Ep. 100- All in the Family: 100th Episode Celebration with Special Guests Terrin & Stella Snyder

by | September 29, 2021

Ep. 100- All in the Family: 100th Episode Celebration with Special Guests Terrin & Stella Snyder

by | September 29, 2021

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Ep. 100- All in the Family: 100th Episode Celebration with Special Guests Terrin & Stella Snyder


Join the entire Snyder Crew for a fun celebration of 100 episodes of the Fresh Start Family Show on today’s special episode. Meet Stella, Terrin and Herbie Snyder as the family discusses what it’s like to be a Snyder and growing up in a home with the strong influence of positive parenting. 

Listen to today’s episode to meet the Snyders, laugh, and see inside the world of a real life “dedicated as heck” positive parenting home.

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Episode Highlights:

  • Family introduction
  • How the FSF Show has impacted families from around the world
  • The start of the Fresh Start Family Show
  • What it’s like to be a Snyder
  • How it feels to grow up with the influence of positive parenting in the home
  • Punishment before and after positive parenting
  • Family stories & funny moments 
  • “This or that” family edition

Resources Mentioned:

Episode Transcript:

Wendy Snyder (3s):
This episode is brought to you by the Fresh Start Family Foundations Course, our signature positive parenting educational program that teaches parents the A to Z a positive parenting curriculum. You can head to the website, FreshStartFamilyonline.com and click the Course ab to learn more. Well, hello there families. Welcome. Welcome. I am your host, Wendy Snyder, positive parenting educator and family life coach. And my goodness.. Do we have a really fun episode for you today? We are celebrating 100 episodes of the Fresh Start Family Show.

Wendy Snyder (44s):
So we thought it’d be fun to have our entire family on the microphone today. So this is a very real representation of how we roll around here. There is no perfection anywhere to be seen. We actually had a giant mic explosion during the middle of this episode where my entire desktop basically fell apart and it was crazy, but we just put it back together. We kept going, of course, we edited that out, but as Terry and I were kind of finishing and giving the kids a high five after we finished filming or recording this episode, we were laughing because it just really actually represents how we have come to deal with life and challenges like things happen.

Wendy Snyder (1m 27s):
There is imperfection. There are challenges. There are mistakes that go down, and I think what’s happened over the last really decade that we’ve been practicing positive parenting and learning and becoming fluent and everything. We now teach here at Fresh Start Family. It has given us the ability to have resilience and perseverance and know that hiccups and mistakes and big messes are not the end of the world. So we just kept going. And we had fun recording this for you guys today. So I hope that you enjoy it. I hope that you love hearing from my kids. We did not rehearse this at all. We did not put any questions in front of them beforehand.

Wendy Snyder (2m 7s):
We just wanted this to be very, very real. So you guys could see what it’s like to actually be part of a family who used to do things very, very differently. You’ll hear from my daughter. She has some memories. The first four years of her life, really four to five years of her life when we did things a lot differently. And now, you know, they have different memories of what it’s like to be in a home with parents that are fully and truly fluent in the language of positive parenting. So lots of love you guys. Thanks as always for listening. Thank you for helping us celebrate a hundred episodes. If you could screenshot right now and share to your socials, making sure you tag me, I’m Fresh. Start Wendy over on Instagram and Fresh Start Family on Facebook.

Wendy Snyder (2m 49s):
It would mean so much to me, for you to help me celebrate. Let’s get some new families exposed to this shell, the Fresh Start Family Show. You’ll hear me go some numbers in the beginning of this podcast of how many families would be been able to serve and support through our messaging or uplifting and empowering messages that we try to bring to you through this, this shell. But when you share it really helps us just to reach more and more families. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts for following along for subscribing to our show for pushing play each week. I love you all so much and without further ado, enjoy this episode.

Stella Snyder (3m 28s):
Well, Hey there, I’m Stella. Welcome to my mom and dad’s podcast. The Fresh Start Family Show. We’re so happy. You’re here. We’re inspired by the ocean Jesus and rock and roll and believe deeply in the true power of loving kindness together. We hope to inspire you to expand your heart, learn new tools and strengthen your family. Enjoy the show.

Wendy Snyder (3m 53s):
Well, hello there families And welcome to a new episode of The Fresh Start Family show. This is a very, very special episode because it is our hundredth episode of the Fresh Start Family Show Exciting. We were thinking about what could be fun to do for this episode. And so we invited Stella and Terrin and Herbie to be with us today. And we’re just going to record a fun show to give you guys just a little behind the scenes of our family and what it’s like to be a Snyder and what the past few years has looked like as we have built this podcast and all, all that good stuff.

Wendy Snyder (4m 38s):
So welcome. We’re so happy. You’re here. Welcome Stella and welcome Terrin. Thanks for being here. And Herbie, Herbie wants to say hello.

Terry Snyder (4m 49s):
Wow. As you can see, we’ve got a very talented dog. Hold your applause there at home. I know, I know.

Wendy Snyder (4m 58s):
So I think I’m going to get us kicked off with talking a little bit about what this podcast has been able to do as far as helping people. We are now at almost two years of having the Fresh Start Family Show. And it’s amazing. And it just feels like such an honor to be able to serve other families in this capacity. But here’s just a quick review of some of the numbers I came up with to represent what the show has been able to help us do. So we have been able to help 10,000 families be introduced to positive parenting over 20,000 parents learn and be exposed to a new way of raising their young little human souls.

Wendy Snyder (5m 41s):
Nearly a thousand students have now been able to go through our foundations course over 500 families who have now stepped into consistently being mentored and courage and, and encouraged by the Fresh Start Family team and bonfire community support program. We’ve been able to support over 10,000 grandparents exposed to positive parenting over 15,000 kids who have parents who are now raising them with compassion and from kindness instead of fear and force. And we’ve been able to affect and support 4,500 communities and local school systems. So it’s kind of a big deal. And we’re just so thankful.

