Episode 5: When Your Spouse isn’t on Board … Yet

by | February 28, 2019

Episode 5: When Your Spouse isn’t on Board … Yet

by | February 28, 2019

The Fresh Start Family Show
The Fresh Start Family Show
Episode 5: When Your Spouse isn't on Board ... Yet


In this episode, Wendy & Terry discuss how you can move forward when you are feeling alone in your parenting journey. Whether it’s because your spouse isn’t on board (yet), you are a single parent, have extended family who thinks you’re nuts, or are just feeling resistance to new parenting techniques or self-growth – they want to support you!

Wendy & Terry Chat About:

  • How we can spread the message of positive parenting to people in our lives who may be skeptical
  • How to be creative and find supportive people in our lives instead of focusing on feeling alone on our journey
  • What it means to have an “emotional/relational” accountability buddy
  • The importance of finding a supportive community of people who are aligned with how our heart is guiding us to live a life of deep connection with others
  • How to get on the same page with a skeptic by making a list of common long-term goals
  • How to tackle some common fears that someone who is unsure about positive parenting may face, and what long term goals this lifestyle shift supports
  • The benefit of being honest and simply asking for the support we want & desire
  • How to have patience with our loved ones who aren’t on board … YET, while remaining faithful to this lifestyle

Mentioned in this episode:


5 Positive Parenting Tips to Help Gain Cooperation & Dissolve Power Struggles with Integrity

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Topics covered include:

  • How to gently guide your kids towards action, even when they don’t want to move or do what’s asked of them
  • Ways to see kids who push back a lot as incredible blessings & future leaders 
  • The importance of paradigm shifting with thoughts & beliefs about power seeking misbehavior 
  • How to implement a Pause Button or Heart Connector to ignite creativity & model self-control 

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