Episode 8: A special “groms” episode for the kids – How to make “I Am Statements”

by | March 21, 2019

Episode 8: A special “groms” episode for the kids – How to make “I Am Statements”

by | March 21, 2019

Episode 8: A special “groms” episode for the kids – How to make “I Am Statements”

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In this episode, Wendy & Terry’s 11-year-old daughter, Stella, hosts her first “Groms Edition” of the Fresh Start Family Show. Geared towards kids, Stella talks with her friend Aubrey about what a personal “I am” statement is, how to develop one, and when they come in handy. Make sure to tune in with your kiddos this week!  

Covered in today’s episode are four ways to use an “I am” statement when your kids are doubting themselves or feeling challenged. An easy way to remember the steps are: LOOK, READ, BREATHE, BELIEVE!

Stella & Aubrey also talk talk about:

  • What “I am” statements are and how to come up with your own personal “I am” statement
  • How an “I am” statement allows kids to discover who they really are by helping them identify both who they want to be and who they truly are, deep down inside.
  • The benefits of having a personal “I am” statement and some great ideas on how to come up with your own attributes
  • The importance of thinking before you act instead of acting before your think

Mentioned in this episode

Would you love a template for a tool that guides you & your kids towards great behavior?

Click HERE to grab this FREE printable that will be an easy peasy way to make “I Am Charts” with your kids, so everyone in your family always has a truthful, inspirational resource to guide them to act with integrity & respect.


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