Episode 20: Using Positive Discipline to Foster Creative Solutions – An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

by | July 2, 2019

Episode 20: Using Positive Discipline to Foster Creative Solutions – An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

by | July 2, 2019

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Episode 20: Using Positive Discipline to Foster Creative Solutions - An Interview with Debbie Zeichner, LCSW


In today’s episode Wendy & Terry interview Debbie Zeichner, LCSW, is a local Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Parent Coach living in San Diego, CA. She has specialized in working adults, children and families for over 20 years. Debbie is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, a Certified Redirecting Children’s Behavior (RCB) Parent Educator and a Mindfulness Instructor.

Three ways to use positive discipline to foster creative solutions are discussed on today’s episode:

  1. When you want to use positive discipline
    • Not only when misbehavior arises, but in every interaction we have with our children
    • The heart of positive discipline is helping kids choose to do the right thing when no one is watching, forcing, or bribing
  2. Why you want to use positive discipline
    • It creates & strengthens connection between child & parent
    • It aides in critical thinking skills, develops responsibility
    • It builds up our kids’ character by teaching them valuable life & relationship skills
    • It empowers our kids, which leads to greater cooperation & deeper learning & responsibility when misbehavior does arise
    • It leads to kids who mature into grown adults who can come up with their own creative solutions to real world problems
  3. How we want to use positive discipline – with real life examples
    • Be a parent who seeks to understand
    • Ask more than you tell
    • Use your own mistakes as a parent to teach your child
    • Connect before you correct
    • Make agreements with your child ahead of time
    • Allow children to feel their feelings

Inspired by her own parenting challenges, Debbie developed a passion for all things parent-related and began a quest to educate herself and others on positive, mindful approaches to enhance and foster healthy and harmonious family relationships.

In This Episode Wendy & Terry Chat With Debbie About:

  • Our kids are our teachers
  • Positive discipline is solutions focused & based on connection
  • It is a sign of normal, healthy development when our kids test limits & boundaries
  • Teaching our kids to understand their value simply based on who they are, not based on how they behave
  • Responding to our kids instead of reacting to them takes lots of practice and there will never be a perfect parent
  • Having compassion for our kids requires having compassion for ourselves as a parent
  • Our kids learn to manage & regulate their emotions by how we manage & regulate our own
  • Fear vs. respect in our homes
  • Modeling true power & respect to our kids
  • Creating an environment where kids are seen, heard, understood, & accepted leads to more cooperation

Mentioned in this Episode:

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