when your child was born (boy, that would have been nice) so …

… of course you’re confused

… of course you feel out of control

… of course you have questions about how to raise your little human souls with integrity, connection & effectiveness

… of course you feel like you’re drowning in the demands of motherhood and lacking joy.

If you’re anything like me, admitting you need help feels a little vulnerable & up until now, you weren’t quite sure who to ask.

Maybe you’ve always felt like parenting should come naturally to “good moms” and that having questions & uncertainties meant you were troubled.

Or perhaps you’ve invested in a parenting program before only to NOT finish it or have trouble getting results with what you learned.

You may even feel like it’s impossible to find time to shower each day, let alone do a parenting course.

You probably REALLY want to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel if you were to learn a new way … but you struggle with doubt & maybe don’t really believe me that expanding your heart & learning new tools can strengthen your family tenfold. (again, I get why! I remember this feeling so clearly when I was drowning in parenting stress).

A decade ago I was in your exact shoes but I learned a different way that aligned with my heart & left me feeling proud (instead of guilty) each night when I laid my head on my pillow.

That saying ‘the days are long, but the years are short’ is so dang accurate. How has a decade come & gone so fast? So grateful I learned a new ‘firm & kind’ way.

This ‘firm & kind’ way of working with my kids, changed me from the inside out … and caused me to grow in areas I never even realized I needed to evolve.


Now, I spend my days deeply connected to my kids, wildly confident that I can:

creatively problem solve through messy situations

redirect misbehavior with success

and discipline with connection effectively, no matter how much my strong willed daughter pushes back or what kind of mistake gets made

It took courage to do things differently than what had been done to me growing up.

It took bravery to break generational chains so I could create family legacies & memories I was proud of.

Life now as a parent is so different than those days when I was constantly stressed, frustrated & overwhelmed with my two wild & wonderful kiddos.

Days are so much easier because I feel in control of my mind, life & environment.

The days of feeling like a victim to my kids, their tantrums, or their big emotions are way behind me and I’m able to really be the kind of mom I always dreamed I would be.

Hall – a – freaking – lujah!

I’ve developed a unique teaching style that helps parents become both self-aware (realizing our contribution to the dance is so powerful) AND self-accepting (practicing compassion & grace with ourselves when we’re human is essential).

I’ve found that the ticket to success when learning new positive parenting strategies is to actually SEE strategies in action (rather than just reading about techniques).

Because honestly, how many times have you read something and then you go to implement it and you can’t figure out how to make it work, or you can’t remember exactly what the book said.

Ultimately you fall back on what you’ve always done and it becomes a never-ending hamster wheel of try, fail, try, fail, try, fail. (this pattern is exhausting AF).

Imagine waking up every morning feeling joyful, empowered & excited to spend the day with your kids

… knowing with all confidence that you have an overflowing respectful, firm & kind parenting toolkit to access every day as you raise those precious little human souls you’ve been gifted with?

Picture living life everyday knowing confidently you are building that family legacy of your dreams … one that you are proud of & that is filled with memories that make your heart melt about the life you’ve lived.

Take a moment to feel that smile on your face that you experience when you actually enjoy spending time with your kids who matter more to you than anything else in the world.

I see how badly you want joy & peace in your home & I know you’re willing to expand your heart & learn new tools to strengthen your family, you just need help getting started.

… a deeply connected, strong family foundation of your dreams. Yep, you deserve this.

Introducing your complete
Powerful Parenting Solution …

A proven program for busy parents looking for answers on how to redirect their kids’ misbehavior with integrity, connection & effectiveness.
Perfect for families who want to create a family legacy & memories they are proud of … and who want to feel confident as strong, firm & kind leaders in their home.
Learn new tools, expand your heart & strengthen your family from the comfort of your own home with this comprehensive 4 module online parenting education program.

Wanna know the best part of this program?

It’s fueled by my signature FIRM & KIND Framework, actionable Step-By-Step Lessons, Workbooks, Videos, Instructional Role-Plays AND Templates –

– so you’ll not only create a STRONG Family Foundation to build the family legacy of your dreams – but actually learn HOW to handle any challenging situation or misbehavior that comes your way with grace, patience, calm & confidence for this season & EVERY season of life with your kids.

