My 2022 Word: Self-Care

by | December 27, 2021 | 2 comments

My 2022 Word: Self-Care

by | December 27, 2021 | 2 comments

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got your eye on your calendar with your planner in hand – filled with excitement about what the new year will bring.

Saying goodbye to the past year & welcoming in a new one, with abundant hope, expectation, intention & purpose is one of my favorite things to do.

My heart gets filled with excitement & I feel the buzz of the collective new year energy in my body.

Out with the old, in with the new … yes, yes, yes, FRESH START!

My word for this year is SELF-CARE so I looking forward to prioritizing my health, heart & mind, all year long with no guilt (that will take practice, but I’m ready for the challenge!).

For any human, SELF-CARE is important, but especially for us parents.

As parents, raising little human souls … we are managing a lot, supporting our kids (+ spouse) & juggling so many balls … we HAVE to take care of ourselves if we’re going to be any good to those we love.

But the truth is, I’m not always the best at this.

Sometimes even, as a mentor recently pointed out … I actually have habits of self-abuse. More on that to come at a later time, don’t worry, I’m ok, but it’s actually really interesting to see areas of my life where I have a tendency to “self-sabotage” myself.

Prioritizing self-care (& reducing self-abuse) is going to take work … and I am absolutely ready to find joy in this challenge ahead.

Here’s what’s on my list of self-care this year that you’ll probably hear me speak to a lot on The Fresh Start Family Show & over on Instagram.

I hope you find inspiration & motivation in hearing why SELF-CARE is my word of 2022!


I have always been someone who feels great when I eat suuuuuuper healthy, but honestly, this last few years … I’ve fallen into the habit of emotionally eating & drinking a lot, and I can feel it in my body.

My knees get more achy, I experience more headaches, I don’t sleep as well & I get mid-day fatigue that is just the worst.

So I’m on a mission this year to enjoy more intuitive eating & also heal my body through nutrition (I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease this last fall).

I’ll be joining my naturopath doctor’s joyful Eating Reset Program that starts on Jan. 1st. – join me if you also are interested in learning how to nurture & heal your body through nutrition.


My body THRIVES when I have solid rest & getting enough of it can be a challenge (you feel me)?

I’ve stocked up on some new herbal teas from my local coffee shop & have a beautiful new candle to make “bedtime” exciting (to help lure me to actually climb into bed at 9:15pm! I can do this!!

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I’ve failed many times at creating a meditation routine, but since “There is no failure, just unfinished success” – I’ll be putting meditation back into my calendar again with twice daily 20 min. Transcendental Meditation sessions.

When I actually follow through & meditate, my brain feels like it’s been to the spa & my body feels like I’ve just had an epic nap, I swear it’s magical plus it’s basically the easiest thing on the planet to do.

With TM – You say one word, over & over again for 20 min. that’s it! So simple, yet so powerful BUT it really does take intention to make it a daily habit.

2022 will be the year where the habit get set in stone, I know it!


I’ll be continuing my monthly private sessions with my life-coach Pam Dunn, who I co-designed (and teach) the Fresh Start Family Freedom to Be Personal Development Course. Having someone to consistently share my deepest emotions, fears & struggles with is one of my most important forms of self-care & always helps my mind feel healthy.

As a special way to celebrate the new year, I’m currently offering a private 1 hr. coaching session when you purchase the Foundations Course before 1/1.

Since private sessions with me are usually $495, this is an incredibly valuable offer!


I’ll be joining our church The Rock for a 21 day fast starting Jan. 11th – so I can devote myself to be in God’s presence, feast on His word, and worship Him daily, pushing everything else aside, to help me carry his presence into any circumstance throughout 2022.

I’m not at the point where I go hard core & do a FULL fast (I know plenty of people who’ve done it & it sounds amazing), but I do remove a few things that feel “hard to let go of” & it challenges me in the best way to draw close to Jesus.


I’ve been loving my Peloton workouts, which seriously make me feel SO good … but honestly, my body has been speaking to me that I need to do more strength training, so I’m on a mission to incorporate mat pilates workouts with my fave pilates instructor Robin Long into my routine in the new year.

I’ve always enjoyed doing Balanced Life workouts here & there, but I WANT to make them consistent in 2022.

The coolest thing is pilates not only strengthens my body, but also calms my mind, such a win / win!


Like many mommas … skincare, makeup & fun hair makes me happy, period.

When I look good I feel good, ha ha, so you know what? In 2022, I’m gonna splurge on myself & get my eyebrows microbladed & return to getting my eyelashes done each month.

I’m on camera so much for my job, so feeling confident is a way to bring joy to myself. Since I’m such a blonde hair, blued eye gal … I joke that both my eyelashes & brows are basically see-through. Without mascara & a brow gel, I feel naked!

Shaving off 15 min. each day from a “get ready” routine means I get 15 min more of sleep too, hooray!

With nicely done brows & lashes, right when I wake up – all I need is a tinted moisturizer, a little blush & lip gloss, and boom, I’m ready in 5 min to feel confident & beautiful for the day.

What’s your word for 2022? Tell me below in the comments why your word is meaningful for you & what you’ll do to focus on it in the new year!

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  1. Danielle

    This is so exciting! 2021 was a year of many changes and transitions. I believe 2022 will be similar. My intention for this year is to OWN IT!

    I want to own all the changes that my life as a military spouse and momma of littles brings to me. I will see the silver linings and challenge the victim mindset that has been a dark cloud hovering over me for the past few months.

    Additionally, I will be setting a word for each month. This will allow me the flexibility to tweak my focus each month as I pursue new interests and opportunities.

    Thank you so much for the inspiration you bring to this FSF Community! Happy New Year!

  2. Danielle

    This is so exciting! 2021 was a year full of change and transitions for our family. I believe 2022 will have a fair amount of change as well. My intention for the year is to OWN IT!

    I want to take ownership of everything that is part of my life as a military spouse and momma of littles. I want to embrace the silver linings and challenge the victim mindset that has been a cloud hovering over me for several months now.

    Additionally, I will set a word for each month that will allow me the flexibility to tweak my focus as I pursue new interests and opportunities.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to this beautiful FSF community!


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