Wendy Snyder (6m 22s):
Yes, we’re so thankful for every single one of you who listens to our show, who shares the show with your friends and family and colleagues. And it’s just, like I said, it’s an honor to be here and to serve you all. So let’s talk a little bit about how this podcast got started. I got to give out a shout out to my good friend, Katie Safford, who one day said to us, Terry and I were encouraging her and her partner to come to a personal development weekend course that we were part of. And we were leaving them a voice message. And Terry got on the phone and said, Hey, let me give you an opinion of what it’s like to learn and grow in this capacity.

Wendy Snyder (7m 2s):
As far as, you know, parenting and life coaching. And he started speaking and she responded and she said, oh my gosh, we are a we’re in for the personal development weekend course. They got registered and ended up coming and having a wonderful weekend, but she said, and it’s so nice to hear Terry’s voice. I think you guys need to start a pocket. It was you,

Terry Snyder (7m 25s):
But it was me. Yes.

Wendy Snyder (7m 29s):
So yeah, about, on that day we looked at each other and we were like, oh, that could be cool. Now Terry of course has a full-time job, but he said, sure, they have let’s do this. And we kicked it off. And we learned how to build a podcast and bought all the equipment. And the rest is history here. We are a hundred, a hundred episodes later, but I was thinking back, I think Stella, you were, you were nine at the time Terrin you that would’ve made you six. Right. And I forget I was away somewhere and we were working on doing the intro and I came home and you were like, babe Stella. And I did the intro. Yeah. And she had done the drums, the drums and the voiceover.

Wendy Snyder (8m 12s):
And I remember just coming home, I forget what trip I was on, but I was like, oh my gosh, we officially have an intro for the show. And we’re, we’re ready to get started. Let’s do this.

Terry Snyder (8m 21s):
I remember. I dunno. Do you remember that style? Yeah. That was when you had your drums in your room. And I remember we were like, okay, so we’ll record this and you just read like one take done. And I just, it didn’t feel like I like, is that that’s it we’re done. And then I was like, can you just do it one more time? Just in case I like forgot to hit record or something, but I remember you, you, you did it in two takes. And, and then we needed a little like drum part to like put to it. And I said, okay, it needs to be kind of like this long. And you just wrote something off the top of your head. Yeah.

Wendy Snyder (8m 60s):
And So good. That’s funny because that’s the way I often do stuff. When I record, I just kind of throw it together. I’d go for it. And I usually don’t redo it. Usually the first take is the one that I ended up keeping it. I feel the best about so pretty cool. So yes. So that’s how I kind of got started and yeah, it’s just been so fun to do it along the way. So we’re going to have some fun today. We’re going to ask you guys some fun questions and

Terry Snyder (9m 29s):
You guys can ask us some fun questions too. So I don’t know where your notebooks are. I see did either one of you guys bring any notes or notebooks or no, the hard hitting questions are in your head. I’m sure.

Wendy Snyder (9m 42s):
Yeah. Okay. I’ll kick us off with one. What is it like to be a Snyder Show?

Terrin Snyder (9m 50s):
Wow. Okay. I like that creative, creative, chill.

Wendy Snyder (9m 58s):
Nice. Nice.

Terrin Snyder (9m 59s):
I just hit the wall like that.

Wendy Snyder (10m 2s):
Fun. Easygoing, chill, creative.

Terrin Snyder (10m 5s):
We always get something to do.

Wendy Snyder (10m 10s):
Yeah. I like that. I think fun is a great word to describe our family. I think some of the travel we’ve been able to do over the last few years as we built this podcast has been super fun. Funny. Yeah. Funny. Okay. That’s that’s a good, that’s a good description. Let me ask you this. What is it like to grow up in a home where your parents really speak the language of and practice positive parenting? What is that like to grow up in a family as kids?

Terrin Snyder (10m 43s):
It’s very like pleasant and everything we get to do is awesome. And what was the question?

Wendy Snyder (10m 55s):
Like, what is it like to grow up in a home with positive parenting?

Terry Snyder (10m 58s):
Well, you, you probably, you that’s all you’ve known too, but you probably have a perspective now you’ve seen enough of the world and things to say, like, how does, how does this has how your family feel? And I know it’s not always perfect, but how does it, how does it, how does it feel? Okay.

Stella Snyder (11m 18s):
It’s like weightless. Like, I don’t know, like pressuring and like less..

Wendy Snyder (11m 26s):
I like that. What’s a synonym for pressure. I see where you’re going with this. So it’s like, it’s much, much less pressuring. So, but what is the signal for that dad? You’re the smartest one here. Come on.

Terry Snyder (11m 40s):
Whoa. Did breaking news. Do we just admit on recording that? I’m the smartest one here. Pressure

Wendy Snyder (11m 52s):
What’s a synonym you have for pressure Stella.

Stella Snyder (11m 54s):
That’s what she came to her mind. She said growing up in a, a family of positive parenting, it feels like it’s a lot less pressure. There’s like a lot of different categories of what you could be talking about. Like what do you mean? Like the, like the way you like teach us or is it like the way you like expect us to do in school?

Wendy Snyder (12m 14s):
Let’s talk about both of those. So the way we teach,

Terry Snyder (12m 18s):
So it’s not necessarily the synonym, but I think, and I don’t want to speak for you Stella, but like, is it that you feel empowered? Like we don’t pressure you to say, you have to do this, you have to do this, you have to do this. We let you decide what what’s important to you.

Wendy Snyder (12m 37s):

Stella Snyder (12m 38s):
Like, I don’t have like a parent like hovering over me all the time. Like I can like be independent.

Wendy Snyder (12m 48s):
I like that. It, it makes me think of too. And tell me if this feels right at all to you again, don’t want to put words in your mouth, but I’d like this, like this where there’s conversations going as less pressure it’s off also, like, it feels like, tell me if this resonates less pressure meeting. If you make a mistake or if you mess up or if you’re imperfect or whatever, it may be the, like the pressure isn’t there that you have to be perfect. Like if you make a mistake it’s okay. Right. Does that, does that resonate with you too? Terrin? Yeah. Okay. That’s cool. Well, I’m glad that’s working out well. That feels good to hear you guys know that.

