Episode 16: Taking a Break From Bribery & Rewards

by | May 30, 2019

Episode 16: Taking a Break From Bribery & Rewards

by | May 30, 2019

Episode 16: Taking a Break From Bribery & Rewards

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In today’s episode Wendy & Terry talk about bribery and rewards, including details about the benefits of taking a break from using these techniques with our children.

Specifically, they cover three areas regarding this topic:

  1. Why Fresh Start Family encourages families to take a break from bribery & rewards in order to get kids to cooperate & listen
  2. How the practice of reducing bribery & rewards in our homes help parents learn patience
  3. Some alternatives to bribery & rewards

Being a firm & kind leader in our home looks like utilizing influencing skills & conflict management to get our kids to listen & cooperate instead of using fear, force, bribery & rewards. Bribery & rewards are often quick fixes that don’t lead to the long term change we desire for our kiddos. Being patient instead of rushing into bribery & rewards leads to a more deeply connected relationship.

In This Episode Wendy & Terry Chat About:

  • Intrinsic vs. external motivation
  • Praise vs. encouragement/influencing
  • When there is less bribery & rewards, the child’s accomplishment becomes his reward
  • Quick fixes vs. learning to be patient
  • The importance of celebrating small successes instead of only rewarding perfection
  • How to use “sequencing” to help kids learn what tasks need to get done first without using bribery or rewards (First we get ready for school, and then we can play with our toys).

Mentioned in this Episode:

Would you love to yell, threaten & bribe your kids less, & connect more? Interested in learning tools that will make your kids listen better & cooperate more? Would it feel fantastic to spend your days connecting more & correcting less? 

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