Registration is Open ~ Free 5 Day “Fresh Start Fall Challenge”! 🤗

by | October 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Registration is Open ~ Free 5 Day “Fresh Start Fall Challenge”! 🤗

by | October 27, 2017 | 0 comments

Today over on my weekly live video tutorial, I’m sharing about how I’m beyond excited to officially announce my FREE 5 Day Fresh Start Fall Challenge! I also touch on how I’m in a season of overwhelm and have a feeling many of you are too (so many GOOD things going on, but boy do most of have quite a lot on our plates!).

During these types of instense seasons, it’s so important that we all take small steps towards success. Trying to do it all overnight can seem impossible, so many of us never try and instead just stay in the same negative patterns of reactive, relationship straining behaviors. Taking small steps to move towards success helps us celebrate small achievements & wins, that in the end, add up to immense positive change and more joyful days. 

Now some of you may be thinking, “Wait…..why in the world would I want to be challenged more? Parenthood is already kicking my butt! The last thing I want is more challenge!”

Well I hear ya and don’t worry, this isn’t going to challenge you in a bad way, but instead….an incredibly supportive, motivational & confidence building way! When you sign up, you’re just challenging yourself to listen to & apply one small positive parenting strategy each day, that’s it! The lessons are really short, just 15 minutes….you can do this! 

For family’s who register, starting on November 6th, each day, you’ll receive & have access to:

  • a short positive parenting video lesson delivered to your email inbox
  • a daily 15 minute facebook live coaching & tutorial session
  • a daily blog post about the lesson at hand 

Cumulatively, the 5 small lessons put together will give you an incredibly valuable mini-course on Positive Parenting, the physcology it’s based on, methods to understand what’s behind our kids’ behavior & 4 powerful ways to redirect the most common misbehaviors. 

After completing the challenge, you’ll be set up for success….so you can enjoy the precious holiday season ahead.

Just think, a little bit of knowledge could do wonders to get you walking in a positive direction, so you feel confident, calm, empowered & capable of solving problems with your kids instead of constantly being stuck in power struggles, arguments, threats & worry. 

You deserve to be more “at choice” when you parent and the only way to do that is to learn new methods, strategies & ways to work with your kids.

I’m here to help & can’t wait to get started with you on Monday November 6th! 

Register now by clicking here or pushing the button below. 

Learn more about how Positive Parenting Curriculum can transform your life through these Fresh Start Family programs


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