Imagine this:

Your kids are listening & cooperating with you consistently.

AND … you didn’t have to resort to yelling, threats & bribery! (Heck YES!)
How good would that feel?

Most caring parents like you know the importance of being a strong leader in your home AND want to have healthy relationships with your kids while building a solid family foundation based on respect, trust & cooperation …

but there’s a BIG disconnect happening in your daily life …

And it feels heartbreaking.


Parenting for you hasn’t been what you imagined & has you exhausted, frustrated & worried, instead of joyful & confident.

You’re sick & tired of relying on threats & raising your voice to get your kids to listen..

You’re stuck in a “Groundhog’s Day” cycle because you’ve inherited an outdated parenting model that no longer works to influence kids to listen & cooperate well. Plus … you are raising kids that are different & part of a new generation.

I’ve been there before too, so I totally get it.

A decade ago, I found myself in the pits of parenting with a strong willed toddler, a colicky baby & worry about everything from “Is something wrong with my daughter if she literally pushes back about ev-ry-THANG” to “Why is this so hard, i must be doing something wrong – this much drama with a child can NOT be normal” to “How am I going to get through another day when all I want to do is run away & hide from my kids?”.

It feels slightly embarrassing to say all that, but it’s the truth.

My first 5 years of motherhood were rocky to say the least.

But the good news is that I found a simple solution that works for me & that works for other parents too … whether your kids are age 2 or age 12.

Introducing …

What it is:

A simple, easy to learn & apply – 4 step parenting process

Who it’s for:

Busy, stressed parents who want to expand their parenting toolkit so they can be truly at choice with how they enforce boundaries, handle pushback & follow through on rules.

So you can …

In just 60 minutes… you’ll have the knowledge and tools to… Set Firm Limits & stick to them consistently, with grace, connection & confidence!


Imagine learning a new way of firm (AND kind) parenting so you can end painful generational parenting cycles and create family legacies & memories YOU are proud of?

All while getting your kids to cooperate with your rules and boundaries with ease.

Parenting your kids with calm & confidence each day in a way that causes them to do what’s asked of them because they WANT to (not because they HAVE to) … because you’re helping to build essential life skills that have them behaving well & being respectful when you’re NOT looking!

Want A Sneak Peak?

A Simple Blueprint
& Step by Step Plan


Video Training on the 4 Step Fresh Start Family Firm & Kind Parenting Process – 60 minutes of powerful parenting instruction on how to set strong limits with our kids and stick to those rules & boundaries with consistency, confidence & connection.


Learning Guide – A 17 page PDF with detailed step by step support on how to apply the 4 Step Firm & Kind process, including examples & writing / brainstorming prompts for real life application & proactive preparation.


Printable Pack to make Teaching Kids Easy – 8 pages of templates & printables including the Empathy Engine Worksheet, Creative Choices Creator, Magic of Mistakes Model & Family Agreement Chart

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Become More Confident, Effective & Calm as a Parent


More trust & respect from your kids


Expect days to be joyful & full of memory making moments (no more – wishing your days away)

No More “I just don’t know what to do to get them to listen”


One of the most common objections I hear as a parenting educator & family life coach is: I would love to do things differently (I’m sick of threats, yelling, & punishing), if I just knew a better way.

Well … here it is.



5 new bonuses
“What if my spouse (or family) isn’t on board yet” Workshop

{$49 value}

Your answer to “will positive parenting really work if my husband is not supportive?”
  1. What to do
  2. What to say
  3. How to lead with integrity (& be confident in your vision for your family)
Implementation Calendar to carry out your learning plan

{$39 value}

If you’re worried on how to find the time for this learning … trust me, follow my plan & you’ll make it happen.
An easy to follow calendar to help you get through this Firm & Kind Blueprint Program within 7 days! Just picture – one week from now being on MUCH higher ground in your parenting walk. Ground where the sun is shining & the flowers are blooming!
Before / after journal prompt pages

