Fresh Start Family Show Podcast Episodes at a Glance

by | September 27, 2022

Fresh Start Family Show Podcast Episodes at a Glance

by | September 27, 2022

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Fresh Start Family Show Podcast Episodes at a Glance


With more than 100 podcast episodes at your fingertips, all packed with powerful positive parenting education & family life-coaching encouragement – which one will you choose to listen to today?

Scan the below list to see which topic would be serve you today.

All episodes are timeless, so no matter what date or month you listen, you’ll benefit tremendously!

Episodes at a Glance

1. Wendy & Terry’s Positive Parenting Journey – Start here if you’re new to our show!

2. Parenting as a Team

3. Modeling & Teaching Self-Control to Kids

4. Influencing Skills with Pam Dunn

5. If Your Spouse is Not on Board…Yet

6. Revenge Misbehavior

7. Social & Emotional Literacy skills in the classroom with Sarah Wood

8. “I Am” Statements – Kids Episode (Hosted by Stella Snyder – 10)

9. 4 Categories of Misbehavior

10. Using Makeups & Redos to Replace Traditional Punishment

11. Self Reliance Skills – with Pam Dunn

12. Empowering the Power Kid

13. Growth Through Anger (For Moms Who Struggle with Rage or Anger)

14. Listening Intently to Your Kids to Build Connection & Increase Cooperation

15. The Power of “No”

16. Taking a Break From Bribery & Rewards

17. Redirecting Children’s Behavior – with Kathryn Kvols

18. Raising Athletes – with Susie Walton

19. Using Screens to Teach Self-Management – with Susie Walton

20. Positive Discipline to Foster Creative Solutions with Debbie Zeichner

21. Gender Roles & Working as a Team in Parenthood with Not Your Mother’s Podcast

22. Preventing Power Struggles

23. Dissolving Power Struggles

24. Handling Lying With Compassion & Effectiveness

25. It’s OK to Do Things Differently

26. Let’s Talk All Things Sensory in Kids with Wendy Bertagnole

27. How to Handle Resistance With the Ones We Love with Dan Sivils

28. The Most Important Life Skills to Teach Kids with Mama Marlaine

29. Bully-proofing Our Kids with Tracey Arlington

30. Parenting to Prevent Domestic Violence with Sara Afshari

31. Parenting #IRL – LIVE Coaching with Chrissy Powers

32. Punishment vs. Discipline

33. Mistakes Are Beautiful Opportunities to Learn

34. Influencing vs.Threatening

35. Connecting Through Art with Natalie Cruz

36. Self-Calming vs. Time-Outs

37. Mindful Living & Gentle Parenting with Nate and Jenna Strubhar

38. Parenting With Connection, Empowerment & Adventure with Calli Kelsay

39.7 Steps for Correction That Connect with Kathryn Kvols

40. Compassionate, Unified Kids in the Classroom & at Home with Maggie Macaulay

41. “Why I Yell” – How To Identify “Protection” Behaviors with Christy Deniston

42. The Path to Resiliency Through Challenging Situations with Oleg Lougheed

43. Understanding Your Sensitive/Intense Child (Sensory Processing) with Lynne Jackson

44. Escaping a Punishment Mindset

45. Social Emotional Literacy/Creating Radical Change to End Mass Shootings with Scarlett Lewis

46. Detaching From Tantrums with Love & Integrity with Joel Mitchell

47. Understanding Your Picky Eater with Alisha Grogan

48. Cultivating Joy in Your Home with with Rachel & Rich Van Kluyve

49. Using Self-Compassion to Transform Your Family with Shauna Shapiro

50. 5 Ways to Homeschool with Integrity During Quarantine

51. Quarantine Survival Guide with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

52. The Key To Empathy: Holding Space For Ourselves, Others & The World with Pam Dunn

53. Why I Didn’t Rebel-An Interview with Rebecca Lindenbach

54. Seeking to Understand–One Mama’s Journey to Navigate OCD & Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Stephanie Lent

55. Releasing Trauma & Anxiety with Chrissy Powers

56. You Can Do Hard Things

57. 4 Ways You Can Practice Firm & Kind Parenting

58. Raising Kids to Erase Racism

59. How to Make Discipline Both Compassionate & Effective with Jim & Lynn Jackson

60. Navigating Doubts & Triggers for Dads with Jim Jackson

61. How Routines Can Shift Families From Chaos to Calm with Marlene Spence

62. Handling Sibling Conflict With integrity & Connection with Hannah & Kelty from Upbringing

63. Using Connection & Vulnerability to Influence Our Kids

64. How to View Your Parenting Through New Shades

65. Triumphing Through Challenging Seasons & Grief with Eileen Robertson Hamra

66. How to Handle Challenging Behaviors & Kids with Kim Hopkins

67. The Power of Community to Help You Thrive as a Parent

68. Detaching from Kids’ Misbehaviors with Connection & Calm

69. Calm the Chaos with Organization with expert Kristi Clover

70. Dealing with Big Ugly Feelings with Michelle Kenney Carlson

71. Handing Children a Legacy of Justice & Righteousness with Dorena Williamson

72. Building a Culturally Diverse Home Through Books & Storytelling with Mijha Godfrey

73. Fear is Your Friend

74. Parenting as a Team so You Can Thrive as a Family with Tony and Liz Orozco

75. Helping Kids Move Beyond Aggression with Tosha Schore

76. Enduring Challenging Seasons in Your Parenting Walk with Grace

77. The Old Way of Parenting is Dead

78.  Preventing Abuse in our Kiddos’ Lives with Rosalia Rivera

79. Let’s Talk About Sex…with Sex-Ed Experts Dr. Shannon Deer & Kristin Dickerson

80. Working to Overcome Anxiety & Frustration in Kids Who Have ADHD, Autism or Learning Disabilities with Dr. Sharon Saline

