Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #1

by | November 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #1

by | November 6, 2017 | 0 comments

Welcome to Day #1

We’re kicking off our Fresh Start Fall Challenge with a foundational lesson all about Paradigm Shifting today. 

For many of us, this lesson is a BIG switch in mindset in the beginning.

Unfortunately, culture hasn’t always set us up for success as parents. Society’s overlying message to us when we start a family is that children are “bad” when they misbehave and that good parents “can control their kids”. This way of thinking quickly sends us down a dark path when we get handed a little strong willed soul, or our toddler hits a power stage of life, or when our kids display human-ness (imagine that!) and make a mistake.

Trying to “control” a human being is impossible work & the common belief system that when our kids are “naughty”, we’re bad parents is just nonsense. We all just need some more tools so we can work with & teach these little people of ours! 

Being equipped is the secret, and that’s what we’re going to start doing for all of you this week….adding tools to your toolbelt so you can try new things & see situations in a new light. 

We aren’t really given much instruction on how to influence little humans with integrity before we have kids. I mean many of us do birthing classes, breastfeeding classes, hospital tours, even music classes with our babies, but when it comes to parenting instruction, we usually just try to “go with what we know” (aka, replicate “how we were raised”….or do “what was handed down to us”.)

Sometimes this works great (high five to all of our families who did the best to raise us with integrity with the tools they had at the time!) but other times, we’re left thinking “this just isn’t working for us” or “there’s got to be another way”. 

Now remember families, this paradigm shift is meant to encourage you! This is YOUR amazing family and you deserve to be “at choice” when you parent your little ones. The only way to do that is to learn some new things right? Otherwise, you’re just acting out of habit (doing what you saw done for 18 years while you were raised).

You all truly deserve to parent in a way that deeply resonates with your own heart, moral belief systems & goals for your family, but changing the way you see things, OFTEN. TAKES. TIME. 

So don’t worry for one second if you hear this lesson and think “What? I don’t get it, my kid IS BAD when she misbehaves!” I get it, these little munchkins can be total squirts sometimes! But stay with me and start slow….just try to start seeking to understand & becoming more curious…that’s your ONE tip to apply for the day!

Keep pulling back the layers of the onion and I KNOW you’re going to find there’s a whole lot of interesting stuff inside! 

Click here to watch the lesson and I’ll see you back tomorrow for lesson #2. 

p.s. I’ll also be over on the #FreshStartFallChallenge Private Facebook Group at 11:30am (pacific time) today (Mon 11/6) for a live Q/A & a little extra coaching if you’re free. 

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