{$29 value}

To help you celebrate your accomplishment and success after courageously choosing to get your family to higher ground.
A simple way to document your before feelings (get it out, remember you’re not alone – the despair, frustration, hopelessness, anger, irritation & blame does NOT need to stay present in your life) AND then the after feelings & thoughts (I can’t wait for you to get to this part where you get to experience your bravery & courage from saying yes to getting supported!)
Top tips to live in confidence each day as a parent (pdf)

{$19 value}

So you can start caring less about what others think & more about your own values as a parent
Babysitting (or grandparent) success kit (PDF)

{$39 value}

So you can actually enjoy yourself (instead of worry) when you leave the kids with a caretaker


Imagine moving through moments of pushback from your kiddos with integrity & success … where you hold strong to your limits AND show kindness & compassion to your child … resulting in everyone doing what they’re told AND feeling respected. Imagine those moments becoming your norm, day in & day out. Juggling parenthood like a calm, compassionate, and confdent boss!

Just picture how you’ll feel when …

  • Your days are filled with joy & pride when you lay your head on your pillow each night, knowing that you guided your kids towards great behavior with integrity & connection.
  • You know exactly what to do when your kids push back & say NO … instead of spinning out with anger & confusion … taking action with confidence to redirect misbehavior & stay firm with your limits.
  • You have confidence with the choices you are making in your parenting walk (even though your parents & friends may do things differently) … because you are getting massive results with your kids complying with your rules based on respect instead of intimidation.
  • You spend more time connecting than correcting your kids each day, banking joyful memories that you document with a smile in your mind & daily journal from “when the kids were little”
  • You fully understand how to proactively parent in ways that raise your kids’ desire to cooperate with your boundaries & your ability to stay firm with your boundaries.


Taking things away to threatening, forcing, bribing, rewarding, yelling, shaming, bickering, nagging, caving in … but it seems to just leads to more rebellion & pushback.

Or maybe you’ve tried just asking with kindness but they just don’t listen & you end up feeling permissive (like a doormat, not cool).

You’ve tried being super stern & telling them they HAVE to listen, but they don’t care & keep misbehaving (which is SO embarrassing, uggghhh).

You’ve tried threatening them that if they don’t listen then … 3 … 2 … 1 …. but you often don’t follow through & just end up feeling frustrated & irritated that you always HAVE to MAKE them behave

You’ve tried straight begging them to listen “Please please please just do what you’re asked”, but you end up feeling weak, like no one truly respects you.

You’ve tried literally forcing them to cooperate with your requests or rules (ever done the car seat squish?) … but you literally feel like a crazy person physically restraining a small, very strong human (while your nervous system is on fire with stress).

You’ve tried bribing & rewarding them with everything from jelly beans to toys at target but they still keep pulling the dogs tail and smacking their sister.

You’ve tried yelling as it seems like the ONLY thing that “works” to get them to listen, but raising your voice is exhausting & embarrassing you & just doesn’t feel right in your heart (plus, they STILL end up misbehaving again).

You’ve tried just caving in, maybe you’re being too hard on them? And then you realize that your kids are walking all over you & you literally have no control of these wild monkeys.

You’ve tried taking everything they love away, from desert to devices, to favorite toys & even hugs … but these punishments feel like CRAP when you implement them & they aren’t working long-term (because your kids keep doing the same stuff!)

You feel like time is “running out” and seriously that your family is going to implode if you don’t find help.


A NEW Way of Raising Kids based on trusted psychology, connection & strong leadership.


60 minute workshop on what the 4 step firm & kind process is & how to use it in your daily life

A case study of how one family who was knee deep in fear, force, bribery, rewards & stressed parenting, used this exact blueprint to completely transform their family

An easy to use template to create agreements with your kiddos that replace threats & WORK to increase compliance without fear

A powerful worksheet designed to help you transform mistakes from shameful events to learning opportunities

A tutorial & worksheet to build more connection & empathy into your daily interactions with your kids (leading to better behavior)

After learning the firm & kind process, my 3 year old son has made great progress! It’s now rare that he acts out toward his sister and is getting so much better at his demonstrating self control when he’s angry. Today, his teachers even told me “Whatever you are doing at home, it’s working!” and I know it’s the strategies and attitude that Fresh Start Family encouraged me to implement in our home!

