Episode 33: Mistakes: Beautiful Opportunities to Learn

by | November 22, 2019

Episode 33: Mistakes: Beautiful Opportunities to Learn

by | November 22, 2019

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Episode 33: Mistakes: Beautiful Opportunities to Learn


On today’s episode, Wendy & Terry discuss the idea that mistakes can be a beautiful opportunity to learn. This episode focuses on how to shift our mindset away from mistakes being shameful, and instead, embracing mistakes as character builders.

Specifically, Wendy & Terry touch on three elements of this idea that will speak to parents who need encouragement when it comes to making mistakes of their own or teaching their children through mistakes:

  1. Guilt vs. Shame
    • Brene Brown has found guilt to be adaptive and helpful. She states, “It’s holding something we’ve done, or failed to do, up against our values and feeling psychological discomfort.”
    • Brene Brown defines shame as, “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging – something we’ve experienced, done, or failed to do makes us unworthy of connection.”
    • Guilt is healthy while shame is detrimental
  2. Identify the opportunity when mistakes happen
    • It’s an honor to coach our children & teach them life lessons instead of punishing them for their mistakes
    • Using empathy instead of shame after a mistake leads to connection & a greater chance that the lesson will be taken to heart
    • Get curious & creative with your kids when they make mistakes & always assume their integrity instead of jumping to conclusions
  3. Decide upon a teaching strategy
    • Educate yourself on compassionate discipline vs. fear, force, bribery & rewards
    • Use critical & creative thinking to design how you want to teach ahead of time instead of reacting in the moment
    • Four R’s of Discipline: teaches responsibility, related to the mistake, reasonable & respectful

Mentioned in this Episode:


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Topics covered will include:  

  • How to gently guide your kids towards action, even when they don’t want to move or do what’s asked of them
  • Ways to see kids who push back a lot as incredible blessings & future leaders 
  • The importance of paradigm shifting with thoughts & beliefs about power seeking misbehavior 
  • How to implement a Pause Button or Heart Connector to ignite creativity & model self-control 

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