“Helping Siblings Get Along” Lesson Bundle


Sibling Drama & Parental Detachment & Misbehavior Prevention

This bundle will help you set a strong intention to mentor / support / empower your kids when they are experiencing sibling / relationship conflict (vs. rescuing, fixing, forcing, controlling).

Doing this builds up your kids’ intrinsic control methods so you can teach your kids to control themselves (instead of staying in the exhausted cycle of trying to always control them – phew I know from experience that it doesn’t work!).

You’ll also learn how to effectively detach from drama & be guided to effectively decipher what is your problem (as a parent) and what is not (that your kids can work out on their own!).

Prevention strategies are taught to help you make agreements & stick to firm limits, especially around sibling squabbles in your home.

Here’s what this 3 pack lesson bundle includes:

Sibling Drama

  • Video Lesson: 60 + minutes of guidance on what sibling dethronement looks like, where it shows up & how to navigate sibling conflict with mentorship, support & empowerment (vs. fixing / forcing / etc.) so kids learn to solve their own problems without hurting one another.
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity: file link 
    • Family Worksheet: A life changing tool to help you practice & teach peaceful conflict resolution
    • Success Planning Activity: A fun craft to help your kids “honor each other’s hearts”, even amidst arguments & disagreements.



  • Video Lesson – 55 minutes of support all about how we can effectively detach from our kids’ emotions, meltdowns, tantrums & misbehavior … while also staying deeply connected … even when situations get suuuuuper messy! You’ll learn to “let go” & not attach to sibling drama / misbehavior without ignoring or avoiding your kiddos. Plus, I’ll teach you what to do when things get physical (yikes – I know how triggering that can be parents, you’re not alone!)​
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity: 
    • Family Worksheet: Positive affirmations to help you stay in a goal focused state of mind (vs. a scarcity mindset that keeps you stuck).
    • Success Planning Activity: A 2 week gratitude exercise to help you maintain an abundance mindset and to help you seek the good & beautiful in every day with your kids.



  • Video Lesson – 45 minutes of education on ways to be preventative in our day to day parenting walk with our little ones (to avoid misbehavior & stressful situations). A HUGE part of positive parenting curriculum is learning from our mistakes … the messes … the unhealthy patterns, the meltdowns AND the failures. Acknowledging what went wrong and how we can prevent the same thing from happening again in our parenting walk and family life is key.
  • Also Includes Family Worksheet & Success Planning Activity + an Intention to Help you Stay Focused: 
    • Family Activity: A fun recipe that will teach your kids how to care for fruit properly and prevent berries from turning bad, giving you the opportunity to teach about & practice the concept of prevention with the whole family
    • Success Planning Challenge: Ideas to help prioritize healthy bedtimes in order to prevent meltdowns & misbehavior