“Rules + Relationship = Respect” Lesson Bundle


Relationships / Embracing Uniqueness

Wouldn’t you love to be able to Embrace Uniqueness in your kids, even those personality traits that are often hard to see the positive in? This bundle will help you take note of your kids’ strengths (& really acknowledge them) while also getting creative on how we can support our kids in areas they need to grow (while trying not to rescue them or FORCE them to change).

When kids FEEL supported, they react a whole lot better to our guidance then when we take the angle that they NEED to change or HAVE to change (or else…..!).

The video lessons inside this bundle is loaded with mindset shifts & positive parenting tools we can use to teach our kids (that honor how they learn the best!).

Plus … you’ll learn about just how important relationships is if you want to have kids that listen well & cooperate great while also building the family foundation of your dreams.

The dream we all had >> to have a family life we LOVE >>  (before we actually had little mini humans) isn’t silly, or gone, or unrealistic just because we’re facing some challenges in the parenting realm.

It’s still alive & in this lesson bundle, we’re going to take a big step to make sure we’re prioritizing what matters most to get us back on track … Relationships!

Embracing Uniqueness

  • Video Lesson – a 45 minute lesson to support you in truly believing that ALL of our children were designed perfectly. God didn’t create them all the same because he didn’t want humanity to be robots, but instead humans…each with their own unique heart, brain & soul. ALL of our kiddos were designed to contribute to our world in their own unique way, so it’s important we learn to acknowledge what traits they’ve been gifted with and build them UP so they can use them in the best way possible. Doing this fills their need to feel valued, powerful & like they belong … all of which decrease misbehavior when those basic needs are met!
  • Learning Activity + Printable – This incredible teambuilding activity will give you the opportunity to build personal value statements with member of your family, so your kids (and you) are rooted in who you are in your best moments (not your worst).
    • Includes an “I am statement” template to help make this project easy & quick, but immensely effective!
    • Plus, a cooking recipe which will let everyone in the family make their own creation – an opportunity to teach about how much you value each of your kids’ uniqueness!


  • Video Lesson – a powerful lesson to help you understand tactical ways you can build UP a strong relationship with your kids AND be a firm, kind leader in your home. You’ll learn strategies to help you feel closer to your kids while at the same time being able to influence them with greater integrity because rules + relationships = respect!
  • Learning / Teambuilding Activity + Printable – a few recipes for success that will bring you closer with your kids AND are guaranteed to bring loads of run into your relationship because trust me parents, if you can have fun with your kids, your relationship WILL be strengthened!
    • Plus … you’ll learn about the scientific proof behind why relationships are the most important key driver of wellness in all of our lives. Investing NOW in the relationship with your kids will be an investment in your family legacy and will pay off tenfold in future years.