Episode 3: Modeling & Teaching Self-Control

by | February 12, 2019

Episode 3: Modeling & Teaching Self-Control

by | February 12, 2019

Episode 3: Modeling & Teaching Self-Control

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Wendy and Terry discuss self-control – how to strengthen our own while also teaching our children to gain their own self-control. The importance of modeling self-control is covered as the best way to teach our kids this important life skill.

Since self-control is something that continues to grow and develop as we age, it’s beautiful to be able to learn and practice this skill together with our children.

Giving our kids choices while simultaneously asking them what we want them to do increases their ability to manage their self-control and also leads to greater cooperation.

Practicing with our kids what we actually want them to do to have better self-control is key to helping them to strengthen their self-control skills.

In This Episode Wendy & Terry Chat About:

  • Three ways to increase self-control in our homes
  • Growing through messes and mistakes in childhood and parenthood
  • Ideas for developing a “calming bag” for both you and your kids
  • Tips for practicing what we want our kids to do by role playing
  • Explanation of what a “redo” is and how it can help kids and their parents learn, reset, and get a fresh start when self control is needed 

Mentioned in this Episode:

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