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Family Highlight Series - Meet the Thompson Family

Wendy Snyder

Next Monday night, May 16th, I'll be teaching a positive parenting seminar in Carlsbad entitled "Creating Cooperative Families & Setting Limits Successfully". Won't you join me? Click here for the seminar flyer & here to register. 

To count down, over the next week, I'll be featuring some of my favorite families that I've had the privilege of teaching RCB to. These families have been so supportive and answered some questions about how completing a positive parenting class has helped their families learn and grow. If you've ever wondered how Positive Parenting support or instruction can help your family, I hope you enjoy this series. Real families, facing real parenting challenges (and joys) in day to day life, learning together and growing together. Thank you for your support Fresh Start families, you are all AMAZING!


Meet the Thompson Family....

Leslie Thompson is amazing. She juggles life with such grace and a smile, making everything look easy. In addition to parenting full-time, she also works her tail off as a super talented nanny while chasing her dream to be a nurse! She will start an intensive two year program at Palomar College this fall and is going to be the most amazing nurse as she has a natural gentleness and deep caring about others. Leslie is a dear friend of mine so I was so happy she joined me for a RCB class (years ago!). We've definitely been co-learners together through this crazy ride of parenting because we've always leaned on each other for advice and support when it comes to our kiddos. Aren't great pals the best? 

How has learning RCB changed the way you view parenting or your kids?

"I am definitely a more compassionate parent. I find myself pausing and thinking about my kiddos feelings in situations, rather than just reacting to "bad" behaviors. One day recently, my daughter was having a major meltdown in the car. It was after a long day, I was so frustrated and she was not responding to reason at all. I pulled over, I was so angry and planning on putting her in a time out on the sidewalk. I had a softening of the heart on the way to her door and instead took her out of the car and held her in my arms while those big angry feelings passed. She was tired too and hungry, she needed a hug and little love."

What tool from RCB would you say you use often with your kids? How does it help?

"Pause button! I am still working on this one, but it is the most beneficial! If I can pause and figure out the deeper meaning my child is trying to communicate, it can save us from a meltdown developing (from both my child and myself)."

What is your biggest challenge as a parent today?

"Parenting when I am tired. Remembering to take time for myself is so important. Also communicating where I am at to my children helps as well."

Has RCB helped you change your perspective of your kids misbehavior? If yes, how?

"Yes. I love the lesson that kids misbehavior is a form of communication and not an attack on the parents authority. It helps so much to remember this when the frustration sets in."

Was taking time out of your busy schedule to learn RCB beneficial for you & would you recommend it to other families?

"Yes it was very beneficial! I would definitely recommend this course to other families, it has changed our outlook and our lives."

Did being in community with other parents during the class bring awareness or comfort to you?

"I loved the weekly classes! Being able to discuss parenting issues with others and start each week with a pocket full of new tools was very uplifting and refreshing."

Did taking a parenting class & learning new positive discipline tools help you to feel at choice when teaching & disciplining your children?

"At first the tools seemed difficult, maybe even a little disingenuous, to actually implement. But by understanding and internalizing the concepts of communication, and with a little practice it became so easy and created more joy and trust between my children and I."