81. How to Stay Connected While Keeping Boundaries and Limits with Modern Teens & Tweens with Sean Donahue

82. Learning Your Child’s Unique Language with Debbie Reber

83. Developing Identity Confidence in Mixed-Race Homes with Dr. Jennifer Noble

84. 3 Common Mistakes When Pulling Back on Screen Time with Lisa Honold

85. Parenting with a Humble Servant Heart

86. Battling Overwhelm in Your Parenting Journey One Step at a Time

87. Impacting Your Parenting Through Self-Care, Support, and Community

88. Fostering Deep Connections with Your Children with Dr. Justin Coulson 

89. It’s Ok to Be a Work in Progress with Dan Sivils 

90. Having Long Term Influence Through Faith and Harnessing Hope with Carlos Whittaker

91. Deepening Mother Daughter Relationships with Ann Dillard

92. Understanding Unique Sensory Profiles in Your Family with Jamie Chaves

93. Preventing Complex Trauma Patterns from Sabotaging Our Parenting with Roma Norriss

94. How to be the Safest Place for Our Kids with Vivek Patel

95. How to Make Mealtime more Peaceful with Our Kids with Rachel Rothman MS, RD, CLEC

96. Helping Kids Become Problem Solvers and Critical Thinkers Through Play and Literature with Drew Vernon

97. Parenting a Sensitive Child–How to Understand, Connect and Thrive with Jen Harrison

98. Inner Skills Every Parent Needs to Succeed: Why Parenting is a Learned Skill with Laine Lipsky

99. Emotional Triggers: When Kids Push our Buttons with Pam Dunn

100. All in The Family: 100th Episode Celebration with Special Guests Terrin and Stella Snyder

101. The Goal is NOT Fine! The 3 Most Important Life Skills to Teach Kids with Chazz Lewis 

102. The Power of Courage in Positive Parenting

103. The Most Powerful Non-Verbal Message We Can Give Our Kids with Ralphie Jacobs

104. Empowering Your Kids Through Charitable Giving with Carmen & Olivia Isaacs

105: Gratitude for our Kids Being our Greatest Teachers

106: Kids & Phones – What you Need to Know with Bill Brady

107: A Connected Christmas – FSF Gift Giving Guide

108. Modeling Positive Relationships with Food as a Parent with Mayuko Okai, Ms, RD

109. Handling Tantrums with Grace and Dignity with Dr. Rebecca Hershberg

110. How to End the “Blame Game” with Susie Walton

111. Re-Mothering Yourself with Grace and Compassion with Dr. Laura Froyen

112. How to Instill a Growth Mindset in Kids with Cori Grasley

113. 10 Communication Tips to Deepen Connection in Your Family

114. How the Enneagram Can Help you Parent Better with Callie Ammons

115. The Biggest Reason you are SO Hard on your Child

116. 3 Ways to Bring Mindfulness into Your Parenting & Home with Dr. Christopher Willard

117. Overcoming Default Parenting to Become a Healthy Leader in our Homes with Muriel Wiesner

118. Hidden Sensory Issues that Parents Often Miss with Alisha Grogan

119. 3 Ways to Co-Parent & Find Joy Past Divorce with Dr. Elizabeth Cohen

120. Attachment Parenting from a New Perspective with Bethany Saltman

121. Being Responsive vs Reactive when your Kids Trigger you with Susan Stiffelman

122. Why Connection Through Discipline is SO Important with Chad Hayenga

123. Parenting without Punishment with Tanya Camps

124. Embracing Fear & Wonder in Discipline

125. 6 Important Messages to Send Kids When Disciplining

126. Finding Joy in Self Care & Why Moms Struggle to Prioritize Themselves

127. Momtuition: The Importance of Trusting Your Momma Instincts with Nicole Holcomb

128. Exchanging and Overextended Life For a Well-Rested One with Deanna Mason

129. Building A More Peaceful Home for Our Families with Jeanne-Paynel

130. The Benefits of Spirituality for Kids with Jon Ogden

131. The Importance of Curiosity as Parents with Hunter Clarke-Fields

132. Helping Kids Handle Change and Uncertainty with Sara Olsher

133. Our Greatest Superpower as Parents: Empathy with Jason Kreidman

134. 7 Ways to Make a Difference in a Hurting World with Wendy & Terry

135. How to Get What You Want (Without Complaining) with Pam Dunn

136. 6 Ways to Become an Empowered Parent with Philip Anderson and Bruce Hymas

137. Relishing in the Fruits of the Spirit in our Parenting Walk with Christina Dronen

138. How to Set Boundaries with Spicy Kids with Mary Van Geffen

139. The Secret to Raising Happy, Healthy Kids with Dr. Pamela Ellis

What if you could be an effective, firm & kind parent WITHOUT relying on fear, force, bribery & rewards?


Parenting your kids with calmness & confidence each day in a way that causes them to do what’s asked of them because they WANT to (not because they HAVE to) … because you’re helping to build essential life skills that have them behaving well & being respectful when you’re NOT looking!

The Firm & Kind Parenting Blueprint is your step by step plan & video training to help you build the family of your dreams.

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