Wendy Snyder (13m 28s):
Say that. And I guess another thing that comes to mind when, when I asked, I want to ask you guys, like, what is it like to grow up in a home with positive parenting? Is, do you guys like ever feel like you’re scared of us or scared that something’s going to happen to you? If you mess up?

Terry Snyder (13m 44s):
I mean, I’m sure it doesn’t feel good to make mistakes and we all make mistakes, but like you, you’re not, you’re not scared of us in the process.

Stella Snyder (13m 56s):
We’re terrified.

Terry Snyder (13m 59s):
Dun dun dun dramatic zoom in. And if we had a camera here,

Wendy Snyder (14m 6s):
Okay, I’m ready to get to more fun stuff in a second, but I’m just like putting the, I’m putting out some questions that I have here in the beginning. You want to get to the fun stuff. Okay. What, so in this house, the way mom and dad tried to lead with firmness and kindness and connection and just unconditional love for you guys. Why do we have, cause it seems like we do hold some pretty firm roles in comparison to some other families, right? Like it’s just like a known thing, but why do we have such strong roles as a family, as parents,

Terrin Snyder (14m 37s):
Because you want to keep our us healthy and you want to help us be a better person.

Wendy Snyder (14m 50s):
Nice. You’re already an amazing person. Don’t need to be better, but I know what you mean.

Stella Snyder (14m 54s):
I like you have more like knowledge or like have done more research about certain things. So compared to other parents, they just may go with what everyone else is doing rather than actually looking into like the facts.

Wendy Snyder (15m 13s):
Nice. I like it. So it sounds like hopefully, I mean, this was what I was hoping for and it’s so great to hear this, but it sounds like mate, just, maybe we’ve been able to communicate to you why the rules exist really well. Like when it comes to either, whether it’s technology or rated R movies or video games or being allowed to go certain places or not. Like, it sounds like from what I just heard you say is that you understand that like the research and the reasoning behind the rules, more so than just do it because I said so. Yeah. Okay. Got it.

Terry Snyder (15m 48s):
Yeah. I know like having, especially Stella from an early age, like always want to understand why. And so there, you know, I it’s good because like I had to sometimes check myself as to like, yeah, why do I care about this so much? And you know, most times it just reinforced whatever we were talking about. But then sometimes I was like, yeah, why do I care about that? That’s not a big deal.

Wendy Snyder (16m 12s):
Well, like the jacket, you remember Astella, you’ve always been the polar bear. Even though you did get cold at the beach yesterday, I heard that I was like, Stella got cold at the beach when you’re at your birthday party. No, she’s a bit of polar bear, humble life,

Terry Snyder (16m 28s):
Hardly at all. Yeah.

Stella Snyder (16m 29s):
And she goes in the water and she gets out immediately

Wendy Snyder (16m 33s):
Maybe recently. But I’m telling you when Stella, especially when you were little, we used to go places and I used to force you to wear a jacket. And it was like, so, oh, cause it was, you never wanted to wear a jacket. And it was just one of the many things we used to argue about a lot. And then one day I realized like, why do I care about this so much? And I did some research on it and I realized that like, if your kid does, if your kid doesn’t wear a jacket or if your kid gets cold, they’re going to catch a cold, you know, that looked wives’ tale. That’s a wives’ tale. And it, like, I realized that it wasn’t actually true. And so we let go of that rule because there wasn’t enough reasoning behind it to make sense.

Wendy Snyder (17m 14s):
So then we moved into natural consequences of like, if you went to the parade and you got cold, you had to snuggle or wear like an old, like t-shirt a dads or something in the bottom of the stroller, but it became less about forcing you because we didn’t, we didn’t have any reason to like implement and enforce this rule. So, so anyways, it makes me think of that. Okay. What makes you proud to be a Snyder?

Stella Snyder (17m 41s):
You’re different. Ah, I like that creativity.

Wendy Snyder (17m 45s):
Okay. We’re creative and we’re different. Awesome. Dad.

Terry Snyder (17m 51s):
I don’t know. That was pretty punk. I liked that. Yeah. We’re I don’t know. I think that’s really cool. I, I feel like we, we are creative and we’re different, but yet I feel like we’re inspiring and relatable to a lot of people. I think about like the types of people that I’ve been friends with or come into contact with over the years. And it’s like, I feel like a Snyder can be friends with anybody from anywhere, from any country, from any background, but yet we’re still very unique and different. So I think that’s, I like that.

Wendy Snyder (18m 28s):
Yeah. I love that too. I think what I’m proud of is just that we, I feel like we are just so close. Like we just really deeply care about each other and we go out of our ways to help and support and be with one another. And I just love that. I love how close we are. Okay. What are some other questions I have here? And then we’re going to get to some more funnier stuff. What happens when you guys get in trouble?

Terrin Snyder (19m 0s):
Nothing you killed.

Terry Snyder (19m 5s):

Wendy Snyder (19m 5s):
Watching Ozark with me. You’ve been listening. I’m obsessed with Ozark. It’s my new show. And I’m like kids go to go hang out and do something so I can listen to this show. There’s a lot of murder in that show. It’s a thriller, it’s a thriller show. It’s not that bad. Okay. So you say nothing happens when you get in trouble and you say, we kill you really happen.

Terrin Snyder (19m 31s):
Not that big

Wendy Snyder (19m 32s):
Of a deal. Do you get in trouble? Well, you can, you can. There’s no right or wrong answer, I

Terrin Snyder (19m 40s):

Wendy Snyder (19m 40s):
Okay. So tell me, go back to, when you get in trouble, you say it’s not that big of a deal and what happens?

Terrin Snyder (19m 47s):
You guys just say it’s okay. And have a talk and then we’re done.

