Private Voxer Coaching


Voxer app coaching is like having a coach “in your pocket.” You would be able to send instant voice messages and receive a response in a timely manner, rather than waiting for a scheduled coaching session. This is a great option for real time situations & support. The 60 minutes will be used when needed instead of being used at one time during a single session.

Hours: Within business hours, M-F (6:00am – 12:00pm PT for Courtney) and (9:00am – 3:00pm PT for Amy) will typically have a response time of 1-4 hours


  • Guaranteed to return Vox within 24 hours, including weekends
  • The hour of coaching includes both outgoing and incoming voice messages – a cumulative time between coach & client
  • Client can ask an unlimited amount of questions within their hour of purchased time
  • Coach will make initial contact via email to get client set up on & connected on the Voxer app
  • Client will need to download the free Voxer app
  • Time of coaching session will begin once client sends first Vox
  • Client will have one month from the beginning of the session to use the purchased amount of coaching time



Courtney is a Certified Positive Parenting Educator in the Fresh Start Family Approach (2021) with a degree in Elementary Education (2008) & Certified in Early Childhood Education (2017). Her passion has always been to help others & inspire them to reach their fullest potential. She is a mom of 2 boys & has been applying this work in her home since 2017. She loves to help the family as a whole, supporting parents in teaching their children about social emotional learning. She believes it is essential that our children be equipped with knowledge & tools in areas of emotional literacy, self control, self regulation, conflict resolution, self esteem, growth mindset…the list could go on! She is passionate about being a part of this incredible movement to raise this generation of children with respect & compassion while focusing on relationships & connection.



Amy is a Positive Parenting Educator, certified in Redirecting Children’s Behavior through the International Network for Children and Families (2019) and in Wendy Snyder’s Fresh Start Family approach (2021). She is passionate about helping families find a peaceful rhythm in their homes by educating them about behaviors and redirection that is essential for growth and change. This is the ultimate path toward love, connection, and harmony in the home.
Mama to two boys, she has been applying this work in her home since 2017 and is amazed at the results that have yielded in just a few years of using positive parenting. She wholly believes that it is never too late to make a powerful and lasting change in your family!