Overcoming Default Mode Masterclass


This Program Will Show You EXACTLY How To SHAKE toxic thought & action patterns so you can parent confidently with firmness AND kindness.

I’ll share the exact strategies I’ve used in my own parenting journey to shed limiting beliefs & reactive tendencies … to build a rock solid family foundation built on trust, mutual respect, cooperation, unconditional love AND a day to day parenting practice resulting in kids who listen & cooperate well (without having to be threatened, intimidated, bribed or rewarded)!

>> Perfect For Parents who want to break painful generational cycles of reactive behavior and build family legacies & memories they are proud of.

You’ll gain knowledge of where you’re operating out of habit & “hand me down” tactics … and how to trade default behaviors for intentional effective parenting strategies that harness the power of self-control, internal-regulation, healthy emotion processing, modeling & powerful influence (vs. force).

Once you have a new game plan in place on how to lay the smackdown on knee-jerk reactions & habitual cycles … you’ll be equipped with tools to stay in a “learning state of mind” & successful application mode — so you don’t revert to fixing, yelling, controlling, bribing, freaking out style of mom life that literally sucks the joy out of your days (trust me, been there before!).

The program consist of 7 lessons that look like this:

(image of all the graphics representing each module – if room – if not no worries can just skip)

1 – The Learning (vs. protection) Behaviors Model & why it matters to you as a parent
I’ll walk you through the key contributors that cause us to have “default” behaviors like yelling, snapping, fixing, controlling, overpowering, intimidating, retreating, giving up, hurting, etc. You’ll learn what questions to ask yourself to help stay in a curious, empowered & positive state of mind as a parent, even when you feel triggered & challenged by misbehavior.

2 – The exact 10 phrases I say (or tell yourself) to stop myself from yelling

You’ll learn powerful replacements for the standard parenting phrases that usually come out as intense screams that rattle your nerves & leave you feeling irritated & annoyed. With a “new way”, you’ll still be able to express firm leadership while ALSO being respectful and calm. Phew, cause yelling suckkkkkksss! Ya feel me?

3 – Taking a break from Reactive Parenting (to make room for Responsive Parenting)
Next, we’ll look at THE MOST IMPORTANT tool that will help you be calm, intentional, creative & effective as a parent instead of volatile, reactive & overbearing! I’ll give you examples of knee-jerk reactions that are common in our parenting walks … and how to break the habit.

4 – How to take a break from the intimidation instinctual response
You’ll learn why fear doesn’t work long term to influence great behavior in kids & how to get out of a habit of “scaring” your children into compliance through threats or intimidation. (cause – effect – desired results)

5 – When you’re tempted to overpower (what to do instead)
Let’s face it, we ALL love to feel powerful and sometimes overpowering an unruly kid seems like the only option … but it’s not (thank God!). I’ll teach you the #1 reason you want to start pulling back on overpowering (hint – it involves leading the next generation of leaders!) & how to identify power struggles (so you can know how to sidestep them like a boss!).

6 – Self-control strategies when you’re tempted to grab, hit or be too rough
I’ll help you fill your toolkit with healthy emotion processing strategies that WORK to de-esculate your super-charged emotions so you don’t do something you regret, but instead, take firm, kind, effective action to teach important life lessons & redirect misbehavior with integrity.

7 – 3 strategies to combat negative self-talk & self-induced shame
Brene Brown did it! She proved to us that beating ourselves up just does NOT work to make us better humans, let alone better parents. I’ll teach you how to take self-sabotage (I’m a horrible mom, Why don’t I know how to handle this better? I’m seriously screwing up my kids. I’ll never be able to change) & turn it into self-compassion so you can then extend the same grace to your kids.

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