Wendy Snyder (19m 52s):
We have a talk and sometimes is there more than just a talk that we do

Terrin Snyder (19m 58s):
When we just teach us? Oh yeah. Sometimes

Terry Snyder (20m 2s):
What did we have to do on Friday after the dentist Done done, I almost killed you. I almost, you almost killed

Terrin Snyder (20m 12s):
Almost killing each other. Me and Stella over and over the front passenger seat in the car. She kicked me. Okay.

Terry Snyder (20m 25s):
So less, less about what was going down, but what did we need to do when we got home before we moved on? We did a redo.

Terrin Snyder (20m 36s):
Yeah. Yeah.

Wendy Snyder (20m 37s):
I’m sure there was a contribution on your part that you practiced redoing. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So

Terry Snyder (20m 44s):
Sorry for bringing up old stuff Stell.

Wendy Snyder (20m 49s):
Well, I think you guys have learned over the years that there’s always two sides to a story and that there’s always personal contribution on both sides. Right? That’s what we really try. So hard to empower you guys with and teach you is that there’s always two sides and there’s always contribution. So yeah. So redos, we have talks, you know, students listening, you know, that’s part of our compassionate discipline tool toolkit. Well, Hey there listeners hold up for one quick second. I have a question for you. Have you grabbed our free guide to raising strong willed kids with integrity yet? If not, I want you to hop on over as soon as this episode has finished and go to the website, FreshStartFamilyonline.com with an easy click of a button, you can download my most popular learning guide that will teach you how to see those kids that you have that push back a lot or challenge your limits in a new light.

Wendy Snyder (21m 46s):
I want to help you to work with them, with compassion and integrity and dignity and ways that cause them to want to cooperate with you instead of feeling like you’re constantly trying to make them listen better. So again, head on over to the website, FreshStartFamilyonline.com, grab that free guide and enjoy. But I like what you, I, I, I’m interested to hear a little bit more about when you say it’s not that big of a deal. So if you make a mistake, what do you mean by? It’s not that big of a deal. I mean, right? Like you’re not scared you’re going to get hurt physically or emotionally, but you do probably know that there’s going to be some teaching and something that’s going to happen.

Wendy Snyder (22m 36s):
Right? Yeah. What do you think still?

Stella Snyder (22m 39s):
It was same thing.

Wendy Snyder (22m 43s):

Stella Snyder (22m 43s):
I just feel like, like open to sharing stuff before, like you guys have to find out on your own.

Wendy Snyder (22m 52s):
Nice, nice. I like it. Okay. Few more questions here. You were born and raised with positive parenting, but do you remember what it used to be like? It’s still a different,

Stella Snyder (23m 5s):
I remember the OGs day and I love as my favorite Teddy bear, man.

Wendy Snyder (23m 11s):
That was an intense day. Okay. You tell the story from your perspective guys. This is before I found positive parenting. And I thought that the way to teach a child to listen and be good in air quotes was to like do the traditional punishment stuff. Right? Like if it stung and if it hurt, then you were going to learn your lesson and you are going to be more cooperative. So, so take us back. Cause you were little, you were like three and a half. I can’t believe you remember that.

Stella Snyder (23m 38s):
I remember there was like this, like, I don’t know, something terrace sitting in on the stairs and I pushed him down or whatever. And he was fine. You just got mad and you like took the Teddy bear and put it in the trash can. And then you like tried to lock the door. But like, for some reason, I, I was just like a little bit like slow and I thought like you told me it was taken away already. And I didn’t know the difference between the trash cans. So I would like climb in them and then like try to find the Teddy bear. And you told me it was already gone, even though you put it in like five minutes before, but I think you like just like put it somewhere else.

Stella Snyder (24m 19s):
And I don’t know if it went in the trash can or something, or I don’t know.

Wendy Snyder (24m 22s):
Do you remember what that feeling was? Like?

Stella Snyder (24m 26s):
I just was kinda like that and like, I I’m like disappointed. Yeah.

Wendy Snyder (24m 33s):
Yeah. You were really bad and you were so sad and you were scared to, I remember that day. I, my like rage and fire was coming out of my head and I just, it wasn’t just a Teddy bear. It was your prize possession. So back then you were always had been, it was funny. We hung out with neighbors last night, who we said the same thing. Their little seven year old was at the grabber machine. She doesn’t loved it. Like she couldn’t get enough of this, grab her machine. And that’s was you for years from the time you were three to probably seven. I’d say your favorite thing in the world was to go play the grabber game at like a pizza or a pizza place or arcade and get this cloth to get these little toys.

Wendy Snyder (25m 15s):
And you had just gotten this one and that’s kind of the traditional way. Right? We think as parents take their prize possession, a lot of kids nowadays it’s iPhone, like Stella’s age parents take away. The iPhone was take away the tack. But back then, I just remember like, oh perfect. I’m going to take this away. And it was full blown chaos. Like you got the steps to allow in your little three-year-old body. You were like leaning over the, the huge trashcan in the garage. That’s like the trashcan that they come and get reaching almost your entire body just scrambling. So, so, so my question is, are you happy? We do it differently now because can you imagine if that was still the way things went down, right.

Wendy Snyder (25m 58s):
When, if we like had this explosive, like craziness where I took away your, your technology or grounded you or locked you in your room or whatever. And we had that type of exchange till

Stella Snyder (26m 14s):
Well, that, that would be nice.

Wendy Snyder (26m 16s):
Yeah. Yeah. I’m happy. We changed. I’m so happy we changed. Okay. So remembering the way it used to be. And do you remember that day? The way you probably don’t right? Because you were so liberal.

Stella Snyder (26m 29s):
I remember when I locked Stella and

Wendy Snyder (26m 38s):
Oh man. Vallas where you were like, are you kidding me? Lock me in my room. We do. Well, we used to lock you guys in your rooms. We were a baby gate, but I would just climb over it until we put the double baby gate. I don’t remember. Well, here’s, here’s the funniest. Tell the funny story, because the, the locking the kids in their rooms reversing, the locks actually came back to bite us. And it’s a perfect example of just don’t use that strategy. Don’t use the strategy guys.

