“How to Be a Cool, Calm Parent” Lesson Bundle


Includes a pack of 2 lessons: Peace / Detachment

Imagine waking up each day feeling peaceful & totally confident that you can bring calm to your home, even if chaos ensues. Instead of getting sucked into the emotional drama of the day, you know how to detach from your kids without ignoring them. You develop the ability to be rooted in who you are & your innate value as a parent … and nothing disturbs that because you’ve spent time building your detachment muscles!

All of this is possible with the “How to Be a Cool, Calm Parent” Bundle!

Invest in this lesson pack today to build peace in your heart, home & daily parenting walk, yes please!


Includes a pack of 2 lessons:


  • Video Lesson – A quick & easy to finish ½ hour of power packed encouragement to seek peace in our homes & be a peacemaker of the world … humility, empathy, listening, detachment, self-confidence, peaceful conflict resolution, bending with parameters, & lots more! This concise, yet powerful lesson is thought provoking & will inspire you deeply!
  • Learning Activity – A cooking activity that will unite you with your kids & have your kinesthetic kids (who love to move, touch, bend, squish, etc.) smiling ear to ear as you teach all about peaceful conflict resolution.
    • Plus … a win / win template to practice with your children how they can state how they feel & ask for what they want, always with respect so they are adding peace to the family as an important contributing team member!


  • Video Lesson – 55 min. of support all about how we can effectively detach from our kids’ emotions, meltdowns, tantrums & misbehavior … while also staying deeply connected … even when situations get suuuuuper messy!
    • Encouraging words of support to help you “let go” without ignoring or avoiding your kiddos.
    • Education about how detachment is not the absence of love, but the ability to take care of yourself in the midst of someone else’s choices.
  • Learning Activity – Positive affirmations & a 2 week gratitude practice to help you maintain an abundance mindset and to help you seek the good & beautiful in every day.

A bit more about what’s included in this bundle:

About Detachment: 

We all know detaching from our kids when they are melting down, being disrespectful, feeling sad (or hurt) or fighting with their siblings can be easier said than done, but my goodness is it important! Inside this lesson bundle, we’re taking a deep dive into why it’s so important & how we can practice building our detachment muscles every day as we raise our little human souls.

Detachment with love means caring enough about others to allow them to learn from their mistakes.

It is MUCH different than avoiding or ignoring because we aim to stay connected with an open, caring heart … while also being deeply rooted in our self-care.

Detachment helps us remain responsible for our own happiness & health … and happens when we make decisions without hidden motives to control our kids or loved ones.

Detachment with love plants the seeds of helping kids to:

  • solve their own problems
  • take responsibility for their own actions mistakes (with-out shame)
  • understand that they are NOT responsible for making other people happy or fixing other people’s problems (so important!)

The key to healthy detachment is to stay connected, while also practicing self-calming & holding space (for ourselves & them).

Since feeling bad or freaking out about a situation often does little to create sustainable long-term change in our kids or any unwanted situation in question … bringing calm to chaos through healthy detachment works incredibly well to hold firm to boundaries while also empowering our kids to take care of themselves & believe in their own abilities to solve problems, process emotions & make amends.


About Peace: 

When each of us puts time into intentionally practicing peace in our parenting, building peace into our daily lives and teaching about the power of peace to our kids, we help make the world a better place.

Pressing into peace is an incredible mission for every family, but what if you feel like your home is ANYTHING than peaceful right now?

Start small and trust in positive parenting tools to help you gain more strength in leading and guiding your kids with gentle, respectful power. As an incredible leader of your home, there are so many things that you can do to guide your family towards the peace you are seeking.

Softening our hearts to be nimble, open and humble is an important part of keeping peace at the forefront of our long – term goals for our family.

As captains at sea (so to speak), we always want to make sure we’re looking long term to where our prized destination is and why we want to land there (vs. focusing on the intense storms & rocky waves that we often have to persevere through).

Keeping our focus on land helps keep us steady to not get sea sick from the chaos and commotion of the big waves. It also helps remind us why we’re sailing this ship to begin with! Only Humility will Lead us to Unity , and Unity to Peace. Only Humility will Lead us to Unity , and Unity to Peace. –

Here at Fresh Start Family, we believe in following our moral compasses (our hearts) to raise kind, respectful and strong humans who care about spreading peace in our world, becoming bold, respectful leaders and contributing to society in a way that spreads light and love. Practicing empathy and listening to our kids (even when we think we know all the answers and it’s easier to place judgment) stretches us in the most incredible ways to grow in our own ability to show compassion & grace to others.

Setting strong boundaries in our homes is an important part of this work as it sets us up for success to teach our kids that rules exist for good, not just to make their life difficult. However, sometimes it’s important to “bend with parameters” as our kids grow bigger, taller, wiser and more mature. Incorporating things like peaceful conflict resolution teach our kids that life is not always black or white, my way or the high way…sometimes you have to meet others in the middle.

Working together feels good but takes practice. As you listen to this bundle including the lesson on peace,, keep your heart open and commit to making it a priority in your daily parenting walk.

As Mother Theresa says so beautifully, “Only Humility Leads us to Unity…and Unity to Peace”. It’s such a beautiful reminder that keeping ourselves humble as parents is a GOOD thing and doesn’t make us weak or permissive, just nimble and open to learning!