A Sneak Peak into 2018 (All the Goodness Fresh Start Family is Planning for You!)

by | December 29, 2017 | 0 comments

A Sneak Peak into 2018 (All the Goodness Fresh Start Family is Planning for You!)

by | December 29, 2017 | 0 comments

2018 is upon us! A new year ahead filled with fresh starts, new possibilities & endless opportunities.

I’ve always loved the transitions to new seasons. Something about the changing of weather, decorations, schedules and priorities that is so refreshing. Taking some time to say goodbye to 2017 (and anything we want to leave behind) and hello to a new year through creative & intentional planning is definitely a meaningful task I enjoy!

What are you some things or behaviors that you’d love to leave behind in 2017? And what are you looking forward to in 2018? Has anything been put on your heart as far as areas you need to grow in? Do you crave support with one particular part of parenting?

If increased peace, joy & connection in your home is on your list of important things to focus on in the new year, I’ve got you covered!

Here’s what’s in store for the next 12 months with Fresh Start Family. What an honor it is to guide, encourage & inspire you all to pour into your families.

Grab your calendar & choose a few courses to register for! Then mark your calendars so you can look forward to staying supported.


FREE Master Class to Kick off the New Year with Great Intention!

Sunday, January 21st, 2pm pacific

4 POWERFUL Mindset Shifts & Strategies Every Parent Can Implement into the New Year for Increased Joy, Peace, Resilience & Confidence

Click HERE to register


NEW MINI-COURSE: Jesus Guided Parenting

(estimated release date Feb. 25th).

An online mini-course for parents of Christian faith looking to be guided by Jesus and experience the fruits of the spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) throughout their parenting journey. This class will combine positive parenting curriculum with scripture guided inspiration to focus on connecting vs. correcting with our kids, forgiveness vs. shame, empathy vs. judgement, self-control vs. blame & grace vs. guilt.

4 WEEK CLASS: JGP at The Rock San Marcos

For local San Diego families, I’ll be teaching this class at my San Marcos home church, The Rock. Starting Feb. 1st, we’ll meet for four consecutive Thursday evenings from 6-8pm. This course will also have weekly discussion prints to serve as a wonderful small group study for families with littles looking to expand their hearts, learn new tools & strengthen their family, through the love, light & guidance of Christ. The cost is FREE! Learn more & register here. (free scripture art printable for all registrants!) 

SEMINAR: Hatched Collective – Saturday Feb. 24th – 10am-12:30pm
Strategies for a Happier Home – Tools to Reduce Power Struggles with Your Children

An empowering workshop for parents who want to stop butting heads with their kids in the new year with effective tools & powerful conflict resolution strategies.

For my local San Diego families, who want to experience deep learning in person, join me at the adorable creative studio Hatched Collective in South Park, San Diego. Grab a sitter, & your spouse (or bestie, mom, or neighbor) to come expand your heart & parenting toolkit. There’s a yummy coffee shop right next door making it easy to grab a latte & breakfast before you head into the workshop.

Click HERE to register.


FREE Master Class – The Secret Step To Ending Drama in Your Home (Plus 3 Powerful Ways to Get Out of Power Struggles Without Force!)

Sun. March 4th – 2pm.  Stay tuned for event invitation!

NEW MINI-COURSE: Reducing & Dissolving Power Struggles with Integrity

(estimated release date March 5th)

A two part online mini-course where families learn how to prevent power struggles proactively & then also how to dissolve them effectively when they arise. Parents who have a deep desire to diminish arguing, nagging, & fighting with their children will add a plethora of tools to their parenting toolkit that will effectively increase connection & harmony in their homes.


FREE Master Class – The 4 Secret Steps to Being Firm (& kind) with Boundaries & Rules

Sun. May 6th 2pm. Stay tuned for event invitation! 

NEW MINI-COURSE:​ Setting Limits & Sticking to Them Successfully

(estimated release date May 6th)

An important mini-course that empowers parents with specific action steps to take to create firm boundaries in their families and how to stay consistent in sticking to them, while also building cooperation in their home.


FREE Master Class – Understanding the Bully / Victim Paradigm (and The Habit Every Parent Needs to Take a Break From)

Sun. Sept. 9th – 2pm.  Stay tuned for event invitation! 

NEW MINI-COURSE: Bully-Proofing Your Kids

(estimated release date Sept. 10th)

​Parents learn how to empower their children to avoid falling into either the bully or victim paradigm, while building compassionate problem solving techniques for when situations do occur.


FREE Master Class – The Secret to Having Discipline Unite (Instead of Divide​) & the Important Mindset Shift Every Family Can Benefit From

Sun. Nov. 11th – 2pm. Stay tuned for event invitation!

NEW MINI-COURSE: Compassionate & Effective Discipline

(estimated release date Nov. 12th)​

In this mini-course, families are empowered with options to discipline with integrity so they can teach their children to take responsibility for their actions, practice repairing strained relationships, learn from their mistakes & change behaviors for tomorrow.


FREE Master Class – 3 Parenting Myths that Are Holding ​​You Back from Creating The Family of Your Dreams (& How to Replace Them!)

Sun. Dec. 2nd – 2pm. Stay tuned for event invitation!

NEW FULL COURSE: The Joy of Parenting!

I am absolutely thrilled to teach this course! I’ll be working hard throughout the year to bring you this comprehensive 4 Module Positive Parenting Class that is my absolute favorite!

The Joy of Parenting is a cutting edge parenting course designed by my dear friend & incredibly talented mentor Susie Walton. It is based on the culmination of over 25 years of parenting classes, parent & family coaching and personal development classes. It is also based on Susie’s book “Key to Personal Freedom; How Myths Affect Our Family Lives.” This class is for the parent who is seeking to raise their children in a more conscious way; fostering the development of trust and respect between all family members.

Some topics covered:
  • -The importance of taking care of yourself in order to take care of your children
  • -Disciplining without creating distance
  • -How to empower children positively
  • -The root of misbehavior
  • -Bringing balance to the Parent-Child Relationship
  • -Avoiding over-zealous parenting
  • -Becoming your own best expert
  • -Tools to deal with sibling rivalry, bullying, and cyber bullying
  • -Conflict resolution
  • -The problem with praise and rewards
  • -Using screen time for the purpose of teaching self-management
  • -Knowing when good is good enough– for your children and yourselves
  • -Gratitude and global thingking– how to model it and follow through with your kids
  • -Having (and teaching) the courage to be different
  • -Letting kids know it’s okay not to “fit in”


(estimated release date 12/3)

And of course, you can continue to count on me for weekly lessons, encouragement, mini-video tutorials & blog posts because I absolutely love to encourage each and every one of you. SUCH an exciting year ahead!

Thank you for tuning in to grow & learn with Fresh Start Family!


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