“Effective / Grace Filled Discipline” Bundle


Includes a pack of 3 lessons: Discipline that Unites / A Gazillion Discipline Ideas / Silver Linings

Just imagine …

>>> what it would feel like to be filled with endless creative ideas for ways to discipline with compassion.

>>> not having to use fear & force (yelling, threats, intimidation, etc.) to correct a behavior but instead connection, integrity & even FUN.

>>> how light you will feel with so many options available to you and a heart & mind filled with creative ideas, no matter what kind of challenging misbehavior you need to redirect.

Got a clear, light filled vision in your head?

Yes? … Hooray!

Keep that vision clear & at the forefront & then make it happen with this lesson bundle that will help you make that vision come true!

Inside this lesson bundle, I share my huge toolkit of discipline ideas, strategies & stories that I’ve personally used over the last decade to discipline my own two kids (and mentor parents from around the world) with loads of grace & incredible effectiveness.

You’ll learn how to practice compassionate discipline (vs. traditional punishment) on a deeply “fluent” level, so you can become much more confident as a parent!


Discipline that Unites Lesson

  • Video Lesson: a 45 Minute Lesson on Compassionate & Effective Discipline including education about the difference between traditional punishments based in external controls & effective discipline based in teaching kids to have intrinsic controls.
    • How to implement calming breaks with success
    • Using natural consequences to teach important life lessons without having to get involved
    • Steps to create logical consequences that are related, teach responsibility, are respectful & reasonable … and work with kids of all ages!
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity: 
    • A learning guide & worksheet that will help you design healthy & effective logical consequences and an activity that is one of my favorite logical consequences & a great way to unite your family as a team

A Gazillion Discipline Ideas Lesson

  • Video Lesson – a 55 min. lesson loaded with a gazillion different compassionate discipline tools, strategies & stories from my own personal motherhood journey plus experience helping hundreds of parents from all over the world.
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity
    • Mistakes are opportunities to learn worksheet and a self calming ‘stop sign’ activity that make GREAT logical consequences or just general family team building activities.

Silver Linings Lesson

  • Video Lesson – a 30 min. lesson focused on seeing the beauty amidst the mess, the lessons learned from mistakes & the silver linings in the dark clouds.
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity: 
    • How to have a mistake party (to help everyone in the family remember that mistakes are simply opportunities to learn) and also a fun family recipe to cook “cloud cookies” together in order to mentor kids on the fact that silver linings usually do shine through (no matter how messy a situation is) if you look for them.