Jesus Guided Parenting Course


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Jesus Guided Parenting is an online course for families wanting to learn more about Positive Parenting curriculum while looking to Jesus for guidance. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from the last decade from:

  • Being a student of scripture and daughter of God
  • The wonderful positive parenting programs of Redirecting Children’s Behavior & The Joy of Parenting
  • The hundreds of hours I’ve spent in parenting, life-coaching & bible-study classrooms both as a student and instructor
  • The multitude of families I’ve worked with who have seen their families transformed and strengthened by positive parenting & the gracious hand of our Heavenly Father

…to create one easy to navigate, concise yet powerful, and comprehensive parenting course. My own journey as a parent has been radically transformed by the tools and “ways of parenting” that Positive Parenting curriculum teaches and through this work, God has used my children to shape me in the most incredible ways. This program is going to help you understand the theory and psychology behind Positive Parenting curriculum, ways to keep Jesus at the forefront of our daily parenting walk, and also how to apply respectful, compassionate, firm and kind parenting methods into your own unique family life.