Terry Snyder (27m 6s):
So there is still kind of like this spillover from before we started implementing positive parenting in our home that when Stella was three and under, there was this thought that like, okay, she needs to go to a timeout. Well, what if she doesn’t stay in a room all, all as the parent out smarter, we’re going to switch the lock around so you can lock her in her room. And, and, and you know, that’s very, it’s not the way you’re thinking when you’re thinking in these terms, which is exactly one of the reasons why we changed it up. But so anyways, the, we never changed the lock back. And so here it is, it’s new year’s day and the kids are probably now, you know

Wendy Snyder (27m 54s):
What? It has been Sydney first moved here.

Terry Snyder (27m 56s):
I think he’s maybe one year younger than it said. Okay. Seven and four Stella’s seven Terrance four. And this is one of our first nights just to be able to be like, oh my gosh, we can have an overnight, overnight local staycation, just Wendy and I we’ve got our cousin. Who’s coming to live with us. She’s super responsible. Knows the kids really well knows the house so we can leave the kids there. No problem. And there was some, probably little disagreement or something that happened. And Terrin was feeling left out. I think of whatever was going on. And the two girls Sydney and Stella went into Stella’s room. Now, Taran somehow knew that he could, the lock worked from the outside.

Wendy Snyder (28m 43s):
It’s pretty easy to see. There’s a locked.

Terry Snyder (28m 46s):
Yeah, Doug dad. I’m not the smartest one in the family. So you got to bear with me. Okay. So anyways, I get this call from Sydney. It’s like new year’s day, Wendy and I are like taking a stroll on the beach and we’re just like, oh, isn’t this nice? And Cindy’s like, yeah, Terry, is there a third, like a key? Or is there a way to get out of Stella’s room from the inside? And I’m like, what? And she’s like, yeah, Terrin locked us in here. And he was like annoyed. And we went to be on our own and, and he locked us in here. And so anyways, I was just like, oh my gosh. And in my head, I’m like, no, there’s no way you can get out unless you know, you’ve really come.

Terry Snyder (29m 28s):
So I came home, I fire up in the front door, I look over to my left. Taryn’s got the TV on his feet, up on the automatic remote in the hand, just chilling. And he just go, oh, Hey dad. I mean, it was like, he was like a guy who had just been like, I had a problem. And so I fixed it. What, like, you know, so, and these two girls are like held hostage upstairs. And so I went up on locked it, unlocked it. And yeah. So anyways, the, the reverse lock people came back and got it.

Wendy Snyder (30m 7s):
Yes, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Yeah. Gosh, that year was crazy. You remember it? Like four days later we got the flu. We actually, we get the flu that day. It was crazy. It was like, it was a, it was a crazy time. Yeah. Good time. Next question. Okay. All right. Talk to me about when you guys have a conflict or when we have a conflict, how do we handle it? Or how do you guys handle when we have a disagreement, when there’s something that like, how, how does that go down in the Snyder house?

Stella Snyder (30m 42s):
We kinda just like kind of state how we feel. And then the other person does that too. And then depending on that, we just kind of like, or work it out like that.

Wendy Snyder (30m 57s):
Yeah. But just kind of a version of a win-win sometimes we’re successful at doing the win-wins. Are you guys together? And sometimes we’re sometimes we just more, we work it out. Right. I like that. Okay. Terry, do you want to ask somebody?

Terry Snyder (31m 11s):
Yeah. Give me the list of questions. Okay. Let’s let’s go to a fun one. Okay. Okay. Let’s go to some funny moments. Yeah. Yes. Stella, give me some, give me some funny moments from like, just family history or like funny quotes or anything like that. It could be mom, dad Terran you anything. Oh, Tarens got to do it. Tarens got one. Okay.

Terrin Snyder (31m 42s):
I’m walking home.

Wendy Snyder (31m 44s):
Oh yes. That’s a good one.

Terrin Snyder (31m 50s):
The store and me and Stella started fighting the restaurant. It was a restaurant and we just had left and we were like walking to the car and mid stall. We’re fighting a lot. And mommy got so mad that she went, I’m walking home and then we all like stand there for a second and then just started busting out laughing. Oh my gosh.

Wendy Snyder (32m 15s):
Why did I even say that? I mean, granted, I could have,

Terry Snyder (32m 18s):
Well, it was amazing. It was amazing because everybody knew there was no way you were walking home.

Wendy Snyder (32m 23s):
I don’t even know why it was more of like a laughter moment. But at the same time, I was kind of like, I just wanted something to be like, I’m so sick of this. I’m outta here. I know. I kind of was. I don’t even feel like I’m walking home and then everyone just started cracking up.

Terry Snyder (32m 42s):
All right. Stella, you got one

Stella Snyder (32m 47s):

Wendy Snyder (32m 47s):
To hack? Yeah. Oh my gosh. That was another crazy memory. Do you remember what I did? Yeah.

Stella Snyder (32m 53s):

Wendy Snyder (32m 53s):
You do tell the story. Oh my gosh. Okay. So you tell, tell me the story from your perspective. Cause I, I look at that, not as a funny memory, I’m like mortified, but I did that, but it is kind of funny at the same time, because I learned, I learned a different way after that. Thank God. And that was right when I was learning positive parenting, I was trying so hard to like switch into compassionate discipline, but it was still pretty fear-based. So tell me from your memory, I’d love how you remember you have the best memory. Just like daddy.

Stella Snyder (33m 25s):
I assume her, I couldn’t tell if like I was mad or I just like wanted to like try it, but like, I just like try

Wendy Snyder (33m 34s):
It was right here. Yeah.

Stella Snyder (33m 36s):
No, I think it was on that bed, but I just decided to bite his back and I didn’t even remember being mad. I think I just wanted to try it. And

Wendy Snyder (33m 47s):
You were mad about something.