What my


have to say:

The Foundations Course is your

most effective & fastest way to:

  • Learn the A-Z of Positive Parenting methodology including why Positive Psychology is definitely what you want to lean on when raising your little human souls.
  • Reduce the amount of arguing, bickering & fighting in your home cause you know those things are wearing down your soul momma.
  • Build self-control skills to model the behavior you want to see in your kids so you aren’t riddled with guilt when you lay your head on your pillow at night that you’re not “practicing what you preach”. (I feel ya, that is such a crappy feeling – been there!)
  • Improve communication with your family so your kids will listen better to you and everyone in your life (including your spouse!) understands your requests & boundaries with clarity.
  • Gain emotional intelligence skills to help you feel more grounded so you can stop feeling like you’re a “hot mess mom” who just can’t get her “s%^t” together … no matter how hard you try.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety & overwhelm because you deserve to live a life full of joy, peace & confidence (even if you’re raising a herd of wild ones!)
  • Understand, once and for all how to see your strong willed child as a blessing instead of a curse, causing you to be able to work WITH them to redirect them effectively towards cooperation when they say “No I won’t & you can’t make me!”
  • Handle disobedience & disrespect with a high level of integrity & dignity – think this is impossible? Don’t fret, I’ll show you the way – it’s easier than you think when you have a solid plan of action.
  • Build a solid understanding of compassionate, effective discipline strategies that are firm and kind so you can always know what to do & how to follow through.
  • Boost your confidence and overall happiness levels because it’s literally been proven that energy is contagious – you know that saying “happy wife, happy life” – soooo true! It all starts with us & our light radiates out to our family when it is radiant.
  • Gain confidence & a deep understanding of what is underneath your children’s misbehavior so you can redirect them towards the light effectively, quickly & WITH connection.
  • Diminish your dependence on threatening, yelling, punishing, shaming and nagging – so your kids listen & cooperate because they WANT to & feel deeply connected to you (vs. feeling like they HAVE to or else Mom will freak out, lay the smack down or annoy them to death – lol, been there & know how soul crushing those things are when they are our go to strategies!).
  • Add a plethora of effective, positive tools to your parenting toolkit to increase cooperation, respect & peace in your family, allowing you to FULLY be at choice with how YOU choose to raise your kids … instead of relying on hand me down parenting tactics that you inherited … you get to choose what feels in line with your heart & your values! (Boom … yes please!)



It’s time to feel successful & confident as a parent … without spending a gazillion hours doing in-person classes or blowing your whole paycheck on private sessions with therapists or behavioral specialists.

Let me show you EXACTLY

what’s included in the program:


{$1997 value}

AND 10+ Interactive Resource

Discipline Planning Guide Worksheet

{$129 value}

A detailed guide & worksheet featuring a 5 step plan to create logical consequences that teach responsibility & respect.

Proactive Planning Success Worksheet

{$119 value}

Set the stones in place so you’re clear on your parenting goals & long term vision for your family – resulting in a no ifs, ands, or buts about following through with your stated plan & finishing the course!

Pathway to Decreasing Pushback Planning Tool

{$129 value}

A cheat sheet to prevent & dissolve power struggles with ease & effectiveness so you can stop bickering & start connecting (or … “so you can prioritize connection over correction in your home”)

Recipe for Success Tracker Worksheet

{$111 value}

I’ll help you document your wins so you can focus on your growth (trust me, there’s gonna be TONS), as well as taking note of areas of challenge you still need to problem solve through with creativity & intention (yes, you’ll have questions as you go through the program & that’s normal – we’re always here to help!)

Magic Connection Generator

{$129 value}

A 7 step proactive process to teach you about Genuine Encounter Moments – a tool that connects you straight to your child’s heart & builds up their need to feel unconditionally loved (resulting in MUCH less misbehavior in your home, yay!)

Root Causes of Misbehavior Framework

{$129 value}

An assessment chart to help you clearly understand what mistaken goals your child has when they misbehave, so you can effectively redirect them towards better behavior quickly & compassionately.

