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15 Reasons Why a Positive Parenting Class Will Change Your Life - Reason 12

Wendy Snyder

Is there a way to empower kids to have a stronger, more confident voice, while also increasing their desire to respect rules and others? YES! It's called "peaceful conflict resolution" and it's an incredibly easy concept. Parents & children learn to have a simple exchange about how they feel and what they want, then learn to create a resolution together. Both parties are respected and no one feels over-powered in the end. It works incredibly well once you master it and kids LOVE it (as well as parents too because the problem goes away!).

Mastering it however...well, that is a little tougher. Why? Because change takes a long time and most of the time, we quickly revert back to what we know or were raised with. I'll talk about the process of seeing through this "transition phase of change" on another post, but for now, just know that this concept, just like anything else, takes lots and lots of practice. Once you see some Win/Wins work successfully, it's a lot easier to keep the ball rolling and keep practicing the concept. It's the beginning that is often the hardest to trust in the process and see it through (at least for me it was!)

So come on out & learn more about what Peaceful Conflict Resolution is and how you can teach your whole family to use it for all problems, small and big!

Join me for my next Redirecting Children's Behavior Class starting either Sept. 18th (Playwerx) or Oct. 8th (Aspirations School of Learning). Hope to see you there!


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