“Self-Calming Kits” – Teaching Kids to Help Themselves Calm Down – The BEST Holiday Gift!

by | December 8, 2017 | 0 comments

“Self-Calming Kits” – Teaching Kids to Help Themselves Calm Down – The BEST Holiday Gift!

by | December 8, 2017 | 0 comments

Today, I’ve discussing Self-Calming with a short video tutorial that’s a sneak peak into the “Healthy Discipline Module” of The Foundations Course.

In addition to the video lesson, I’m outlining below:

-Reasons teaching Self-Calming is SO important

-Why you want to start teaching this to your kids today

-How to actually create a self-calming kit (video tutorial)

-Links to items you can purchase to create calming kits for every member of your family (such a great holiday present!)

​To start, I have question I want you to ponder:

Do you want to control your child? Or teach him / her how to control themselves?

It’s a no brainer answer right? Of course we all want to have kids who know how to control themselves, vs. relying on an external force to MAKE them calm down (which is often us via yelling, threatening, forcing, bribing, etc!).

Another question for you:

Have you ever felt so out of control with a feeling that you did something you later regretted or wish you wouldn’t have done?

Here’s some examples from my own life that I can think of:

-Sometimes when I get angry, I feel like I’m going to explode. I’ve slammed many doors and even threw a book at my kid once!

-One time during my years in corporate America, I was so upset about something I thought wasn’t good practice in our company that I broke down in tears at the President’s desk (ugggghh, later I was so embarrassed)

-When I get upset about something, usually when I’m feeling frustrated or irritated, I’ll sometimes throw down blame so fast I can barely catch myself. It just flows out so easily, only to later realize, “Well that was dumb, it wasn’t her fault that the puppy ate the sock.”

Can you think of a few situations where you just felt so “out of control” & then did something you regretted? Yeah, we all can! Many of us were never taught how to process the “tough” emotions growing up (sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, guilt, etc.) so as adults we jump to action we think will squash those emotions over just stopping to allow ourselves to move through them with integrity.

But here’s the good news…learning & teaching how to “Self-Calm” can help: 

US as parents 

  • -To take care of ourselves when we get stressed out
  • -To teach our kids with great integrity
  • -To avoid doing things we regret (like yelling, hitting, blaming, threatening, or completely freaking out!)



Also our kids

  • -To diminish misbehavior
  • -To care for themselves when they get their feelings hurt
  • -To lesson sibling conflict 


Self-Calming is the first topic of “Healthy Discipline” that I teach about in the fourth module of The Foundations Course and one of my favorite topics because it is POWERFUL. Teaching our kids how to acknowledge when they’re starting to spin out of control & redirect themselves towards self-care is an incredibly empowering gift.

When kids are taught this method of self-calming, then supported as they practice, practice, practice….with-in time, their emotional intelligence skills grow & they become much better at intrinsically controlling themselves (instead of having to have an adult MAKE them calm down through threats, force, fear, bribery or rewards). Make Sense?

Check out this quick video tutorial (a sneak peak from inside The Foundations Course!) on how to create self-calming kits with your kids:

Here’s some easy links to products I recommend for self-calming bags….the perfect gift for every one in the family this holiday season!

For Kids’ Self Calming Bags:


For Parents’ Self Calming Bags:

  • ​-Magazines – Coastal Living & Herewith our two of my faves
  • -A Candle that Smells Amazing – this one from Aveda is so yummy
  • -Calming lotion – “Stress Fix”, the name says it all
  • -Book about Your Faith – I just ordered this bible for my hubby, looks so cool (art by a graphic designer / artist Dana Tanamachi​)
  • -Pilates / Yoga Mat – This color & print would definitely help anyone chill!
  • -Running Shoes – I’ve got my eye on these from Lululemon (if I win the lottery!)
  • Essential Oil – Peace & Calming by Young Living is my fave


Your kids will love the gift of a Calming Kit & I promise you, it will be a present that brings your family peace & healthy behavior for years! 

​​​I hope that gives you some great ideas & you’re inspired to make calming bags! ​​Once you’ve made them for the whole family, hang them up all in one spot on hooks & USE THEM! Modeling is always the best way to teach, so the next time you feel your emotions starting to boil, grab your calming kit & go take a break. After a few minutes, once you feel more “grounded” and ready to teach with integrity, head back to work with your kiddos.

To view the complete Foundations Course Module on “Healthy, Effective Discipline”, including:

  • ​-A bonus KIDS “self-calming kit” video (taught by my 10 year old daughter, your kids will love this!)
  • -A “Where you might get stuck” coaching session on how to overcome challenges when switching from Time-Outs to Time-Ins (Calming Breaks).
  • -The essential steps to Natural & Logical consequences (next steps after Self-Calming is taught​)

invest in the Foundations Course today! Click HERE to purchase now….

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