The Firm & Kind Limit Setting Model

{$117 value}

An extensive guide that teaches you how to create rules, set limits & follow through with ease, success & consistency

4 Secrets to Firm & Kind Discipline Printable

{$21 value}

A beautiful artful reminder of the 4 steps to designing compassionate discipline that is related, teaches responsibility, is respectful & reasonable, resulting in long term sustainable results with kids!

‘Say This, Not That’ Cheat Sheet

{$19 value}

A modern take on parent / kiddo communication that will help you speak to your kids in a way that organically causes them to listen & cooperate, so you can take a break from threats, forceful tones & bribery.



Paradigm Shifting to Truth

>>> The right ‘shades’ – How to view parenting challenges in the right light

Learn about the psychology behind positive parenting and start building the foundation of relationship / connection based parenting strategies in your home

The goods you can expect:

Video lesson on solidifying your goals as a parent so you can be clear on your hopes & dreams for your children as they grow up under your care
Role Play examples of what different parenting styles look like so you can identify what category you currently fall into & which category you WANT to operate from
In depth education around Dr. Dreikurs rooted psychology that will help you seek to understand & assume positive intent in your kids (instead of assuming they are just being entitled, crazy brats!) Admit it, you’ve thought those exact thoughts before! lol
Training on responding vs. reacting so you can calmly & confidently handle misbehavior more & fly off the handle less
Mindset support to embrace a compassionate discipline plan of action (vs. corporal punishment or making your kids ‘pay the price’)
Self Care Navigation lesson to help you prioritize self-care so you actually have the bandwidth and energy to parent like you want to.
After watching lessons & applying what I teach you, you’ll feel inspired to take a break from old school paradigms that have you stuck in a cycle of reactivity, fear, exhaustion, disconnected relationships & empty results. You’ll be empowered with a new way of seeing your role as a parent & a brand new perspective about why your kids misbehave & how you can creatively meet them where they are at, so you can then guide them towards the light easier & more successfully.

Things to put on your vision board for results to start expecting: improved behavior, self-regulation, healthy actions, self-control, joyful interactions, increased humility & optimism!


Communicating with Your Kids so They WANT to Listen!

>>> How focusing on unconditional love & using language that builds your kids UP makes boatloads of a difference in how they behave!

Learn new ways of talking to your children that will cause them to be intrinsically motivated & self-reliant.

What awaits you inside:

Video lesson on what unconditional love is & how traditional, autocratic parenting methods get us off track with raising kids from a striving mentality instead of a thriving mentality
An extensive role-play tutorial showing the power of encouragement (vs. praise & / or discouragement) to acknowledge our children’s successes & also create positive behavioral change for the future
Video example of what it looks like in real life with common situations and /or behavioral challenges to use encouragement (vs. praise & discouragement) to help kids build up their intrinsic muscles & self confidence, so they can make the right decisions when you’re not looking
Instructional training on strategies that help kids develop strong critical thinking skills so they have the ability to respond (instead of react) to challenging situations with respect & great behavior
Communication hacks that will cause your kids to own & admit to their mistakes, instead of holding shame, hiding messes & lying to you

Encouragement Feast Template to help open up dialogue with your family and create intention around seeing the best in one another

After completing this module, you’ll be well on your way to switching up your communication so you feel like you are truly influencing (vs. intimidating) your kids & SHOWING your children how to behave well & respect others … instead of just telling them to ‘act right’. You’ll feel empowered & optimistic when you see the power & fast results you get from small tweaks you can make with just a little bit of intention & planning!


