Friday 5 ? Touch is the Road to a Child’s Mind

by | January 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Friday 5 ? Touch is the Road to a Child’s Mind

by | January 19, 2018 | 0 comments

Touch is the Road to a Child’s Mind

Powerful, kind & compassionate physical touch can build connection & cooperation with your kids.

Now, I’m not talking any type of touch here of course, but specifically gentle, calm, and kind touch when you’d love your kids to listen, change how they’re acting, follow through with something you’ve asked them to do, or stop a certain behavior.

Instead of yelling from the kitchen, “TIME FOR DINNER, WASH YOUR HANDS”, try taking a deep breath, walking into the playroom, putting your hand on their shoulder, looking the in the eyes with a friendly smile & then saying “Time for dinner, please wash your hands” or even better “Dinner’s ready, what do you need to do with your hands?” (Questions empower kids & are often super effective in getting them to take action!)

Or how about when you have two siblings fighting & you need them to separate? Instead of saying “Stop it, get away from each other!”, try walking up and hugging them both, then asking them to find a space to take some deep breaths, then come back to solving the problem together.

Gentle & kind physical touch has a powerful way of grounding both us & our children to bring us down to earth so to speak. If you have kids anything like mine, your children spend most of their days hopping, running, bouncing, spinning & just doing….my kids are always doing! So touch really helps them to stop spinning and just focus on what you’re saying.

Studies have shown that this gentle, compassionate kind of touch we’re talking about can lower blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, stimulate the hippocampus (an area of the brain that is central to memory), and drive the release of a host of hormones and neuropeptides that have been linked to positive and uplifting emotions. Incredible right?

So when misbehavior happens, or when your kids just are not listening, try it out.

Take a deep breath and then walk over and hug them, or kiss them on the forehead. Hold their hand when you ask them to do something & lay your hand on your shoulder when you communicate. I think you’ll find it not only feels better and helps you feel more connected to your kids, but actually works to help redirect their behavior to be positive, respectful & responsive!


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