Meaghan H.

So excited for all the small victories that are happening day in, day out in our home. They really do add up and I feel so proud. This group has been a life changer. It took the words /theories /strategies of positive parenting and helped me bring them to fruition in our day to day life as a family. Forever grateful!
Misty C.

I want to express how grateful I am for finding this work. I have been using the firm and kind process regularly & things in our home have improved greatly. I am also so grateful that we now know how to get through “misbehavior moments” with love, kindness and integrity! Thanks for everything Fresh Start Family!!!

Leanne C.

Unlike other complex and lengthy programs, the Firm & Kind Parenting Blueprint is a  modern, easy to follow four step formula to setting strong limits & sticking to them with consistency & connection, without relying on fear, force, bribery & rewards … So intentional, incredible & caring parents (that’s you) can end painful generational cycles of fear & force to create beautiful family legacies of mutual respect & trust they are proud of.

You deserve to have peace, joy, and confidence in your parenting walk.

Become the kind of parent who gets compliments at the park & sleeps well at night with …

A clear vision of how to set limits & stick to them consistently with kindness AND firmness

Ways to get creative when your kids push back or act like … well … children!

Tools that cause your kids to say “ok” instead of “no way”

Steps you can take to get the day done … with kids in tow, 10,000 things to do AND load of connection & joy with your children

… FOR ONLY $27!

Fresh Start Family has helped me understand that I can choose to find the joy in the messy & show up with integrity. I’ve learned from Wendy to listen with all my heart & how to be firm AND kind, as well as modeling forgiveness. In the past week alone, there have been some really really precious memories made thanks to my ability to parent by choice with effective, firm & kind parenting tools that Fresh Start Family has taught me. I feel like I am now free to choose how I respond to the challenges of parenting. Thank you Fresh Start Family for this gift.

Julie V.

A year ago I would have said being home 24/7 with the kids and wife during a world pandemic would have been a death sentence (or divorce material). It has actually been really pleasant, and it’s because my son has improved so much from the Fresh Start approach my wife took the lead on to implement in our home. The fun moments are more often and the blowouts are fewer and shorter lived. Thanks Wendy!
Brian M.

It has actually been MIRACULOUS the difference in my kids’ behaviors since I started working with Fresh Start Family. It’s ASTONISHING. My sons communicate so much better. My oldest child’s emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills have grown leaps and bounds in just a few months. I’m so grateful for Fresh Start Family!
Vania B.

Wondering Why You Should Trust me?

I get it, I’d be asking that same question, so let me tell you a bit more about me:

Insane Passion (Teaching this stuff is my serious jam!): I absolutely love helping families who struggle to find peace, joy, connection and ease in their days with their kids. Parents who are honest about the fact that having kids and knowing what to do with them is the hardest job they’ve ever faced in their life! I’m obsessed with serving families who desperately want to feel confident in their parenting approach and are totally over the guilt that comes at night after “losing their cool 15 times a day” (oh have I been there before!) is a true passion of mine!
I empower parents boldly & effectively: My goals are to make it easier for families to get solid, positive, effective parenting education and stay consistent in growing WITH our kids along each stage of the journey. Families who work with me expand their parenting toolkit & face each day with an empowered & creative mindset.

My training & credentials: I’m a certified parent educator registered with the International Network for Children and Families, as well as a certified family life coach, registered with Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching. I’ve used the same positive parenting & personal development / self-growth tools I now teach – in my own life to overcome anxiety, strained relationships with my kids, stressed days and intense misbehaviors.