Identifying root causes of your child’s misbehavior

>>> Understanding what’s underneath pushback & resistance so redirecting towards better behavior becomes a breeze

Parents learn how to identify the 4 categories of misbehavior with specific steps that help guide redirections & discipline with success

The goodies you can look forward to:

Training video on the Misbehavior Categories Framework so parents can differentiate between the four categories of misbehavior: Attention, Power, Inadequacy & Revenge
Training video on the common mistaken beliefs kids hold when misbehavior arises, and how to change the way we respond, so they make different choices tomorrow
Analyzing misbehavior role play video that unlocks the secrets to correctly assessing misbehavior with common situations every family can relate to
Power Struggle Identification Fast Track Lesson on how to quickly realize when you are in a power struggle with your kiddo so you can choose a different path that doesn’t involve getting locked in combat with an angry toddler or frustrated child
Idea generation lesson to help parents create an action plan to redirect kids towards better behavior depending on which category of misbehavior they are exhibiting
Breaking the dance training that empowers parents to take a break from locking arms & contributing to the drama in their homes so they can instead lead with firmness, kindness & true power
After completing the lessons in this module, you will feel like your eyes have been opened in a crazy new way! You will start to truly understand WHY your kids push back, have meltdowns, challenge authority & sometimes act like, well … KIDS!

Your toolkit will be full of redirection options, so when misbehavior happens, you no longer habitually grab the hand me down tools that never worked for your family anyway.

You’ll be well on your way to creating new habits of using tools that rely on connected relationships, healthy modeling, creativity, compassion, humility & modeling. Painful generational cycles will begin to break & chains of overpowering & disconnection will snap away day by day. You’ll want to scream it from the rooftops to your friends & family that you have good news about how to gain more peace, joy & confidence in your parenting walk!


Effectively Disciplining Kids with Compassion AND Connection

>>> How to teach important life lessons with grace, dignity & firm kindness

Parents learn discipline strategies that prioritize connection (vs. straight correction) and implement teaching methods that create sustainable long term results while building kids UP in all areas of their lives!

What you can expect:

Habit tracking lesson that helps parents identify where they are acting out of old routines & hand me down tactics, so they can choose a different path that creates the results they want
Simple mindset hacks to gain courage to try new discipline tools that don’t rely on fear, force, bribery & rewards because sustaining those tactics long term are both backbreaking AND heartbreaking
Role play enactment to show parents how to listen intently so kids feel comfortable talking to us and admitting mistakes
Instructional video on how to take a break from using ‘feeling stoppers’ in our homes so kids open up instead of shut down when we communicate with them
Educational “how to” lesson on how to use detachment in your home so you can be ‘calm in the face of chaos’, instead of fuel on the fire
Compassionate Discipline strategies lesson that teaches parents the three main ingredients every family needs to have securely stocked in their toolkit
Guidance on using methods that build intrinsic control methods so children can take responsibility for their own faults, work on improving their weaknesses (without shame) and repairing mistakes (without being forced).
Once you complete this module, you will feel wildly encouraged & supported with NEW, modern & effective go to discipline strategies that teach your kids how to behave better tomorrow instead of punishing what they did yesterday! Gone will be the days where you thought teaching important life lessons & redirecting unacceptable behavior had to be painful & exhausting.

You’ll finally be truly at choice when it comes to discipline, so you no longer just have to do what was done to you. Your friends, family & colleagues will notice how your kids are behaving better while you are more calm, collected & confident as a parent.

Days with your kids will no longer be something you dread, but instead filled with moments of joy, connection & intensely beautiful memory making moments. You will be actively creating a legacy & memories you are proud of & you’ll feel inspired when you lay your head on your pillow at night.

Plus, join today to get these AWESOME Bonuses!



($117 VALUE)
  • Prompts to help you raise awareness around the toxic habits YOU want to break & a tracking system to help you replace them with new healthy habits successfully.
  • Stop feeling paralyzed by old patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck in your parenting walk by using THESE simple journal pages


($117 VALUE)
  • My tried & true strategies for responding to unsupportive, combative and / or hurtful family members who can be really tough to deal with.
  • You’ll learn new verbiage to respond with integrity, so you’ll feel confident & dignified, even amidst awkward situations or family gatherings!


( $127 VALUE)
  • The connection between firm & kind parenting & intrinsically motivated kids (who do what is good because it’s good, not because they HAVE to).


