Episode 6: Handling Revenge Behaviors with Integrity

by | March 8, 2019

Episode 6: Handling Revenge Behaviors with Integrity

by | March 8, 2019

Episode 6: Handling Revenge Behaviors with Integrity

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Episode 6: Handling Revenge Behaviors with Integrity

00:00 / 36:31

In this episode, Wendy and Terry explain what revenge behaviors are and how to spot them in our culture, ourselves, and our children. Listeners will learn how to help their children & themselves be “at choice” with how they handle hurt feelings by equipping themselves with tools to navigate life from a place of peace / self-control as opposed to revenge. This important paradigm shift is desperately needed in our world today, and can begin at home.

Three Ways to Handle Revenge Behaviors with Integrity:

  1. Step to the side and don’t hurt back
  2. Figure out why our kids are feeling hurt
  3. Repair the relationship and commit to change

More about what Wendy & Terry Chat about in this episode:

  • How parents can tell what type of misbehavior their child is displaying based on how they feel in the moment
  • How the cycle of revenge behavior starts, getting to its root, and techniques to reduce it
  • Understanding that power struggles often lead to revenge behaviors and the four ways to to reduce power struggles in the first place
  • Logical steps to implement when revenge behaviors occur
  • The concept that the road to behavior change starts with acknowledging and feeling our emotions
  • Seeing revenge in our lives as an opportunity to build up empathy, compassion, and emotional literacy

Mentioned in this Episode:

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