Terry Snyder (33m 48s):
Wait, was it like, like you wanted to try chicken? You know, like maybe, maybe brother?

Stella Snyder (33m 53s):
No, I think I just like wanted us feel the texture or something.

Wendy Snyder (33m 58s):
It’s sensory. That’s interesting. And so, so yeah. So you just bit down, or you just looked at that back that scrumptious back that you also used to put lizards on. Do you remember, you used to put lizards on his back when he was pictures of it’s so funny and you bit him and then what happened?

Stella Snyder (34m 17s):
He started like fairly bleeding. It wasn’t that big of a deal. Like check it really, like, I don’t know. You like freaked out about it and you just said to draw me to the police station

Wendy Snyder (34m 33s):
Daddy’s idea. It was daddy’s idea. I called him in a panic and I was like, what do

Stella Snyder (34m 39s):
I know?

Wendy Snyder (34m 40s):
I was like, daddy, what do I do? I like my teacher’s Susie. She wants, she would tell him, I don’t even know what she would tell me, but what am I supposed to do? And I remember Donnie being like, okay, it’s supposed to be related. Like what? Like why, what if you drove her to the golf station and taught her that this is where people who bite people end up. And I was like, yes, I like that. And you were about to go down for your nap anyways. And I knew you’d fall asleep in the car. And it was just so twisted. I like drove you there knowing I wasn’t gonna, yeah. So what happened?

Stella Snyder (35m 10s):
Hi, I thought you were going to take me in and you’re like having to stand outside of the car and then it was just like, like really stressful. And I don’t know, just super like, like uncomfortable.

Terry Snyder (35m 32s):
So yeah. So this is where we were at without we didn’t have the tools yet. May have just like you said, we might have just been introduced to some things. And we were like, oh my gosh, this is right. And I have to imagine this is probably so many people out there that are, you know, just like, what do we do? Yeah. Yeah. And you’re mad and you’re mad. And you’re trying to just like snuff, stump something out so that it’s like, this will never happen again. Right.

Wendy Snyder (36m 2s):

Terry Snyder (36m 2s):
Yeah. So if we could just scare the crap out of this kid by throwing toys away by taking her to the cop station

Wendy Snyder (36m 12s):
And the thing is it doesn’t, it doesn’t work to like eradicate behavior. It just built a sense of fear and none of us want that. So I’m glad that’s in the past, but he added another.

Terry Snyder (36m 25s):
So it’s amazing that these are the funny moments that count.

Wendy Snyder (36m 28s):
Okay, go ahead. Okay. What about the birth video? Oh,

Terrin Snyder (36m 33s):
Let’s have one carriage.

Wendy Snyder (36m 40s):
No, like there was no birth footage like me, like I had C-sections but anyways, well tell everyone why it was so funny.

Terrin Snyder (36m 50s):
And like, they would, like, my mom would like sit on my dad’s lap while she was pregnant, like 200 pounds something that’s like stuff.

Wendy Snyder (37m 6s):
Yeah. So, okay. Real quick. So I used to watch this show called a baby story and I wanted to reenact this and be like, here’s the room that we’re going to have the baby. And here’s our thoughts before the baby comes along. This was before Stella. Our first was born and we tried to film it and back then we had no filming skills. We didn’t know. And it was like, so everything in the video was so awkward. At one point, daddy said, daddy said, yeah. There’s we went to, we found out we were pregnant in Brazil and he’s talking to like the baby’s talking to Stella, like who’s in my belly. And he’s like, yo, it’s really awesome. They’re they’re great offsite. You use like, you should go check it out one day.

Terrin Snyder (37m 45s):
Oh, I shouldn’t go there one. You should use go there.

Terry Snyder (37m 49s):
It’s like I was given a Yelp review to my future. Like daughter is, it’s so awkward.

Terrin Snyder (37m 57s):
You’re not going to see her when you’re bored when you’re bored. Oh my gosh.

Terry Snyder (38m 3s):
That’s a good one. That’s a good one.

Wendy Snyder (38m 5s):
Yeah. Dad, do you have any funny moments? Eight.

Terry Snyder (38m 8s):
Oh my gosh. Well, I feel like, you know, we S we tend to laugh a lot as a family. I’m trying to remember. I mean, this wasn’t necessarily funny for me, but you guys just laughing at me so much when I was driving in Ireland on the wrongs, on the other side of the road. So I’m, you know, driving a right-hand drive in Ireland and I’m like trying to get us you throughout this country. We’ve never been in and I’m so stressed out and you guys were just cracking up at me, stressed and oh my, yeah. I was like so stressed, but I love that you guys just didn’t care at all. I just laughed at me the whole time.

Terry Snyder (38m 50s):

Terrin Snyder (38m 50s):
It’s not really funny. Mom really freaked out. But I remember when we were at pressed and we’re in the car and stuff, as Stella was like, I was sticking my head out the sunroof. So I could look for mom. Cause she was like taking a long time and Stella, I got so embarrassed that I’m putting my head up out the sun room and she closed the sun roof on me and almost killed me.

Stella Snyder (39m 20s):
I don’t think she realized that it was like, but it was like automatic where like, if it senses you at like, right. So I started sort of scary. So it came down. I almost got you there.

Terry Snyder (39m 32s):
And you look at psych. I mean, Stella, the Psalmist reminds me of like, it’s like Austin Powers when, when Dr. Evil is in his, in the counseling session. And he’s just like, I mean, it’s like, it’s trying to kill me. It’s like, we may say, we’re trying to kill each other. He’s like, no, the boys quite as stupid as I am. I am trying to kill him. So he’s been trying to kill Terrin for a while. Now. It just hasn’t connected yet.