($127 VALUE)
  • In this training, I’ll help you understand the most common roadblocks that live in our head that prevent us from truly trusting that grace filled compassionate discipline strategies (vs. punishment based in fear & force) will actually work.
  • You’ll be inspired to kick the “Punishment needs to sting” mindset to the curb so you can free up precious brain space to learn new ways to teach with gentle, kind, firm & most importantly EFFECTIVE discipline strategies.


($127 VALUE)
  • My good friend, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Chrissy Powers – teaches us all about where Anxiety & Trauma often come from (including childhood crappy experiences) & what we can do to move it OUT of our bodies, so it STOPS affecting our parenting.



($127 VALUE)

To help you battle the “I don’t have time” or “I can’t, I have crazy kids all day” mentality so you can keep your Agreement to yourself & your kids to step into learning & BE the positive change in your family Includes:

  • Self – contract with action steps
  • Family contract
  • Pack of cell phone wallpapers – saver photos – affirmations / declarations to help you stay committed to learning & growing



(Priceless Value)

Because gratitude for our military is on the top of our list here at Fresh Start Family – Our one for one program means that your purchase of the Foundations Course Curriculum provides free curriculum for a military family! As a community, we can all parent with choice & integrity together.

You help others by helping yourself today, win/win, yay!



($149 VALUE)

Your answer to “will positive parenting really work if my husband is not supportive?”

  1. What to do
  2. What to say
  3. How to lead with integrity (& be confident in your vision for your family)

Join me in The Foundations Course and I’ll provide everything you need to take immediate action (results now), stay consistent, stay motivated, and stay on track with your daily Powerful Positive Parenting efforts – no matter how busy or stressed you are.


{$1997 value}

Discipline Planning Guide

{$129 value}

Proactive Planning Success Worksheet

{$119 value}

Pathway to Decreasing Pushback Planning Tool

{$129 value}

Recipe for Success Tracker

{$111 value}

Magic Connection Generator

{$129 value}

Understanding Root Causes of Misbehavior Framework

{$129 value}

The Firm & Kind Limit Setting Model

{$117 value}

4 Secrets to Firm & Kind Discipline Printable

{$21 value}

‘Say This, Not That’ Cheat Sheet

{$19 value}


I really want to thank Fresh Start Family for all the training I’ve gotten through the Foundations Course & Bonfire Membership Program. It has not only helped me with my own kids but communication with other adults as well.

Amanda K

Our house has been SO MUCH MORE PEACEFUL since finishing the Foundations Course! My boys are fighting less, we are having less power struggles, both my husband and I are happier and it’s just more fun to parent these days. I am excited to learn and implement more! Thanks Wendy Snyder for the awesome teaching!
Amber Fox

Before I started this program, I truly felt defeated as a mom and personally just in disgust with myself knowing how inconsistent and horrible I was being to my daughter and sad to say, my husband too! The Foundations Course has given me love and light as a mommy to know that each day is a new day and to practice patience and give myself grace.
Taira Ann Dela Cruz

The things we’ve learned through the Foundations Course is PRICELESS. The lessons in this course have the power to change the world one home at a time. What an amazing gift to have prayed so hard for God to show us the way, and to have come across FSF & the Foundations Course, so we can now actually CHOOSE the way we want to parent, to have information, to have knowledge, and not just the ONE WAY that parenting has been done for generations.

Vania Barbieri-Morris

I used to fear picking my kids up from daycare/pre-school just knowing what was ahead. Now my perspective has changed tremendously and I can’t speak highly enough about Wendy and Fresh Start Family courses. It not only saved our family, but strengthened the relationship with my husband which was an added bonus! Our entire family is beginning to gain such strong trust and respect for one another and I feel more empowered than ever.
Jodi McCormick

Thank you Fresh Start Family for introducing us to the Foundations Course! It has been freeing to be at choice with our parenting, to be on the same page, to bring more light and joy to intense power struggles, and to see progress in each day! Our son is learning ways to self calm, re-do, and use his energy for good. We are learning new ways to be proactive, make agreements, give more choices and teach in a calm time. Expanding our toolkit has been transformational for our family.
Julie V.

