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Holiday Photos

Wendy Snyder

In LOVE with how Anna Clevenger (Anna Clevenger Photography) captured with images our little wild & wonderful family last weekend! She really got "us" and seemed to understand so easily the type of imagery we wanted. (Think...outside the box, silly, fun, unrestrained!)

We hadn't taken family photos in a few years because honestly, they can sometimes be a daunting task. An hour or two trying to look your best, while getting youngsters to smile (instead of pick their nose) and just be NORMAL is enough to drive anyone straight to the bar! So for the last few years, we skipped the formal session and just did our own photos. Those photos are always great, but I had forgotten how powerful professional photography really is. 

When you capture a few really great beautiful shots of your kids, it's kind of like that same feeling when you tip-toe in after they are asleep (sound asleep!), slow down for a minute and remember just what a miracle you have before you. That perfect image, when they're perfectly still and perfectly illuminated by beautiful light helps you to really see them for exactly who they are....all the goodness that makes up their unique and amazing little personalities. So Anna really nailed it with these two of my munchkins and honestly had me in tears when I saw them....and that is DEFINITELY worth the quick 45 minutes we spent chasing after them and keeping them from rolling in the dirt! Plus she was so patient, fun, and light-hearted, and my kids LOVED her! 

One thing I have learned over the years is that casual is best for our family and if we can find a place where my kids can run, play, climb and just be kids, the shoots go best. Props always helps too and Anna brought the best ones! I've also learned not to make the outfit an argument and just let the kids be themselves. Sure, lay out a few choices and encourage them to choose one, but take a deep breath and be ok if they go a little nuts with print on print on PRINT! or demand to wear the princess dress you were praying they didn't find in the laundry. Having a smooth hour before the shoot is just as important as keeping it light during the shoot. Basically in a nutshell...relax, laugh and just smile....and the images will come out great!  

Excited to get these printed and get going on Christmas cards, which are now one of my favorite parts of the holidays. (Stay tuned for another post about my holiday card method later this week!) For now, check out Anna's website and mini session info (below) and I highly encourage you to book a session with her. You won't regret it!