Ep. 82 – Learning Your Child’s Unique Language with Debbie Reber

by | May 5, 2021

Ep. 82 – Learning Your Child’s Unique Language with Debbie Reber

by | May 5, 2021

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Ep. 82 - Learning Your Child’s Unique Language with Debbie Reber


Our children are unique, differently wired little humans. No matter how much they may look like us, talk like us, act like us…. They all communicate in their own languages. 

There is no handbook for this. 

There is no parenting book or language crash course that teaches us the exact language of each of our kiddos. 

But– don’t let this discourage you, families, because there are still some BEAUTIFUL tools to help us learn our kiddos unique language & to become FLUENT in it. 

I spent some time with Debbie Reber, parenting activist, speaker, and author of the book, Differently Wired, who has become an expert and educator in the arena of communicating with our unique kiddos. 

Debbie (just like me with my sweet Stella!) found herself feeling hopeless and desperate for answers when it came to parenting her son, Asher. When she realized, okay, I am not alone in this, there are parents like this everywhere feeling the same sense of isolation, stuckness, and confusion…. She made it her life work to become an expert in the arena and help support families. 

So parents… if you feel like you are reading all the right books, all the parenting guides, and your child is still not behaving the way you want them to.. 

If you are finding it difficult to connect with your kiddos and are desperate for ways to foster a strong relationship with them..

If you are constantly feeling judged by others about your parenting…

Take a deep breath, recognize you are not alone, and let us fill your cup with some encouragement & resources for your parenting toolkit. 

Do you have a strong-willed, challenging kiddo always pushing limits …?!

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This free planning guide & worksheet will teach you firm & kind strategies, give you ways to build connection & offer ideas on how to work WITH your kids instead of trying to change them or just MAKE them comply.

Episode Highlights:

  • Debbie’s story with her son Asher
  • 5 takeaways from Debbie’s Book
  • Questioning everything you thought you knew about parenting
  • Offering compassion over judgement 
  • Learning your child’s language
  • Finding your people and ditching the rest
  • Recognizing how your energy affects your kiddo

Resources Mentioned:

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