I just finished up the Foundations course and WOW where to begin! Without a doubt our biggest struggle has been bedtime with our 3.5 year old. I am so thankful for the approach Wendy laid out. I was amazed that in a few short days of using some of Wendy’s suggestions bedtime was so much easier! It is refreshing to feel like you’re giving your kids the tools they need to think for themselves and make good decisions. I see myself coming back to the lessons over and over again and I whole hardheartedly recommend the Foundations Course to every family!
Megan H.

We absolutely loved the Fresh Start Parenting class with Wendy! It has helped us to parent our two boys the way we want to – with grace, understanding, communication and love. And rather than simply looking at how to make them do what we want right now (behavior modification), we now view our role as parents with more of an eternal perspective. It is more about building a relationship. We NEED courses like this to help us along in this crazy parenting journey! I would HIGHLY recommend this class!
Jessica Filpi

My biggest takeaway from Fresh Start Family classes was the notion of being equipped with a tool belt. If one tool doesn’t work, you can try another and see what works best for your family. I have recommended Fresh Start Family to a number of friends. This is time well spent. It will only benefit your family.
Kate Burchfield

I know this all sounds awesome, but what makes ME mom of the year?
What makes ME qualified to teach YOU about parenting?

First things first … I’m a certified positive parenting educator & family life coach but it’s so important you know that I wasn’t always so positive in my parenting walk. A decade ago, I was knee deep in despair & hopelessness raising a strong willed daughter while juggling a colicky newborn & a career.

I’ve used the same positive parenting & personal development / self-growth tools I now teach – in my own life to overcome anxiety, strained relationships with my kids, stressed days and intense misbehaviors.

My goal is to make it easier for families like yours to get solid, positive, effective parenting education and stay consistent in growing WITH our kids along each stage of the journey.

Families who work with me expand their parenting toolkit & face each day with an empowered & creative mindset.

I absolutely love helping families who struggle to find peace, joy, connection and ease in their days with their kids.

Parents who are honest about the fact that having kids and knowing what to do with them is the hardest job they’ve ever faced in their life!

I’m obsessed with serving families who desperately want to feel confident in their parenting approach and are totally over the guilt that comes at night after “losing their cool 15 times a day” (oh have I been there before!).

I’m not JUST a parenting coach (and definitely not one of those teachers who will tell you everything you’re doing wrong & that you need to do better & be better), but I am ALSO a life coach, professional encourager, accountability consultant, podcast show host, online course creator, business owner & the kind of person who will always make you feel seen, heard & understood (I’ve had clients beg me to move in with them many times, offered to make bracelets that say “What would Wendy do?” and even had a Mom from the Ukraine name her baby after me! WHATTTT? … I know dude!).

I’ve been working with families as a parenting educator since 2010 & I’ve literally taught positive parenting workshops, seminars & courses to thousands of families. I GET IT. I GET YOU. YES, I’M THAT HELPER YOU’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR.

I deeply care about each & every family I work with and am committed to getting them results. I’m a momma to two young wild & wonderful munchkins + a business owner, best friend to my husband, ocean feign, lover of spicy margaritas, bulletproof coffee & dark chocolate and a giant fan of surfing and Jesus.

I’ve created a “pinch me, is this really my reality” life where I get to help other families create the family of their dreams while also intentionally building my own dream family everyday. I spend my days feeling confident & powerful as a parent… while also being insanely close & connected to my kids – I want you to have that too.

I host The Fresh Start Family Show, a feel good, helpful podcast for busy parents all about relationships & raising kids with integrity. I’m a relentless encourager & advocate for families and I create online programs that help parents end painful generational cycles by expanding their positive parenting toolkit, so they can create family legacies & memories they are proud of.


I understand you want to spend your money wisely … after receiving hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of success stories from students (no joke, below is a scroll showing our current 500+ page success story google doc) …

… I believe so deeply in this curriculum & know for a fact that this course will change your life.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be extremely happy with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 14-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee this will be a magic pill for every strife in your parenting walk, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the program and the time and stress it will save you as a parent.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the program, I will refund your money within 14 days of your purchase.

So where does this leave us?

Well …. Here’s the thing …

Nothing Changes … if nothing changes.

