Episode 31: Live Q&A Parenting Session with Sam & Chrissy Powers

by | October 24, 2019

Episode 31: Live Q&A Parenting Session with Sam & Chrissy Powers

by | October 24, 2019

Episode 31: Live Q&A Parenting Session with Sam & Chrissy Powers

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In today’s episode Wendy & Terry invite Sam & Chrissy Powers onto the show to have their parenting questions answered live! Chrissy is a licensed marriage & family therapist, a mom of 3 kiddos (7 yo, 4 yo, 15 mo), a blogger, a social media influencer, and also a course creator.

Her husband, Sam works full time as a contractor and is also building a new home for their family! Many of our Fresh Start Family followers have learned about this work through Chrissy’s Instagram platform.

If you’re curious about how your family can be supported through the work of positive parenting, have a listen into one real-life, honest & vulnerable coaching session!

In this episode, Chrissy & Sam share very vulnerably & honestly the struggles they are facing in their daily parenting walk with their kids:

  • Sibling Rivalry / Kids fighting
  • Endless / Annoying bedtime routines
  • Not Listening
  • Roughhousing in public places
  • Sleep drama
  • And so much more …

The ideas that Wendy & Terry suggest to Chrissy & Sam (to address their current parenting challenges) can be helpful to all families:

  • Paradigm Shifting: Start to see misbehavior as communication instead of as our child being bad or that something is wrong
  • Pause Button: When we feel irritated & annoyed by our child’s misbehavior, take a deep breath and remember a healthy intention such as using the situation to teach or mentor
  • Prevent Power Struggles:
  1. Less Verbiage
  2. Be Firm and Kind and Follow Through
  3. Say “No” in a Friendly Way
  4. Let Them Have the Last Word
  5. Catch Them Doing Well and Acknowledge Them for It
  6. Let Them Know How They are Valuable to You
  7. Make it Fun
  8. Use GEMS
  9. Seek First to Understand
  10. Don’t Major in the Minors
  • Dissolve Power Struggles
  1. Use loving guidance
  2. Use friendly action
  3. Find useful ways for the child to feel valuable and powerful
  4. Teach them to say “No” respectfully
  5. Offer appropriate choices
  6. Do the unexpected
  7. Win/win negotiate
  8. Let go of your fixed position
  9. Use a hand signal
  10. Slow down & wait
  • Detachment: Practice saying “no” with boring, firm kindness by changing up the tone of our voice – Try saying “the wall is white” in your head before responding
  • Firm & Kind Process: Click HERE for the free guide & printable!
    1. Agreement: Teaching kids why rules exist in a calm time, this involves them in the process
    2. Empathy – Imagining what it might feel like to be in their shoes (in that moment)
    3. Restate Agreement – Engaging our kids critical thinking skills in this way empowers them & helps remind them of the WHY’s behind our rules
    4. Offer Choices – SO many ways to do this families. There’s ALWAYS a way to offer choices.

A huge thank you to Chrissy & Sam for being so real & honest with listeners and also for your big, open, humble hearts that are so willing to learn & grow with positive parenting strategy suggestions. #Couplegoals & #ParentingDreamTeam for sure!

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