Why YOU are your family’s HERO

by | February 6, 2020 | 0 comments

Why YOU are your family’s HERO

by | February 6, 2020 | 0 comments

YOU are a hero to your family, do you believe me ?

You’ve ALWAYS been a hero, but somewhere along the way, you just got a little lost & may still be a little lost today.

If you’re anything like me, you were doing pretty good at life, cruising through, working hard, chasing your dreams, helping others, nurturing friendships & your marriage … trying your best & doing a dang good job.

Then you had kids.

Things were really awesome at first …

Then one became a toddler.

Then one was born with a strong-willed personality.

Then one had colic.

Then one, or two, or three started pushing back on everything.

And then one day you realized …

“I feel like a TOTAL complete, out of control, confused & exhausted hot mess. What am I even doing? Who have I become?”.

It hit you like a ton of bricks that you now had a GIANT challenge on your hands … how to be a strong, firm leader in your home but also be compassionate, kind & connected with your kids. Is that even possible?

You realized fast that this would probably be the biggest challenge of your life & instead of feeling confident & ready for the ride, you felt fearful, exhausted, incompetent & doubtful that you could ever turn the ship around (behind closed doors, things had gotten pretty bad in your house) … to create the peace & joy filled home you had always dreamed about.

But then … you met a guide, her name was Wendy & she seemed to drop into your life out of nowhere & as soon as you heard what she was teaching through her company Fresh Start Family, your heart expanded big time.

You started reading every blog post she had, listening to every episode of her podcast & doing every single free training she offered. You loved hearing her stories of how she had been in the same pit you were now struggling with, but how she was now on much higher, more stable beautiful ground & you instantly felt like she got you, completely.

Before long, you realized she had poured her heart into creating a full step-by-step roadmap called The Foundations Course to help you build that family of your dreams that you always wanted: >>> A family built on trust, respect, connection, unconditional love, peace & joy.

But you were still torn because you knew in your heart, leading your family was going to be the biggest responsibility & honor in your life, so you weren’t sure if you could trust her & trust the roadmap she had put in front of you.

Like any good hero does, you carefully & meticulously went over all your options … you googled every parenting program under the sun, talked to every one of your friends about her program, “had they heard of it?”, checked out all the parenting books you could find from the library …

… but in the end … your heart kept screaming at you to TRUST THE GUIDE.

By this point your hero heart was beating loud & your calling to step into something greater than you was undeniably strong.

You started to realize that taking the first step forward on the road map your guide created for you would not be easy, but it was something you had to do. Your family counted on you to lead it towards the light, to pump life back into it’s tired veins & to strengthen it as it had become weak & nearly broken in half from all the stress.

Committing to the roadmap would take courage, but deep down inside, you have plenty of that because you are the hero of your family … and hero’s don’t take the easy path, they take the path that is sure to protect & provide for the ones they love.

They take the path that WILL require work, but one that many have travelled before & reported back about the beautiful rewards that await hero’s as they travel.

Now even though you WANTED to trust your guide, there was a million things getting in your way of saying yes to the step-by-step roadmap to success she had created for you. Finances, time, fear, the list goes on and on. Your soul felt twisted & confused.

As you sat & thought & prayed & pondered, thoughts of all the things your guide warned you against came to mind.

The times you’ve heard her speak about what can happen to kids once they become tweens & teens when families don’t have strong relationships built on trust, respect & connection. The relationship strain that leads to lying, hiding, fighting, constant pushback & resistance to one another.

You’ve heard your guide mention how the load of consistently using “fear & force” to influence kids stacks up over time in your body & is like a toxic stream of poison leading to an unhealthy, unfulfilled life.

You’ve thought about what your days would be like like 2, 3, 4 years from now if you were STILL having to yell, threaten, scold, punish & bribe your kids to cooperate with you on the daily. You thought about all the stories you had heard about family strain leading to seperations, really bad mistakes & even divorce … and your body clenched with fear.

You thought about how many times you had heard the guide speak about the courage it takes to end painful generational cycles & you’ve even said to your spouse many times that you didn’t want to “do what was done to you”, but then the reality hits, that you’re repeating the same habits, actions & cycles & your stomach sinks with shame. You don’t want to, but you picture yourself 10 years older ridden with guilt that you didn’t get the help you needed to change.

You remembered how many times your friends with older kids have told you “blink & time will be gone, take the time now to do what you want with them.” You didn’t want to wake up a decade from now in the same stressed, disconnected & empty place & realize you missed so many years that could have been filled with joy & beautiful memories.

You knew you wanted to avoid ALL THAT with every fiber in your body.

You are a hero & hero’s don’t let their family stay in danger, they do what they need to do to keep it safe, strong & healthy.

So after lots of wise contemplation, you tell your spouse “It’s time we take action & step into learning” and you took your guide’s hand. 

You signed up, invested in your family & came to every single lesson she put in front of you. It took WORK, major WORK, but you kept pushing play on lessons & kept applying what she taught you, day in, day out.

You started to remember, slowly, but surely, how to put into action her plans & instructions (while you were out in the world with your kids) & you started to see major results, not just in how your kids behaved better, but also in yourself.

You started feeling WAY less stressed, WAY more confident, WAY more hopeful & WAY more connected to your kids. Some days were easy & joyful & some days were ROUGH. But as you kept working hard to apply what she taught you, things started to change .. big time.

Before long, you realized that even the hardest days didn’t destroy you like they used to or create a major divide in your family because NOW you had a full toolkit of parenting tools that effectively helped you recover with integrity & start fresh the next day.

As time went on, you realized that you had become fluent in the new ways your guide had taught you. You rarely yelled anymore & you rarely threatened your kids anymore, but yet you felt really confident in influencing them to cooperate & behave.

Of course you always remembered you are a human hero, and human hero’s still mess up sometimes, but you had learned to have grace & compassion on yourself and that softness poured out onto your kids too.

Your relationship by this point was rock solid with your kids & spouse. Some days, you would catch the sparkle in their eyes on a sunshiney day & smile at them, remembering the deep, low, pit you had once been in. Some nights, you would go into kiss your kiddo goodnight & when you realized that they had already fallen asleep, you would just stare at them for a moment before you turned out the light.

With tears streaming down your face, you thank God for putting them into your life & for getting you through the dark times together.

You smile because it was YOU who had lifted your family out of that darkness. It was YOU who had never given up on them. It was YOU who trusted your guide & it was YOU who had brought a new toolkit into your home.

The guide was right, the roadmap was trustworthy, the rewards were massive.

This is YOUR story. YOU are the hero of your family. I’m here to guide you families & the roadmap is set before you.

No matter where you are in this story right now, remember, it is YOUR story. The future & what hero path you walk is up to you.

Will you step forward to the next step of your hero’s journey today?

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