Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #5

by | November 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Fresh Start Fall Challenge – Lesson #5

by | November 10, 2017 | 0 comments

Welcome back to day #5 of our Fresh Start Fall Challenge! 

Today’s we’re covering proactive steps you can take to prevent misbehaviors from’s definitely easier to prevent spills vs. cleaning them up, right?

In the beginning, when families first find the work of Positive Parenting, they’re often consumed with putting out fires, but within time, perspectives shift and proactive parenting takes precedence. 

Let’s look at the proactive measures we cover today:

For attention behaviors, I want you to try GEMS: Genuine Encounter Moments. 

The steps for GEMS are: 

  • get on eye level with your kiddo
  • put to the side anything that might distract you (yes parents, that means put the iphone down!) 
  • listen fully to what your child is sharing with you
  • use loving touch (put your hand on their shoulder or back) 
  • respond from the heart (not the head)

Even adding one or two GEMS a day can help tremendously to prevent attention misbehaviors from arising. It’s also an added bonus that GEMS fill OUR buckets too. It surprises a lot of parents to learn that stopping and connecting with our children FEELS good and helps us remember why we became parents in the first place. 

For Revenge misbehaviors, try investing in your relationship with your kiddo. When revenge behaviors are present, we often find that relationships between parent & the kiddo are strained. Take a moment to really connect with your child. Take them on a walk alone (just the two of you), treat them to frozen yogurt on the weekend (alone, just the two of you) or let them stay up 15 minutes late one night after you put the baby to bed to look at the stars together.  Connection goes a long way to prevent Revenge behaviors. 

If you’ve got children diving in to the Avoidance or Inadequacy misbehavior realm, try creating “routine charts” in your home. Morning and evening routines empower kids to become confident that they can take care of themselves. This builds confidence, which prevents them from going to avoidance or inadequacy behaviors when they’re tempted to just give up. 

Lastly, for Power misbehaviors, EMPOWER your kiddos! Yes, it feels odd to actually give your kids more power when they’re pushing buttons and resisting limits, but trust me, these kids NEED to have their power buckets filled up in order to feel fulfilled in life. These kids that seek Power in such an intense way will respond so well if you let them lead….make them the CEO of seatbelts, or President of Dog Walking. As they get older, put them in charge of teaching you technology. Need an instagram account created for your business or google calendar created for the family? Put them in charge! 

So that wraps up our week together! I hope these 5 lessons have helped you to jump start your journey to learn more about positive parenting & start applying the concepts in your home. I know, first hand that digesting and trusting in all of the concepts in the beginning can be really tough, but hang in there and have faith in the work! 


I’m beyond excited to announce that enrollment for my monthly membership program “The Bonfire” is finally open! 

I have been working on this for months families, so it is such a celebration that the day is FINALLY here to tell you all about it! 

As a member of the Bonfire, for the incredibly low price of $15/month each month (when you prepay for a year), you’ll get: 

-A 30-45 minute Positive Parenting lesson (our first month is all about Building Strong Relationships & how doing this can help decrease misbehavior tremendously) 

-A Monthly Intention (together as a community, we’ll focus on ONE positive parenting goal each month) 

-A Recipe Duo (both a cooking & activity recipe designed to correspond with the monthly intention & lesson to strengthen your family. 

-Private Facebook Community – By joining The Bonfire, you’ll become part of a community of like minded parents that care deeply about their families & prioritize self-growth & intentional parenting. 

-Weekly Coaching – Live coaching calls to answer your questions & offer encouraging support about REAL life application. 

***BONUS – Fresh Start Family Foundations Course – A Four Module A-Z Course on Positive Parenting to empower families & get them going with parenting strategies rooted in Positive Psychology. ***

Sound like something you could benefit from? Hooray, I’d love to have you join us and become part of The Bonfire community. 

Together. we’re building something incredible and I’m beyond grateful to be your cheerleader. 

I’ll email you soon with:

1..) Our 5 Day Fresh Start Challenge Summary – All of our video lessons, blog posts & facebook live sessions all in one PDF. 

2.) All of the details soon about The Bonfire Monthly Membership! For the low affordable rate of $15/month (when you prepay for a year), you’ll become part of a movement of like minded families who prioritize their families and work hard to teach their children with firmness AND kindess! Pay one year up front ($180) and get the Foundations Course (the A-Z of positive parenting) as a complimentary gift from me!

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Thanks again for being part of this challenge, it’s been an honor to cheer you all on, talk to you soon and I’ll see you all inside of The Bonfire! 



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