Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #4

by | November 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #4

by | November 9, 2017 | 0 comments

Welcome back to Day #4 of the Fresh Start Fall Challenge! 

Today we’re talking all about POWER…my favorite subject to teach about because it’s the area that once I really understood how to approach it differently, everything changed for me as a parent! 

I find that for many of the families I work with, power struggles with their strongest willed kids is what really exhausts them the most.

Good news, this work can help tremendously! 

Kids that lean towards this misbehavior are really tough to parent but are also incredible blessings to this world. They often have a mistaken belief that “In order to feel powerful, I must overpower others” (often because that’s what’s been modeled to them….ouch, I know, that’s a crazy reality check huh?). 

Our job as parents is to help them switch up that mindset…to show them that true leaders and persons of great authority, lead with integrity, not by overpowering others. 

I cover in today’s lesson how you’ll usually feel angry and provoked when your child has the goal of inappropriate power and a few ideas on how to redirect. 

Try it out families and let me know how it goes!

Click here to watch the lesson and I’ll see you back tomorrow for our last lesson of the week! 

p.s. I’ll also be over on the #FreshStartFallChallenge Private Facebook Group at 11:30am (pacific time) today (Thurs 11/9) for a live Q/A & a little extra coaching if you’re free. 



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