Relatable, Open, Honest, Real: As a busy mom of two, I’ve used this exact curriculum to transform my life as a mom during the last decade of my life. The concepts I teach now are ONLY ones that I’ve personally tried in my own home with my own children so I KNOW they are insanely effective. When I teach, I tell real life stories of my where I’ve messed up & gotten off track … and also share authentic examples of what it looks like to apply Firm & Kind Parenting strategies in real life with 2 very strong willed kids & a nutso busy lifestyle.


I’ve helped families get MASSIVE results in their homes with positive parenting: I’ve worked with clients with every kind of kiddo imaginable, from ALL over the world (My Bonfire membership program has members from over 10 countries!) and I’ve seen what works & what doesn’t.


I’m not JUST a parenting coach (and definitely not one of those teachers who will tell you everything you’re doing wrong & that you need to do better & be better), but I am ALSO a life coach, professional encourager, accountability consultant, podcast show host, online course creator, business owner & the kind of person who will always make you feel seen, heard & understood (I’ve had clients beg me to move in with them many times, offered to make bracelets that say “What would Wendy do” and even had a Mom from the Ukraine name her baby after me!”). I’ve been working with families as a parenting educator since 2010 & I’ve literally taught positive parenting workshops, seminars & courses to thousands of families. I GET IT. (ummmmmm, yassssss, I am THE HELPER you’ve been searching for!).


I’m a KIND human. I deeply care about each & every family I work with and am committed to getting them results. I’m a momma to two young wild & wonderful munchkins + a business owner, best friend to my husband, ocean feign, lover of spicy margaritas, bulletproof coffee & dark chocolate and a giant fan of surfing and Jesus. I’ve created a “pinch me, is this really my reality” life where I get to help other families create the family of their dreams while also intentionally building my own dream family everyday. I spend my days feeling confident & powerful as a parent… while also being insanely close & connected to my kids – I want you to have that too.

I’m so grateful for having found Fresh Start Family. I can’t imagine how strained my relationship would be with my son by now had we not learned about positive parenting. Instead of shaming him for his poor behavior all the time, we are speaking life into him. We are telling him who he is in Christ and affirming the things he does well. We are looking for the good instead of only correcting the bad. And we are showing him a better way as we learn a better way.
Kayla R.

The education & support Wendy provides is meaningful and is making a difference in our home. She is so relatable because of her real world experience that she shares so openly & honestly through her teaching & coaching. Fresh Start Family helps me stay committed to growing into the husband and dad I need to be.

Brian H.

Thank you Fresh Start Family for this past 6 months! I know I am doing something right when Aubrie my 2 year old can tell I get frustrated or start raising my voice with my husband. She immediately tells me to take a deep breath! I have still so much to learn but so thankful for all that I’m learning!
Elsa U.


I host The Fresh Start Family Show, a feel good, helpful podcast for busy parents all about relationships & raising kids with integrity. I’m a relentless encourager & advocate for families and I create online programs that help parents end painful generational cycles by expanding their positive parenting toolkit, so they can create family legacies & memories they are proud of.

I believe parenthood is a marathon, not a sprint and that it takes a village to raise good humans. Parenthood is much too precious of a journey to spend struggling every day. I’m here to help you find more peace, more joy & more success in your daily parenting walk!

Whether we have a little or a lot in common, we are ALL brothers and sisters in this insane beautiful crazy community called parenthood and I know we’re going to become good friends. I can’t wait to get started encouraging & supporting you!


Fresh Start Family has helped me completely shift my mindset as a parent. Once I shifted my mind, I was able to get on my child’s level to be creative & problem solve (redirect) misbehavior effectively!

Sarah H.

I cannot express enough my gratitude for Fresh Start Family for helping strengthen my bond with my girls. I understand my kids so much better now after working with Wendy. To fully see what my kids are trying to express to me has made me more compassionate and a better communicator! There is nothing more important to me than trying my best as a mother to teach and guide my children to lead a life of integrity and Fresh Start Family has given me the tools and continued guidance to achieve it.

Inge A.

I’m beginning to realize what incredible resources Fresh Start Family provides, wow! I have had some really REALLY empowering moments since I first started implementing this work earlier this year. The moment I took MY first calming break was SO empowering!
Maddie R.

