Episode 7: Teaching Social Emotional Literacy in our Schools with Sarah Wood

by | March 14, 2019

Episode 7: Teaching Social Emotional Literacy in our Schools with Sarah Wood

by | March 14, 2019

Episode 7: Teaching Social Emotional Literacy in our Schools with Sarah Wood

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Episode 7: Teaching Social Emotional Literacy in our Schools with Sarah Wood

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On today’s show, Wendy and Terry interview Sarah Wood, who is the social / emotional teacher at the elementary school in their local district. Sarah is a mom of four boys who realized that children need to understand & manage their feelings as much as adults do. She’s been able to take the skills and techniques she learned as a positive parenting parent educator and apply them to school-aged children, and now works as a full-time teacher who equips children with the gift of emotional literacy.

Covered in today’s episode are six impactful lessons that Sarah has taught the students at her school:

  1. Self calming skills
  2. Steps to peaceful problem solving – empowering children to work together to creatively come up with a win/win situation
  3. Sharing kindness with people – learning to be a bucket filler
  4. Self regulation skills
  5. Gratitude practice
  6. Acceptance of self and others – creating an “I am” statement that allows the child to discover their true selves and their qualities

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Wendy, Terry & Sarah also talk talk about:

  • Reasons & ways that emotional literacy = strength
  • The fact that every human soul has feelings, so it is important that everyone – no matter their age or gender – learn healthy ways to manage them
  • The benefits of healthy emotional regulation being modeled for our children
  • Positive parenting being a lifestyle and a journey – not just something that makes parents’ lives more convenient in the moment
  • How home is where the most teachable moments happen because kids feel comfortable to get messy, let go, and process their feelings
  • The importance of helping kids get to the root of their misbehavior so they can grow through their mistakes
  • Steps to take if your local school district doesn’t offer social emotional teaching and tips for getting involved through advocacy and volunteering

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To learn more about Sarah Wood, click HERE.


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