Episode 14: Listening Intently to our Children

by | May 10, 2019

Episode 14: Listening Intently to our Children

by | May 10, 2019

Episode 14: Listening Intently to our Children

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This week on The Fresh Start Family Show, Wendy and Terry discuss the importance of listening intently to our kids. Parents want to create an atmosphere where children feel safe talking and sharing their feelings. This starts by tuning into what our children are saying by listening without judgement. When we pause and listen to our kids, we are allowing them to develop their own critical thinking skills, and creating a relationship built on respect and empathy.

On today’s episode 3 areas of listening are covered:

  1. How to listen intently to our children with a role play example
  2. Why it’s important to listen to our kids
  3. What the results are for children who have been raised being listened to by their parents

Role Play Example of Listening:

  1. Feeling stoppers: denial, scolding/reprimanding, making the child feel guilty, lecturing, calling names, solving the problem, ignoring, punishing, moralizing, humiliating, using sarcasm, minimizing, interrupting, rescuing, assuming, prying
  2. Feeling encouragers: affirm feelings, listen intently, be curious, be empathetic, invite the child to say how they feel, identify some of the feelings you’re seeing

More about what Wendy & Terry chat about in this episode:

  • How using tools of high integrity when communicating with our kids often takes a bit longer, but it’s worth the extra time
  • How modeling communication to our kids by listening, being respectful & having empathy means they will gift the world with these skills out in the real world
  • The importance of teaching lessons to our kids in a calm time that can be referenced and reinforced during a heated moment
  • The difference between a “pause button” or “heart connector” vs. giving the silent treatment that leads to guilty feelings

Mentioned in this Episode:

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