Have you ever heard that saying? It’s so simple and SO true.

Something that’s happened to me over & over again is that I will have incredible parents reach out to me on social media to ask questions about my programs. I support & encourage them with info about The Foundations Course & then I don’t hear from them again, till years later, when they contact me again saying they are STILL struggling hard.

I scroll back and see that I had communicated with them a year or two again, but they never became a student … and they are still stressed, worried, unconfident & lacking joy in their days as a parent.

You see, nothing changes … if you never step forward to get the help you need & do something different.

My heart breaks for these families because I know they’ve missed out on precious memories & endured massive amounts of stress & heartbreak from not moving forward & starting their learning journey with Fresh Start Family.

I don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

I’ve finished the Foundations Course and things are really starting to feel more fluid! After a challenging situation with my 6 year old son yesterday, I was able to remain calm & respond with firm kindness & integrity, as well as teach using compassionate discipline. It felt so good to have connection with him instead of doing what I may have done in the past – snap to anger and give him a lecture about how I’m his mom and he needs to be respectful. This new way I’ve learned to parent him & teach him important life lessons feels so much better!

Amy F

I see you wanting more … wanting things to be different. Wanting to find joy & peace & connection in your days with your kids. Wanting behavior to be better. Wanting your self-confidence to be higher.

These wants and dreams are achievable & are yours for the taking … IF you step forward with getting the support you need to build the family foundation of your dreams.

Stop & picture yourself & your family 4 weeks from now. Do you see yourself thriving or surviving?

Do you see yourself connected, close & having fun with your kids?

>>> or are you still bickering, threatening & counting down the moments till bedtime?



You don’t have to stay stuck in the pit of parenthood overwhelm. The mountain may seem HUGE, but I’m here to tell you that I’ve climbed it & the view from the freakin top is FANTASTIC.

Picture what you want for your family & then go freaking get it.

There are 7 days in a week … SOMEDAY is NOT one of them.

Today is your day to take action, to be supported with a full step by step system to creating the family dynamic you’ve always dreamed of.

The cost of NOT saying yes is too high to ignore … you deserve this.

Today is your day to step into fully being supported.

Join me in The Foundations Course and I’ll provide everything you need to take immediate action (results now), stay consistent, stay motivated, and stay on track with your daily Powerful Positive Parenting efforts – no matter how busy or stressed you are.


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Discipline Planning Guide

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Proactive Planning Success Worksheet

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Pathway to Decreasing Pushback Planning Tool

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Recipe for Success Tracker

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Magic Connection Generator

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Understanding Root Causes of Misbehavior Framework

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The Firm & Kind Limit Setting Model

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4 Secrets to Firm & Kind Discipline Printable

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‘Say This, Not That’ Cheat Sheet

