Episode 30: Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention – An Interview with Sara Afshari

by | October 18, 2019

Episode 30: Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention – An Interview with Sara Afshari

by | October 18, 2019

Episode 30: Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention – An Interview with Sara Afshari

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On today’s show, Wendy and Terry interview their friend, Sara Afshari, who is an instructor for Your Infinite Life Training and Coaching Company. Sara’s experience in an abusive relationship led her to where she is today – dedicated to helping others & coaching them to be their best selves.

Sara has a successful career in the field of accounting, but it’s her involvement in life coaching along with her volunteer work as a crisis contact for the organization No Silence No Violence that gives her passion & purpose in life.

Sara’s goals are building awareness around Domestic Violence, breaking the silence surrounding related PTSD, depression & anxiety and shattering the stereotypes of what sort of men and woman fall victim. She is proud to stand as an example of the power behind emotional development, self-awareness and self-love.

In this episode Wendy, Terry, and Sara discuss the importance of parents becoming aware of relationship abuse, specifically ways to be proactive in preventing it from happening within the next generation.

On today’s episode, 3 topics related to preventing relationship abuse are covered:

  1. Teaching kids what a healthy relationship looks like starts in the home
    • There does not need to be any level of hurt, fear, or force in a healthy relationship, instead the goal is mutual respect
    • When raised in an environment of mutual respect & connection, kids grow into adults who can sense when they’re in a relationship that is abusive & they know that it is not okay
    • Parents should strive to be honest in front of their kids & model conflict resolution in a respectful manner
  2. Getting comfortable sharing the good and the bad with your kids should start in the home from early on
    • Mistakes are a learning opportunity & we can choose to model what it looks like to take responsibility for our own mistakes
    • When shame & fear of consequences are removed, kids are more likely to admit mistakes, makes amends, share with their family what they’re learning & what they’ll do differently next time
    • Get in the habit of communicating openly & listening intently to your kids from a young age (start with the high/low exercise everyday)
    • Focus on empowering your child & being his advocate instead of rescuing, punishing, or fixing his problems
  3. Children learn their value from a very young age through their family
    • Take the time to ensure that each person in your family unit knows their value simply by being a member of the family
    • Practice “I am statements” with your child by telling her who she is, not how she looks or what she does or doesn’t do, but the positive attributes you see in her – kind, creative, strong, etc.
    • Build kids up at home so they aren’t looking to tv, social media, or their peers to give them their value & worth

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