Life Coaching Awesomeness

by | October 24, 2018 | 0 comments

Life Coaching Awesomeness

by | October 24, 2018 | 0 comments

You hear me talk about Positive Parenting a LOT. It’s my jam.

I love what it’s done to strengthen my family in magical ways. It’s helped me feel confident and capable as an awesome momma, even on the hardest days. The programs of Redirecting Children’s Behavior & The Joy of Parenting have helped me to:

>> Build Fresh Start Family, a company that I’m so proud to pour my heart & soul into
>> Create The Foundations Course to help families from all over the world learn the A-Z of Positive Parenting Curriculum
>> & Create my dream community, The Bonfire, where I get to encourage & coach families with REAL LIFE day to day application on a consistent basis

But there’s another side of my work that I NEED to tell you more about…
…and that’s my life-coaching side.

Life Coaching? What does that even mean?….let me tell you more….

Nearly a decade ago, I was just learning Positive Parenting Curriculum and honestly hitting some REALLY big walls applying some of the strategies. I wanted so badly for them to work, but it just felt SO hard for me, for our family, for my soul.

I kept asking my parenting teacher (founder of The Joy of Parenting program and now dear friend, Susie Walton):

“What am I doing wrong? I just can’t seem to keep calm with my daughter when she’s being SO bad, I swear I’m working with something different here….she’s really really really tough.”
or “I don’t get how this is really supposed to work, I mean this kid is SO sassy & will take a mile if I give her an inch.”
or “WHYYYYYY is this so hard? Isn’t parenting supposed to be joyful, atleast sometimes?”
She would smile so sweetly & say “I know, it’s hard, but keep trying Wendy, keep trying”….and then at the end of class, she’d hug me tight and say “Are you available to make it to the next Your Infinite Life Weekend Course?”

“Oh, I don’t know, we’ve got a birthday party & I’d feel too bad sticking Terry with the kids all weekend, and I really can’t afford it right now”….I’d say with my head hung low.

In her incredibly kind, yet challenging way, she’d say “I know, but look, I’m serious when I say the only reason why you really can’t come is if it’s YOUR kid’s birthday, otherwise you NEED to come, here’s the registration link. This is the best present you will EVER give yourself, your kids & your family”

“Wow”, I thought, she’s really serious about this weekend course!
So I went home and thought & thought…”What do I have to lose?”….told Terry “I think I really need to do this babe” and used some of our tax return money & registered.

I had no idea that weekend would change the course of my life so profoundly.
In that one YIL weekend course called Freedom to Be, I was introduced to the concepts of:

> Limiting belief cycles (many of which we have been carrying for years & years & years)
>> Tones and their negative effects on our lives (and why they get in our way of people cooperating with us)
>> Blame patterns and how to see criticism as a gift (being ok when people point out your flaws & using that feedback as a way to grow)
>> The ineffectiveness of pressuring people to change (and the best way to influence them to actually change)
>> Self-love and how to see myself as magnificent even amidst many major mistakes in life
>> Shame and it’s detrimental effects on our souls (the importance of letting go of some rocks in our backpack that weigh us down big time)
>> Shape shifting behaviors based on how others treat us (and how to stop)
>> Have to’s vs. Want to’s when in relationship with others (doing things for others because it feels good to help, vs. because someone expects us to)
>> How loving our selves more deeply allows us to love & respect others (like our kids) more easily (the magical effects of honoring our own radical, beautiful, magnificent, awesome selves)

I came out a different person. No joke.

When major pushback happened, or a tantrum with my daughter ensued, I was finally able to respond to her like the loving, calm, creative, strong & caring Mom I knew I was, instead of the wildly reactive, controlling, negative and annoyed Mom I had become.

Over the years, I’ve entrenched myself in this Your Infinite Life Self-Growth / Life – Coaching Work, as I grew as a Positive Parenting Teacher & business owner.

Now, after nearly a decade of many many YIL weekends, the concepts are entwined with my soul & flow out to my students naturally and effortlessly.

>> When I teach inside of the Foundations Course, the self-growth concepts are massively present.
>> When I coach my members inside of the Bonfire community every week, the self-growth concepts are passed along with grace to tired, hopeful, fearful, brave & incredible parents.
>> When I live my life, every day as a business owner, momma to two young kids & wife to my better half (my soulmate of 23 years, Terry), the self-growth concepts give me the extra skillset I need to apply all the parenting curriculum I believe in so deeply to raise the human souls I’ve been trusted with & love on the man God has gifted me with.
>> When I have a challenge with my own mind, heart, soul, kids, husband, life…my friends & family at YILmentor and guide me to come back & lean on the self-growth / life coaching principles I’ve worked so hard to learn.
>> I’m in the final stages of coach certification & will one day soon teach the Freedom to Be weekend course, but until then, my dear friends Susie Walton & YIL owner Pamela Dunn, along with many more INCREDIBLE teachers embrace my Fresh Start Families with massive amounts of encouragement, wisdom & the best kind of challenging prompts to learn & grow you could ever hope for during every single one of the weekend courses.

If you want to learn more, click HERE. The next weekend course, Freedom to Be (the one that transformed my life) is Nov. 2nd – 4th, in Cardiff by the Sea, CA … I’ll be there all weekend assisting.

My business manager, Laura Shilliam will also be there taking the course, so enjoy a weekend away & come spend some time with Fresh Start Family & Your Infinite Life.

Use code S50 at checkout for $50 off!

You deserve a little time & space to honor your heart & soul & this is the perfect way to do it. I guarantee you it’s the BEST gift (besides the Foundations Course of course!) you will ever give yourself and your family.

>>> p.s if you can’t make it to this San Diego course, here’s the schedule for upcoming courses for the remainder of 2018 & 2019 (classes are held ALL over the United States). If you’re international, don’t fret….when you learn with Fresh Start Family, you will learn this work, I promise!

>>>> p.p.s. this is in NO way an affiliate sponsored promotion! I actually STILL pay to attend these weekend courses and pay YIL monthly for advanced training to better serve families like yours. I tell you about Your Infinite Life because I want you to be blessed by the same kind of life transformation that I was nearly a decade ago that has helped me see life & parenthood & myself in the brightest, most incredible light you could ever imagine.

Please feel free to email me at with any questions!


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