Wendy Snyder (40m 8s):
Well, Hey there families, I am pausing this episode to tell you about the foundations course, our signature positive parenting, online learning program built for busy parents who want to expand their parenting toolkit. So they are truly at choice with how they influence, communicate with discipline and raise their kiddos through four modules of lessons role-plays and teaching presentations. You’ll find out how to ditch the yelling threats, bribery, rewards, and drama in your home. So you can fill your days instead with connection, peace from kind limits and joy. Join nearly 2000 other parents from around the world who have expanded their hearts, learn new tools and strengthen their families through the foundations course, head to FreshStartFamilyonline.com and click the course tab to learn more.

Wendy Snyder (41m 5s):
Yeah. Okay. Let’s move into some impersonations. Does anyone have a funny impersonation of mom or dad or dad? You’re really good at presentations. We started doing this last week and we never really got into it, but what is like, start with mom? What’s the, what’s the

Stella Snyder (41m 25s):
Funny, what does that one style?

Terrin Snyder (41m 31s):
A little

Stella Snyder (41m 32s):
Bit weird, but this is really

Wendy Snyder (41m 34s):
Because this, this impersonation still is doing of me, Terrance doing it. They call it the camel. And it’s when I start to get really angry. And remember I used to be a gigantic yeller and I grabbed risks. You tired? I would love whatever I was crazy, but I stopped yelling for the most part. And now I just take a deep breath and I do this awkward swallow that my family has pointed out to me. And so it’s called the camel, so. Okay.

Terry Snyder (42m 2s):
So Stella did the camel just now you had another one? No. What was the, yeah, that’s a good,

Terrin Snyder (42m 8s):
Oh, whenever she sees like a puppy or what she thinks, like, I probably would just do usually like a 10 year old dog. She goes like, It’s usually like an old, dirty dog.

Wendy Snyder (42m 28s):
I don’t know about that. I do say that, but we saw like, remember we saw like 20 puppies a few weekends ago.

Terrin Snyder (42m 35s):
Oh, we shot like this like little tiny, like guy with curly hair. And mommy went up to a black puppy and the girl was like, actually he’s like 15.

Wendy Snyder (42m 49s):
Oh my gosh. That’s amazing.

Terry Snyder (42m 52s):
How about dad? Somebody, somebody do a dad. What’s a dad thing.

Wendy Snyder (42m 57s):
I got one. Oh, well, no, that’s not really a PR. Okay, great. This is fine. And daddy’s so kind and sweet that like, if you like put your feet on his debt and you go, daddy, can you run my feet? Okay. I don’t think that’s information, but oh, it’s like, and it’s just natural to you to

Terry Snyder (43m 19s):
Like give me something.

Terrin Snyder (43m 21s):
You’re very Dr. Evil. Like, yeah. Very

Terry Snyder (43m 28s):
Do you do, do I talk to myself at all? Like, no. Like, do you come into a room and I’m just like doing a voice or anything of Corsi?

Wendy Snyder (43m 38s):
No, I do impersonations doorstopper There was a funny video when you guys were little and you, one of you used to like, go move the doorstopper

Terrin Snyder (43m 51s):
It’s really loud, but like nothing.

Wendy Snyder (43m 54s):
No, it was like this little rubber one. It, daddy is in this video and he’s like,

Terry Snyder (44m 0s):
It’s always lovely hearing yourself on camera. Not expecting it. Do you have any, what about just like a dad quote or what does dad like to do? Funny. Anything at all?

Terrin Snyder (44m 14s):
Be weird. Now I’m just going to be,

Wendy Snyder (44m 18s):
I think of anything. We’re just so sweet. Daddy. You’re the sweetest. Most amazing.

Terry Snyder (44m 24s):
We love yours.

Terrin Snyder (44m 26s):
Very embarrassing. The Stella, not to me, to me. really Stella. I’m

Wendy Snyder (44m 34s):
Embarrassing. Okay. Let’s let’s do this. Who is, who has the biggest temper? You, you okay? Who is the funniest? Daddy. Daddy is so funny. Oh, is

Terry Snyder (44m 48s):
This between just you and I, or is this the whole family? Who’s

Wendy Snyder (44m 50s):
The most brave mean Different brain rate? Different types of

Terry Snyder (44m 57s):
It’s interesting though. It’s interesting though, because I do think there’s different types of bravery because I look at you Terrin and I

Wendy Snyder (45m 4s):
Feel like there,

Terry Snyder (45m 6s):
So there’s yeah. Heights might not be the thing for you, but you like, like skateboarding wise and things like that. I’m like, whoa. And like

Terrin Snyder (45m 18s):
Five stare and I rolled my

Wendy Snyder (45m 20s):
Ankle. Yeah.

Terry Snyder (45m 20s):
And then there’s like, things like Stella has done in her life that I’m like, whoa, there’s no way I would like, feel comfortable doing that. And you’re like, no problem with like, through like, like getting up on a stage or our volleyball was just kind of stepping up and like, just Exactly, it’s not scary to use in this situation

Wendy Snyder (45m 43s):
When you were young going to a new practice without even being scared at all. Like you were very brave,

Terry Snyder (45m 50s):
But you got to realize to some people stepping in a room with a bunch of people you don’t know, or getting up on a stage and playing a song or things like that. Like some people are like, wouldn’t even think about it and you don’t think twice about it. So I think you’re very brave in those senses. I think mom’s very brave. And just like, you know, everything she’s done through Fresh Start Family and like just pushing into something that, you know, in many ways, sometimes it’s just counter-cultural or just like, doesn’t seem like there’s so much pushback, even though it’s the most positive, beautiful calling that you, you have, there’s so much pushback and you, you do it anyways. And I think how many times I would have been scared to do the things that you’ve done.

Terry Snyder (46m 36s):

Wendy Snyder (46m 36s):
I think you’re really brave too, babe. Thanks Karen. Did you want to share something? Every

Terrin Snyder (46m 43s):
I’m I kind of bravery is like something I would do. That’s like crazy. Like I would probably be the only one in our family to do like a backflip off a sand hill into a,

Wendy Snyder (47m 2s):
I don’t know, the ocean or something. Yeah. I can see that you have a physical bravery that’s I never had, I was a springboard diver my whole life and I never, once it got to the point of three meters and platform, I was like later

Terry Snyder (47m 14s):
Off of bridges into the water. I do.

