5 Minute Motivation – Ending the Yelling Habit (Phrase #2 to Help)

by | April 16, 2018 | 0 comments

5 Minute Motivation – Ending the Yelling Habit (Phrase #2 to Help)

by | April 16, 2018 | 0 comments

During the months of April & May, we’re focusing on empowering ourselves to end the reactive & stressful habit of yelling.

This week we’re looking at focusing on our strengths and RESPONDING to triggers with our kids instead of REACTING like a fiery flaming volcano!

I cover the 2nd phrase of 10 from my latest article on Mother.ly10 Phrases to Say (or Tell Yourself) When You’re Tempted to Yell.  I’ll be pulling from this list over the next 7 weeks to empower us all.

This week, I encourage parents to take a break from yelling “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LISTEN!!!!! I’M SO SICK OF THIS!!!!” and instead use a healthy I am statement like: “They are strong, I am strong, my family is ok….therefore…I will respond!”

Leaning into the truth that our kids are strong, capable and learning so much everyday, instead of focusing on what we don’t want (or what we fear)….like “What if they never learn?” or “What if they grow up to be entitled brats”….helps us have a clean delivery that is firm & kind with our kids.

Focusing on fear causes us to react, but stating the truth and believing in our own strength empowers us to slow down and be the great leaders of our households that we truly are!

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