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Does the course work for families with kids of all ages?
Absolutely. A lot of this curriculum is theory based, meaning the methodology will apply to all stages of life. Extra support regarding application of strategies to different life stages can be found in The Bonfire.
Can I really expect to see results by applying the strategies?
YES, families…this stuff works! Trust me, learn the methods, apply the strategies, try again when it doesn’t go perfectly and have faith in the seeds you’re planting. I only teach methods that I’ve personally tried in my own home with my own kids, so I know what I’m teaching you works and you can always trust me to be real with you.
I’m really busy, do you think I’ll be able to do all the lessons?
Commit to it and make it happen! I’ve designed this course to be comprehensive, yet also as brief as possible, so you can get the course done in minimal time. One module a week (3 hours) for four weeks is what I recommend you aim for.
Does this program have a start and end date?
Nope. This is a course that you purchase and can use on your own, anytime. You will always have access to the program so when a new stage of your kiddo’s life turns challenging or when parenting throws you another curve ball – you’ll have an easy-to-follow course at your fingertips.
What makes Fresh Start Family different?
I’ve been told that I’m a perfect mix between Brene Brown & Mother Theresa … (gosh I almost cried when I got this nice compliment!) … I’m full of life, fun to hang out with & dedicated to the success of my students. My heart is HUGE for families & best of all I GET PARENTS RESULTS!
Is this course just for parents with problems?
This is not your parents parenting course. Don’t feel bad that you want help with Parenting. All Parents need help … the wise ones follow through with it.
What if I'm alone with no support?
It takes a village & the Fresh Start Family village will help you understand that you are NOT alone. Surround yourself with a supportive community, we’re here to help. Even if you don’t have a supportive spouse or extended family, this program will help you. It’ll take courage & bravery to lead though by saying yes today. **I also lead a group membership program called The Bonfire that you can learn more about HERE (if you’re ready for more right now) that’ll be a great place for you to hang out after you finish the Foundations Course. You’ll be able to ask questions & be in community with other like minded families from all over the world! **If your spouse is not on board “yet” – we have a podcast episode to help you move forward with learning even though you worry about having no support. You can listen here:
What if my kids are really bad?
First off, you have to trust me, your kids aren’t broken & neither are you … you just need support and I’m here to help. Second … I’ve worked with kids & parents who are in serious patterns of power struggles & revenge misbehaviors … and helped them do complete 180’s in their homes. THIS STUFF WORKS … if you’re willing to learn, have an open heart & do the work!
How do I access the info?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your Fresh Start Family Account with all of the files and videos that come with this program.
What if I'm not tech savvy?
All you need is good wi-fi, the ability to check emails & click a few links. YOU CAN DO THIS!
What if I decide this isn't for me?
I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. If you purchase & then decide this program is not for you … no worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I’m obsessed with serving families with ALL my heart so they can get massive results – have a suggestion? Give me your thoughts, tell me what you need to find success, I’m ALWAYS open
What if I need more support?
No problem, we’re always here to support you. Email me at [email protected] or click HERE for our common questions page

Here’s the truth …

There’s a difference between investments & expenses
& The foundations course is an investment in your family legacy.

I hope you’re excited as I am to prioritize your family, your health & your relationships so you can live each day to the fullest … experiencing joy, confidence & contentment … even through the messy moments & challenging stages.

Are you ready to experience radical shifts in your home where connection over correction becomes your norm?

Are you ready to finally feel confident that you know what to do, even when you’re wildly triggered by your kids’ misbehavior?

Are you ready to know how to show compassion AND be firm at the same time when it comes to ALL walks of your parenting life, even discipline?

Yes you are … and I’m here waiting with open arms to welcome you into the Foundations Course.

As a Foundations Course Graduate


A CONFIDENT GAMEPLAN & step by step plan of action to create a strong family foundation built on trust, cooperation, connection, respect & firm-kindness … while living daily as a parent with a healthy mind who takes healthy actions & who has healthy – deeply connected relationships with your kids (and spouse)!

(Without spending a gazillion dollars on future therapist sessions for your child or yourself … or future holidays alone because the stress of parenting has wrecked havoc on your relationships, health & life)
I spent this last weekend finishing up the foundations course with my husband! I feel so empowered!!! I have made a diligent effort the past few days to be conscious in my actions and words with my 3.5 year old son and have seen a SIGNIFICANT difference overall in our interactions, his behavior, my mood and how we have handled not so great moments. I am thankful to have found Fresh Start Family and to be learning and growing each day alongside my kids!
Jaime P

Are you ready to experience radical positive transformation in your heart & home?
(I know you are momma)


Get excited about learning a new way … let’s hang out & get your family to higher ground.

Join me in The Foundations Course and I’ll provide everything you need to take immediate action (results now), stay consistent, stay motivated, and stay on track with your daily Powerful Positive Parenting efforts – no matter how busy or stressed you are.


{$1997 value}

Discipline Planning Guide

{$129 value}

Proactive Planning Success Worksheet

{$119 value}

Pathway to Decreasing Pushback Planning Tool

{$129 value}

Recipe for Success Tracker

{$111 value}

Magic Connection Generator

{$129 value}

Understanding Root Causes of Misbehavior Framework

{$129 value}

The Firm & Kind Limit Setting Model

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4 Secrets to Firm & Kind Discipline Printable

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‘Say This, Not That’ Cheat Sheet

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