Episode 28: Life Skills: An Interview with Mama Marlaine

by | September 26, 2019

Episode 28: Life Skills: An Interview with Mama Marlaine

by | September 26, 2019

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Episode 28: Life Skills: An Interview with Mama Marlaine


On today’s episode Wendy & Terry interview “Mama Marlaine” Cover, a social entrepreneur who supports professional education for life skills used daily.

After having children and facing life-threatening depression as a young adult, Mama Marlaine realized that she did not have the life skills she needed to live a healthy life. This is how her idea for the Life Skills Report Card was born. There are certain skills that every human being uses everyday of their entire life & these are the skills that we should focus on teaching the next generation. Instead of assuming that life skills will only be taught at home, by parents, we must embrace the idea of having professionals teach these skills to our children.

Mama Marlaine went on to develop an organization, Parenting 2.0, along with a non-profit organization, The Global Presence, that is focused on a three-prong mission regarding life skills:

  1. Shine a bright light on life skills that are needed daily (such as social emotional literacy) and therefore warrant education from third party professionals instead of relying on parents to teach these skills to their children
  2. Support life skills professionals who are blazing new trails for high quality education in these skills that matter most over one’s entire life
  3. Supporting life skills professionals to connect & collaborate with one another

On today’s episode Wendy, Terry & Mama Marlaine discuss three main points regarding life skills:

  1. The difference between Parenting 1.0 versus Parenting 2.0
    • Parenting 1.0 is the idea that our only teachers for emotional literacy and other necessary life skills are taught to us by our own parents, regardless of how well equipped they are to teach these life skills
    • Parenting 2.0 recognizes the role of every adult as part of the parental generation
  2. The definition of life skills
    • Skills that every single human being learns by default
  3. Why life skills merit proactive education from qualified professionals
    • It’s impossible to teach what one doesn’t know

Mama Marlaine, Founder of Parenting 2.0 & The Global Presence

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