This is Right For You If…


You’d love to learn a new way of firm AND kind parenting so you can end painful generational parenting cycles and create family legacies YOU are proud of? All while getting your kids to comply with your rules and boundaries with ease.


You want to remember your years raising your littles as joyful, fun & filled with adventure. (even if you were exhausted & working your tail off)


Love imagining your kids coming home once they’re all grown up (& parents themselves) because they LOVE visiting you & have rock solid relationships as adults with you & others


If your heart is calling you to learn more as something just “doesn’t feel quite right” about the strategies you’re using every day to “make” your kids listen.


You want to raise good, kind humans (that other people compliment all the time & WANT to have visit)


You get excited about the idea of your kids growing up to have great relationships & marriages because you’ve taught them important life skills that set them up for success


You want to feel fulfilled on a daily basis from doing what your heart has called you to do & doing it WELL!

This is NOT for you if…

Deep down you don’t really give a damn about getting your family to higher ground or growing as a parent.
You are NOT an action-taker
You are not willing to show up & connect with your kids with humility & integrity.

You don’t think building a strong family foundation of trust, respect, connection & firm limits is important.

I know you want to spend your money wisely … I believe so deeply in this curriculum that I wanted to create something that’s the lowest price I’ve ever offered for a product of this size. Students & members of mine pay hundreds of dollars each year to work with me … but you can get my support and encouragement TODAY for only $27.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the strategies will be extremely happy with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee this will be a magic pill for every strife in your parenting walk, I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the program and the time and stress it will save you as a parent.

Of course, If you’re not happy with the program, I will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.


I’ve worked with thousands of parents just like you & I’ve seen what a difference it makes in their parenting legacies & I know it wouldn’t take many shifts to get you the results you’re looking for.


You have everything inside of you right now that you need to be your best parenting self, you just need a guide to help you take next steps, that’s me!


This is a simple process that you can implement in just a few minutes each day. You can do this!


This is a special offer AT $27 and will be going up in price in the near future. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different

I’ve been told that I’m a perfect mix between Brene Brown & Mother Theresa … (gosh I almost cried when I got this nice compliment!) … I’m full of life, fun to hang out with & dedicated to the success of my students. My heart is HUGE for families & best of all I GET PARENTS RESULTS!

Is this course only for parents with problems
This is not your parents parenting course. Don’t feel bad that you want help with Parenting. All Parents need help … the wise ones follow through with it.
What if I’m alone with no support?

It takes a village & the Fresh Start Family village will help you understand that you are NOT alone. Surround yourself with a supportive community, we’re here to help. I also lead a group membership program called The Bonfire that you can learn more about HERE & teach a FULL positive parenting program called The Foundations Course that you can learn about HERE (if you’re ready for more right now). **If your spouse is not on board “yet” – be sure to see the bonus I’m offering when you buy the Firm & Kind Blueprint today.

What if my kids are REALLY bad?

First off, you have to trust me, your kids aren’t broken & neither are you … you just need support and I’m here to help. Second … I’ve worked with kids & parents who are in serious patterns of power struggles & revenge misbehaviors … and helped them do complete 180’s in their homes. THIS STUFF WORKS … if you’re willing to learn, have an open heart & do the work!

How do I access the info?
You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, giving you the link to access your Fresh Start Family Account with all of the files and videos that come with this program.
When do I get access to the blueprint?

Immediately after purchase, you’ll be able to login & start your learning journey!

What if I’m not tech savvy?

All you need is good wi-fi, the ability to check emails & click a few links. YOU CAN DO THIS!

What if I decide this isn't for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. If you purchase & then decide this program is not for you … no worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I’m obsessed with serving families with ALL my heart so they can get massive results – have a suggestion? Give me your thoughts, tell me what you need to find success, I’m ALWAYS open

What if I need more support?

No problem, we’re always here to support you. Email me at [email protected] or click HERE for our common questions page.

Get started with the Firm & Kind Parenting Blueprint today!