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Wendy Snyder

Tomorrow night, Monday, May 16th, I'll be teaching a positive parenting seminar in Carlsbad entitled "Creating Cooperative Families & Setting Limits Successfully". Won't you join me? Click here for the seminar flyer & here to register.

To lead up to the seminar, I'm featuring some of my favorite families that I've had the privilege of teaching RCB to. These families have been so supportive and answered some questions about how completing a positive parenting class has helped their families learn and grow. If you've ever wondered how Positive Parenting support or instruction can help your family, I hope you enjoy this series. Real families, facing real parenting challenges (and joys) in day to day life, learning together and growing together. Thank you for your support Fresh Start families, you are all AMAZING!


Meet the Filpi family...

What a blessing it has been to teach RCB to Jessica and Donavan Filpi! These two have such open hearts and a sincere desire to parent in a way that honors themselves, their faith & their two precious young sons. Together, they are an incredible team AND....they surf together (yes!). You know that saying..."a family that surfs together, stays together"....or is it "a family that learns RCB together stays together". Whichever it is : ) they are an incredible team and inspire me to give parenting my 150% effort. They are off to Kaui today (sans kids, yaay!) to celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary. Thank God for true love and wonderful couples like the Filpi's! Praying they get tons of good waves together this week, they deserve them!

-Please tell us a little bit about your RCB class experience and if/how the course has helped your family. 

"We absolutely loved the Fresh Start Parenting class with Wendy! The RCB book and course work, as well as the Jesus the Gentle Parent book, were wonderful tools in helping us to parent our two boys the way we want to - with grace, understanding, communication and love. We were already on board with the parenting philosophies this course is based on, but when parenting gets hard and kids go crazy, having the RCB tools and ideas to go to, rather than just trying to make it up in the heat of the moment or fall back on old habits, has been invaluable. Learning how to look at life and specific situations from our childrens' perspectives, rather than just our own, has helped us to be more understanding, sympathetic, and patient with our children. This paradigm shift is eye opening; and we need to do it daily! Rather than simply looking at how to make them do what we want right now (behavior modification), we now view our role as parents with more of an eternal perspective. It is more about building a relationship, loving and discipling them the way Jesus does with us, and ultimately showing them Christ in us. Our heavenly Father, the perfect parent, is our role model. And since we are not perfect, we NEED courses like this to help us along in this crazy parenting journey! I would HIGHLY recommend this class!!"