Terrin Snyder (47m 16s):
I do back flips off a bridge. I can do a backflip

Wendy Snyder (47m 18s):
Off the bridge. That’s true. That’s true. Okay. How about the most competitive? Who’s the most competitive Stella for sure. Stella. For sure. Love that. I’m second. Yeah. Yeah. Or mommy, we’re about to lose Stella. She’s going to go get ready for, to go hang out with friends today, but anything you want to say to,

Terry Snyder (47m 46s):
Yeah. I was just going to ask, like, give me closing. What was your favorite memory? Where time as a family and then if you have any closing remarks,

Stella Snyder (48m 1s):
I liked either being in Ireland or Fiji, or I like being in Fiji and going to like those buffets, the best things ever. And it was other questions,

Terry Snyder (48m 14s):
Any closing remarks or like, it’s like, okay, peace out. Check me out on the socials now, whatever you want. And you can just say goodbye,

Stella Snyder (48m 26s):

Wendy Snyder (48m 27s):
Okay. So, all right. Last few questions. As we wrap this up, Terrin, do you remember blocky? You don’t remember it at all. Did you see the picture the other day that came up on the thing? No,

Stella Snyder (48m 40s):
But I saw, like, I see these pictures of all

Wendy Snyder (48m 44s):
The older with the mud thing in the world.

Terry Snyder (48m 48s):
So I Stella what’s one thing. Stella is always hated and I’ll give you a hint. It’s in people’s mouth spit up. Okay. So we had the double stroller, the Bob double double stroller that probably a lot of you guys out there know what that is, but the, our kids would sit side by side and Stella had the tray, the food tray in front of her and Terrin was still pretty young. For whatever reason. He didn’t have the food tray in front of him. He probably usually just got a bottle or something and Terrin would just reach his hand over and whatever food was on Stella’s tray, his little fingers would just grab it.

Terry Snyder (49m 29s):
And a lot of times he’d been chewing on his finger. So Stella was just disgusted by the spit up on his fingers. And it would just cause this whole tangle in the Bob. And so I just thought of one day I was like, there’s gotta be some way to keep these kids apart. Like, and I would always joke about like in the car, like we had a partition or something like a limo, but it went up the other way. And I was like, wait a second. And so I cut this piece of like a, this print, oversized printer, paper, cardboard, and like cut it and rigged this thing to where you could put a partition right. In between them. So they couldn’t see each other, they couldn’t touch each other. And even Taryn’s little arm, like if you tried, like he couldn’t quite get his fingers around the corner.

Terry Snyder (50m 12s):
So there was no, you

Wendy Snyder (50m 13s):
Were always so hungry. Yeah.

Terry Snyder (50m 17s):
But yeah, it was anyways, that was blocky. We tried to get a patented. I made another one. I made one with a jigsaw to like legit wood and stuff like that.

Wendy Snyder (50m 28s):
It wasn’t shark tank at the time, but I tried to get on some type of show or

Terry Snyder (50m 32s):
Yeah, there was some kind of invention show or something. That’s the thing is awesome. We could’ve made an oversize one for the car.

Wendy Snyder (50m 39s):
Yeah. It didn’t, it didn’t get picked up though, but yeah, we’ve always had that entrepreneurial heart. We saved our entrepreneurship for Fresh Start Family. So, oh, that’s a good memory. I like it. I like it. Those were good, good times. Well, I hope that this episode has given you just a fun kind of sneak peek into what real life looks like around here for the Snyder family. As we have been just pouring into creating this podcast and growing a Fresh Start Family in this community, we are so thankful to each and every one of you who tuned in to listen to our episodes. We hope that you have enjoyed the many, many guests to that.

Wendy Snyder (51m 20s):
We just have felt so honored to interview over the last 100 episodes. And there are many, many more to come that are amazing that we will be recording the last few months. We can’t wait to release to you guys in this new century of episodes. Would that, would that be the right way to put it? Sure. I entered as a century, right? 100 years. Good years. Gosh, there’s gotta be a term for a hundred episodes. Like the next hundred episodes is going to be so great.

Terry Snyder (51m 47s):
Sure. There’s a smarter dad than me out there somewhere that can come up with what that is.

Wendy Snyder (51m 52s):
But thank you guys. Thank you so much, Terrin. Thank you so much for supporting me as I’ve just poured my heart into this business and growing this podcast. Thank you Terry, for supporting me, honey. I love you Stella. Who’s upstairs getting ready. I love you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for supporting me in all, everything that I do and I’m just so much fun. So if you haven’t already guys, just a reminder. If you love this show, make sure you go subscribe or follow over on iTunes, leave us a review. Usually it takes less than three minutes to leave us a review and it really helps us to have a bigger reach.

Wendy Snyder (52m 33s):
So in the iTunes world reviews are a big deal and they help us to reach new families who, you know, probably have never even heard of positive parenting or have no idea that they’re at choice with how they teach and Raise and discipline. All the things in parenting. A lot of people just really don’t know that they’re at choice and this show helps to bring that education into their lives. So they understand that there is a different way that they can choose to raise their littles with firmness and kindness and compassion and connection and mutual respect. And so thank you. Thank you for following along. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for sharing the show and we’ll see you back for the next 100

Stella Snyder (53m 18s):
For more information, go to Fresh Start Family, online.com. Thanks for listening. Families. Have a great day.

Wendy Snyder (53m 31s):
Hey there families. If you loved this episode, make sure you come find me over on Instagram and shoot me a DM or share an audio message with me. I love to connect with you guys over on that platform. It makes it really easy for us to exchange some DMS or send messages. Tell me a little bit about your family. What, how you found me? What brought you to want to learn more about positive parenting or the work that we do here at Fresh Start Family? I would really, really love to hear from you. I’m at FreshStartWendy over on Instagram. I’ll see you there.

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