Ep. 73 – Fear is Your Friend

by | February 24, 2021

Ep. 73 – Fear is Your Friend

by | February 24, 2021

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Ep. 73 - Fear is Your Friend


Why it’s important to not avoid ‘feeling scared’ as a parent.

Today Terry and I are going to discuss something that our world has certainly been facing: FEAR. 

Of the 5 basic emotions: happy, mad, sad, hurt and scared, I think it’s safe to say that fear is one of the hardest for us all to process and deal with. 

I know it certainly has been a tough emotion for me to navigate growing up in a home where fear was present, but never openly discussed. I was not given the tools to deal properly with fear and I’m sure many of you are in the same spot I was.

I want to encourage you, families … that we have the opportunity to do it different with our kids as we raise the next generation of human souls. 

Fear is not the enemy. Fear is our friend! 

… and we can teach ourselves AND our kids how to acknowledge & process it in healthy ways, without living in a constant state of fear. 

Something Terry and I have had to learn and incorporate in our own parenting walk is how important it is not to shelter ourselves or our kids, and to learn how to process through the feelings of being afraid. 

A lot of us run from fear instead of embracing it, but I want you to know that the feeling of being scared is a God-given emotion that we do need to feel. 

When you feel fear, it can give you so much power! 

Most of us are learning to feel emotions, process and express them appropriately and I want to equip you with some of the wonderful tools I’ve learned and utilized when dealing with this powerful emotion because– the truth is– on the other side of feeling afraid is the powerful force of bravery and courage. 

In this episode, we dig deeper into the tough emotion of fear and give you tools to navigate fear in life, parenting, and in an increasingly fear-instilling world. 

Our job as parents is not to make our children feel scared of real life events … 

… but to educate, inform and to remain strong in the boundaries we set without using force or instilling fear. 

Fear requires action, but It never needs to be disrespectful, judgemental, or forceful. 

Together, we can overcome the tired tactics and responses to fear and apply firm and kind parenting principles to better prepare our kids to deal with emotions going forward.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The idea that you WILL fear scared in life vs you NEED to feel scared in life
  • Learn how to trust your gut
  • What to do when you feel scared
  • Feeling scared vs instilling fear
  • 5 Basic emotions: happy, mad, sad, hurt and scared 
  • Parenting examples
  • Functioning in a fear-instilling world

Resources Mentioned:

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