Friday 5! Detachment & How Practicing Emotional-Self Reliance Strengthens Families

by | February 9, 2018 | 2 comments

Friday 5! Detachment & How Practicing Emotional-Self Reliance Strengthens Families

by | February 9, 2018 | 2 comments

Have you ever found yourself feeling SUPER annoyed at your kids when they’re being “dramatic”? Or full of blame when your kiddos’ “bad attitude” ruined your day”? Or have you ever felt so guilty or sad that your child got his feelings hurt, or is scared about something….that you just can’t relax?

Well I’m guessing many of you answered yes to atleast one of these. It’s TOUGH to detach from our kids’ emotions and their highs & lows because our lives are so intricately weaved together.

Parenthood is full of challenging situations to navigate & learning how to “keep it cool” throughout them all is definitely a journey. Practicing detachment helps us do that with integrity and reminds us that our feelings of worth & joy are not dependent on our kids feelings or our child’s behavior. Detachment is a heart action, but there’s a few tools that help us get there: Heart Connector (or Pause Buttons), Listening Intently & Getting Curious all work really well to move you in the right direction.

It’s important to remember that detaching isn’t about having the answers on what will happen next, or how you’ll handle a situation. Detachment is simply acknowledging that when a challenging stimulus (aka challenge, misbehavior, etc.) comes your way, you CAN find serenity and keep your own joy separate from that of your littles.

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  1. Mary Crawford

    Wendy–love these Friday chats–it reminds me of what I learned in all the classes I took when my children were young and helping me to use these techniques with my Grandkids and helping my daughters to deal with their children and the challenges of daily life, especially one that is a strong -willed child.

    • Wendy Snyder

      Hi Mary! So happy to hear you are loving these!


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