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15 Reasons Why a Positive Parenting Class Will Change Your Life! ~ Reason 10

Wendy Snyder

Funny thing...I attended a really great networking event this morning and while telling someone about my business, they replied "Wow...great business, do you have kids? Guess you're really good at practicing what you preach?". I had to laugh because honestly, the answer is, I'm just ok, and often days, actually horrible.

So with that said, I always tell my students on day one that despite the hundreds of hours I've spent in RCB classes, self-growth courses, and instructor training, I STILL often fail miserably at execution of positive parenting principles. See, the thing is, it takes a LOT of practice to see success when trying different approaches to parenthood. I mean a LOT! But this doesn't mean it's not worth the effort. In my heart, I know more than anything, that I want to see my children in a positive light (always) and react in a certain way (no matter what the situation) AND have a close relationship with my kids based on trust & respect, so when I make a mistake and yell, or ridicule, I realize that perfection is not the goal. When I make a mistake these days, I realize it right away and I quickly start planning how I can make amends with my children and try hard not to make the same mistake tomorrow. It doesn't mean that I will have perfect execution the next time, but it does mean that I will try.

Redirecting Children's Behavior teaches us to persevere, even when we think something "will never work". I can tell you FOR SURE that feeling success after failing a few times, is an incredible feeling because not only have you succeeded, but you've also persevered! For a long time, I had a hard time mentoring my children through a win/win exercise when they were having a major battle. I just couldn't muster up the patience or justify the time it took to assist them till THEY worked it out. I always wanted to jump to overpowering them and solving the issue for them. When I finally was able to endure the entire process and SEE the success of the win/win really working, I was on could nine and so were my kids. High fives were flowing and relationships were strengthened instead of strained. Perseverance = results!

Being together with other parents who share stories of successes & failures help everyone feel human and not alone. We all need some cheerleaders in our life, no matter what game we're in!

Join me for my next Redirecting Children's Behavior Class starting either Sept. 18th ( Playwerx or Oct. 8th (Aspirations School of Learning Hope to see you there


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